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Dealing with wildlife poisoning

Poisoning of wild animals in South Africa happens for a variety of reasons – people looking for protein, farmers trying to deal with 'prob...more

Debate ongoing for proposed new Kruger Park neighbours

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for a development planned on Kruger National Park's border is entering its final stages. T...more

Deceptive Groundcover

The relatively good rains of the last season have produced an impression of good ground cover in most areas...more

Declaration signed to protect countrys grasslands

Eight MECs responsible for environmental affairs signed the Grasslands Declaration committing Government to the conservation of grasslands B...more

Defeating Malaria In Africa Within Reach

Over the past decade, malaria control programmes in Africa have resulted in 200,000 fewer deaths per year, down from 900,000...more

Defining the GLTP Landscapes

Few people driving through Kruger consulting their Jacana Kruger National Park Visitor's Map will realise that the subtle shadings of the di...more

Demining is not a never ending story

Mozambique's effort to become the first of the world's major mine-contaminated countries to be declared mine-free is faltering...more

Demolition Team Blow Up Wik-en-Weeg Dam

More than 20 tonnes of explosive has been detonated on a single dam by a group of demolition experts trying to help the Kruger National Park...more

Department Begins Campaign To Fight Illegal Guiding

For the last 16 years, the world has celebrated International Tourist Guides Day on February 21. This year South Africa had the theme “Fig...more

Development Dispute Over Prime Land Bordering

Coen Espach, director of the Mthimkulu Development Company (Pty) Ltd and developer of the Mthimkulu Wildlife Estate, says he is tired of gov...more

Diary of Rob Thomson at Parfuri

From the diary of Rob Thomson at Pafuri section during December 2001. Saturday 1, Rainfall 7.7mm Complete month-end admin...more

Diary of Trails Ranger on the Olifants Trail 1985

From the diary of Don English, trails ranger on the Olifants Trail – December 1985...more

Did You Know Giraffes

Giraffes, Giraffa camelopardalis, are the tallest land animals on earth thanks in part to their distinctive necks which alone can reach alm...more

Did You Know Snippets

Which constellation is the most visible during our winter months? Orion. One of the most famous constellations and visible from both hemisph...more

Digest of Kruger Park Rangers Diaries February 1941

Digest of Rangers' Diaries for February 1941 in the Kruger National Park, South Africa...more

Digest of Rangers Daries August 1941 Kruger National Park

On the 4th Ranger went to the gate to see Badenhorst who was laid up with flu, and dosed him with the usual medicine...more

Digital Camera Captures The Little Things

Digital imagery has been around for quite a while and the technology progresses daily. With it has come the popularisation of digital camera...more

Diligence and Determination Pay Off Against Aliens

Plants that are taken to new environments often thrive and become invasive. This, together with habitat destruction, has been a major cause ...more

Dinner With David Attenborough

The beginning of October has just seen the second visit of Sir David Attenborough in two years to the Hoedspruit region while filming what i...more

Dinosaur missing link found

A two-acre dig site in Utah, United States of America, has revealed the fossils of hundreds of bird-like dinosaurs of a species new to scien...more

Disabled may now drive on the beach

Laws passed in 2001 that made it illegal for 4x4 vehicles to drive on South Africa's beaches have now been amended to allow disabled persons...more

Discover The New Generation Tuskers In Kruger

Ever since the Magnificent Seven was first named in the 1970s, Kruger's elephants with large tusks have been a source of awe and inspiration...more

Discovering Kruger Park Birdlife

The Kruger National Park is home (either permanently or as a warming summer vacation destination) to over 500 species of birds. Our avian fr...more

Discovering The Truth

If you want to discover the truth about someone, don't ask them because you will get a contrived or evasive answer. Look at their waste disp...more

Discovery Points The Way To Creating Malaria-Proof Mosquitoes

New research has revealed information about how mosquitoes are able to fight off bacteria and disease-causing organisms such as the malaria ...more

Disease control in the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park gets AHEAD

With the recent development of cross-border conservation areas, animal health policies in different countries have to be merged so that dise...more

Disease Killing Fish in Zambezi River

A deadly disease devastating fish stocks in Africa's Zambezi River basin and threatening the livelihoods and access to food of millions of r...more

Diseases shared by animals and humans

Zoonosis is not a word that springs readily into the average person's mind, but one that is increasingly being discussed by wildlife vets an...more

Disney Expertise for Sanparks Veterinary Wildlife Services

Disney is not just about Mickey Mouse. There is considerably more to this multi-national corporation than meets the eye, especially when it ...more

Disused Boreholes in Kruger to Contribute to Groundwater Monitoring

Water is life – above and below ground! Now researchers are taking a special interest in the water we cannot see, the groundwater. To acce...more

DNA barcodes reveal environmental secrets

Finding bad guys via DNA is no longer restricted to the world of the FBI, popular novels or television series like CSI. Now the newfound sci...more

DNA kits donated to SANParks for use in fight against rhino poachers

The South African National Parks received 1 000 DNA kits to ensure effective prosecution of rhino poachers. According to SanParks, the kits ...more

Do Elephants Affect Frogs

Frogs are very sensitive to habitat change and if elephants are having an effect on their environment, surveys such as this will be able to ...more

Do Elephants Count Calories When They Climb

Despite the fact that there might be lush vegetation growing on the slopes of hills, researchers in Kenya have discovered that elephants are...more

Do elephants prefer certain car brands?

This game drive vehicle was sitting parked under a piece of canvas outside a house in the Manzimvula shareblock, located in the Associated P...more

Do Elephants Prefer Grasses Or Trees For Lunch

While everyone agrees that elephants eat both grasses and leafy material from shrubs and trees, some debate has been ongoing in scientific c...more

Do Local Communities Benefit From Conservation

Dr Wolfram Dressler gave a thought-provoking presentation on how conservation areas and their neighbouring populations interact...more

Does size really matter?

Does size really matter? Regretfully, when it comes to conservation issues, it often does. We all know of the plight of the wild dog and the...more

Donation Gives Energy Boost To CyberTracker Programme

The Kruger National Park CyberTracker Programme has received an 'energy boost' in the form of eight new handheld computers. The CyberTracker...more

Doomsday Vault Being Built In Arctic Circle

More than a hundred countries have joined hands to support the creation of a huge cave on an ice-bound island just 1,000km from the North Po...more

Door opens in corridor disease research

New research has resulted in the mapping of the genome of the parasite that causes corridor disease, or East Coast fever. Corridor disease c...more

Draft List Of Threatened And Protected Species Published For Comment

The Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, published a draft list of threatened and protected species in th...more

Drug bust in Kruger Park

Mpumalanga police have arrested two suspected drug smugglers and confiscated 33kg of dagga in the Kruger National Park...more

Dual site agreed for Square Kilometre Array telescope

The Members of the SKA Organisation today agreed on a dual site solution for the Square Kilometre Array telescope, a crucial step towards bu...more

Duke Breaks Left Tusk

Duke, the elephant with the largest set of ivory on any elephant presently living in the Kruger National Park has broken his left tusk. It i...more

Dung and Droppings Help Explain Dry Season Diet Choices

Most animals face changes in how much food there is for them to eat over the year. During the dry season especially, the situation can look ...more

Dung Beetle Perspective

Many people have commented that we are seeing progressively less insect life recently. This perception, if correct, may be due to insectici...more

Durban Learners Visit Kruger And Meet School Hero, Bandile Mkhize

For the second year in a row, the grade 12 pupils of Saint Francis College in Durban visited the Kruger National Park, and got the chance to...more

Dying Rivers

The Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Reserve (K2C for short) was recently 'proclaimed' as the largest biosphere reserve in Africa and the third la...more

Eager Students Begin their Experiential Training

Each year the Kruger National Park hosts conservation diploma students from various learning institutions around the country for a year of '...more

Early human habitats under scrutiny

Pre-humans living in East Africa 4.4 million years ago inhabited savannas - grassy plains dotted with trees and shrubs - according to a team...more

Earth Day 40 years on

The 40th Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April 2010. The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), which turns 37 years old this year, reflected on it...more

Earthquake moves the North Pole

Two NASA scientists have been studying the earthquake that rocked the world on December 26, 2004 and have calculated that it has moved the N...more

Eastgate International Airport Licence

Two years ago, the former premier of Limpopo, Ngoako Ramathlodi, announced his approval of an international licence for Eastgate Airport, wh...more

Eco schools celebrate Arbor Week

The Phalaborwa node of the World Wide Fund for Nature – South Africa Eco-Schools celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees in and around Nama...more

Eco Tourism Park to be completed in 2010

An Eco-Tourism Park at the Tshikuyu Village in Limpopo will be completed in January 2010 just in time for the thousands of soccer fans...more

Eco Training Programme Recognised At Kudu Awards

Klaserie Private Nature Reserve's Children Eco Training (CET) walked away with the Kudu for best environmental education organisation...more

Eco2 Index - Scientists unveil a new economic and environmental index

Two African countries are amongst the top performers according to a new economic and environmental index developed by University of British ...more

Ecological impact of African cities

African cities are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. This is having a major impact, but few ecologists are studying the urban ...more

Ecstatic Traditional Dancers Perform for 2010 Inspection

It was a dream come true for Lodrick Manyathele when he and the Ringetani Traditional Dance Group were given the opportunity to provide a wa...more

Effective land use management can help cheetah and wild dog

There are less than 500 wild dogs, Lycaon pictus, in South Africa, with the only viable contiguous population roaming the Kruger National Pa...more

Ekhurhuleni has best drinking water

Ekurhuleni drinking water scored highest on the government's Blue Status scale this year, with 98.95 percent. The City of Johannesburg follo...more

Elephant Behaviour and Feeding Habits

Elephant researcher Audrey Delsink has come in for some funny looks recently during the course of her elephant research in the Kruger Nation...more

Elephant breakouts ongoing

Seven young elephant bulls spent several days wandering outside of Kruger National Park (KNP) in the vicinity of the Crocodile River in mid ...more

Elephant Causes Excitement

Great excitement was caused on October 26, 2005 at around 14h00 when an elephant bull wandered through the KNP's Corporate and Scientific Se...more

Elephant Collaring Exercise To Help Monitor Blind Elephant In Wild

Another elephant has been fitted with a GPS-cellphone collar in the Association of Private Nature Reserves adjoining the Kruger National Par...more

Elephant contraception funded for further five years

MAKALALI – The elephant immuno-contraception programme that has been in place on the 25,000ha Makalali Private Nature Reserve for the last...more

Elephant Dung Shows How People Stress Elephants Out

Elephant dung, vinegar, a freezer, a sieve, some test tubes, and a high-tech biomedical kit have helped form a clearer picture of what peopl...more

Elephant Hall Now Even More Magnificent

The Letaba Elephant Hall was re-opened on March 23, after being shut for six weeks for revamping, and is now even more magnificent than ever...more

Elephant Immunocontraception - Dispelling the Myths

The issue of elephant management is currently a hot topic as the minister of environmental affairs and tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, has...more

Elephant kills man in Limpopo

A man in his fifties was trampled to death by an elephant in the Madimbo area near Masisi in the Kruger National Park...more

Elephant Management Assessment Process On Track

The current elephant assessment comprises twelve chapters which includes the history and distribution of elephant in southern Africa; elepha...more

Elephant Management Policy Review

Following the “Big Elephant Debate” in Berg-en-Dal in October last year, some 50 scientists from South Africa, the rest of Africa and ab...more

Elephant massacre in Cameroon continues

14 dead elephants have been found in Boubandjida National Park, Cameroon, just a week after the discovery of at least 200 elephants slaughte...more

Elephant movement can provide objective measure of seasonal boundaries

Elephant movement in response to changes in rainfall patterns can be used to determine biologically relevant boundaries between seasons, as ...more

Elephant named after Wilson

An emerging tusker has been named after Lance Corporal Wilson Ndlovu who was killed by an elephant while on patrol in Kruger earlier thisyea...more

Elephant Numbers up by Five Percent

This year the elephant and buffalo census team, under the leadership of Dr Ian Whyte, who is conducting his 24th census, counted 13 050 elep...more

Elephant Overturns Vehicle In Kruger

A 40-year old motorist and three children all sustained minor injuries when an elephant bull overturned their vehicle in the Kruger National...more

Elephant persuaded to keep his distance

An inquisitive elephant bull was ambling along the site roaming an area between one section of the plant and some offices when he was persua...more

Elephant Population Management

In and around Kruger National Park (KNP), the issue of elephant management is highly debated, as some scientists argue that there are too ma...more

Elephant Population Numbers in Kruger. A Game Wardens Report

On Elephant Numbers in Kruger In this introductory article Ron Thomson will share his views on the subject of elephant numbers in Kruger Nat...more

Elephant researchers seek financial aid

The Kruger Park Times recently reported on an elephant collaring safari carried out in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. The collaring w...more

Elephant Round Table Line-Up Confirmed

The department of environmental affairs and tourism has confirmed the line-up of scientists who will take part in the second Elephant Scienc...more

Elephant Science Round Table. Adaptive Elephant Management

The thirteen scientists at the second Elephant Science Round Table have reached agreement on a set of guidelines that should help government...more

Elephant Teeth and Ageing

How Many Teeth Does an Elephant Have? In their lifetime, Elephants work their way through six sets of molars. As one set wears out, another...more

Elephant Tramples Woman

An elephant has trampled a woman close to the Mashikhiri windmill in the far north of the Kruger National Park (KNP), breaking her left arm ...more

Elephant Twins in the Greater Kruger National Park

Elephants. Not an uncommon sight in the Kruger National Park area. At any given time, one is likely to encounter a breeding herd containing ...more

Elephants – the next protein source

Most protected areas that are large enough to house elephants already have a burgeoning population, thus translocations are no longer viable...more

Elephants Alive Workshop Presents Animal Rightists Viewpoint Only

I wish to comment on the lead article “Is there an elephant overpopulation in Kruger” which appeared in your August 4, 2005, edition...more

Elephants And Ethics Explored

What does the management of elephants have to do with abortion, cloning, HIV/Aids, stem cell research and the distribution of medicine durin...more

Elephants and fire shaping tree populations

An icon of the lowveld, the baobab tree is probably one of the most charismatic representatives of the plant kingdom. Popular with humans an...more

Elephants Dont Always Keep It in the Family

In elephant society, nothing is more important than family. From traveling packs of mothers and calves to larger groups that contain aunts a...more

Elephants feel it in their feet

Since the 1980s, people have known that elephants communicate with each other using infrasound – noises pitched too low for the human ear ...more

Elephants go from Kruger to Karoo

The soft sound of elephant footfalls will once more echo through the sandy lands of the Karoo. A family group of elephants has been transloc...more

Elephants in the spotlight

As an experienced guide with a passion for wildlife and the bush, I have spent many years observing the behaviour and habits of elephants. E...more

Elephants Move into Mozambique

Elephants are now moving into Mozambique on their own initiative, reports Leon Marshall for Independent Online. Marshall joined South Africa...more

Elephants On The Move

On December 7, 2006 two vets, Dr Danny Govender and Dr Peter Buss from Kruger National Park Veterinary Wildlife Services, and pilot...more

Elephants To cull or not to cull That is the question

Ever since the SANParks director-of-theday succumbed to animal rights pressures, and stopped elephant culling in Kruger National Park in 199...more

Elephants To cull or not to cull That is the question continued

Riverine forest habitats comprise largely evergreen trees growing in a narrow strip along a riverbank. The trees obtain their water from the...more

Emergency Call Centre now available in KNP

An emergency call center has been opened in the Kruger National Park's Protection Services building in Skukuza. The centre can be reached on...more

Emergency Care Program for Tourists

Tourists to Mpumalanga and Limpopo may soon benefit from an exciting new medical initiative that is getting off the ground. The remoteness a...more

Emergency water supply plans in Limpopo

With the drought in several districts of Limpopo starting to assume crisis proportions, the provincial government is considering several eme...more

Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur Winners Announced At Indaba

Stellenbosch wine farmer, Malmsey Rangaka of M'Hudi Wines has been named overall winner of the...more

Emerging Tusker MaMerle

This beautiful elephant cow is thought to e the biggest female tusker in Kruger. She was first seen and photographed near the Sabie River hi...more

Emerging Tuskers in Kruger

This tusker has not been seen recently and therefore may have died. When last seen he had broken one of his tusks. Like Mashagadzi he lived ...more

Endangered and indigenous plants cultivated at Skukuza nursery

Not many visitors to the Kruger National Park (KNP) are aware of the impressive indigenous plant nursery...more

Endangered Mammals in South Africa

According to The Red Data Book of the Mammals of South Africa: A Conservation Assessment the top ten species identified as critically endang...more

Endangered species languages linked at high biodiversity regions

Biodiversity hot spots – the world's biologically richest and most threatened locations on Earth – and high biodiversity wilderness area...more

Enviro Perspectives on Animal Spotting with Dave Rushworth

In a different environment - such as game reserves - an inability to 'spot' things can result from the unfamiliar surroundings or a misunder...more

Enviro Perspectives on Animal Vision with Dave Rushworth

On the subject of vision - I mentioned that, with sufficient light, mammals, with a few exceptions, have monochrome vision and egg-laying an...more

Enviro Perspectives on Association with Dave Rushworth

There are many instances of animals co-operating or associating with other species, presumably to increase their chances of survival. Many i...more

Enviro Perspectives on Beetles

A focus on blister beetles requires some comparison with, sometimes, similar looking longhorn (borer) beetles and a mention of the...more

Enviro Perspectives on Camouflage with Dave Rushworth

Our excellent array of field guides and other reference books record what is known about most aspects of natural history. There is still a h...more

Enviro Perspectives on Ecological Principles with Dave Rushworth

Probably the most important things to understand, in the realm of 'matter', are the unchangeable principles or laws controlling the function...more

Enviro Perspectives on Flowers with Dave Rushworth

At this time of year there are numerous flowers to be seen by the keen observer. Many are long lived, or come out in progression over a long...more

Enviro Perspectives on Grasshoppers with Dave Rushworth

To many townsfolk, the only exposure they will have to grasshoppers are those TV images of some macho bushman eating them in an attempt at '...more

Enviro Perspectives on Insects

With the uncertain onset of the rains and increasing temperatures many small creatures are becoming active. Many predatory species are takin...more

Enviro Perspectives on Noise

Driven by a need for solitude and reality, greater numbers of people are flocking to wild areas in a bid to escape from their competitive ex...more

Enviro Perspectives on Progress with Dave Rushworth

It is the same all over the world - where selfishness and greed prevail, human developments clash directly with, and cause the destruction o...more

Enviro Perspectives on Silence

While watching a large herd of buffalo crossing the road near Orpen recently, I was impressed by the relative silence and degree of organis...more

Enviro Perspectives on Succession with Dave Rushworth

The concept of succession is normally related to physical aspects but it can be used to describe the inter-related processes in animal behav...more

Enviro Perspectives on The White Lion Trust

The first two cubs born to a normal tawny female in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve and the second two white cubs and two tawny cubs born...more

Enviro Perspectives on Vision

Most people have no difficulty seeing objects in their home environment where they are, possibly sub-consciously, assisted by familiar move...more

Enviro Perspectives Photos with Dave Rushworth

This week Dave lets nature speak for itself, through the eye of his camera lens, and reminds us to take another look at everything, saying t...more

Enviro Perspectives with Dave Rushworth

All beetles belong to the order Coleoptera - which is 'the largest and most diverse order in the entire animal kingdom'. Of at least 370,000...more

Environmental Change Re-draws Atlas of Africa

Africa's rapidly changing environmental landscape, from the disappearance of glaciers in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains to the loss of Cape Tow...more

Environmental consciousness recognised

Umlani Bushcamp in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in South Africa was presented with The Wilderness Foundations sought after Green Lea...more

Environmental hotspots not easy to spot

A new study published in the journal Nature has revealed that the Andes Mountains are the only biodiversity hotspot on the entire planet tha...more

Environmental Network Gets Database Manager

The Phalaborwa-based Ndlovu Node of the South African Environmental Observation Network (Saeon) has recently gained an information manager i...more

Environmental Urban Planner Donates Prize To Establish Fund

Students of green architecture, sustainable design for urban areas, engineering or science focussing on sustainable technologies will benefi...more

Enviropaedias donated

Francois Pienaar, representing the NGO, Make a Difference (MAD), donated several Enviropaedias to trainers and others at one of the Klaserie...more

Equipment donated to Nxanatseni region

Members of the Bushveld region Honorary Rangers (HR) handed over equipment to the value of R15,500 to the Kruger National Park's...more

Escalated anti poaching actions starting to yield results

South African National Parks (SANParks) announced earlier this months that more poachers have been apprehended in recent weeks due to the in...more

Estimating Herbaceous Biomass Across Kruger Using Satellite Imagery

The information retrieved from satellite images taken from space often has to be checked and validated on the ground. This is exactly what t...more

Every Drop of Water Counts

A decade ago water saving in SA did not have the sense of urgency or media profile that it has today...more

EWT Calls For SEA

The executive director of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), Dr Nick King, has called on finance minister Trevor Manuel to set aside one b...more

Ewt Focus On Youth To Celebrate World Rhino Day

In celebration of the work of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to end rhino poaching the organisation hosted two events ahead of World Rh...more

EWT monitors DDT use

The impending onset of the rainy season means that the Department of Health will once again bring out their pesticides for malaria control....more

Ex-cop, KNP staff, Mozambicans arrested for rhino poaching

The police arrested four Kruger National Park (KNP) staff members, a well-known ex-cop turned criminal and seven Mozambicans in connection w...more

Exaggerated Threat to Tourism

It is interesting that visitors to our region display so little fear of long journeys in speeding automobiles, participation in hazardous ad...more

Exceptional 2011 tourism performers recognised again at Welcome Awards

The year's most exceptional performers in the tourism industry were crowned at INDABA 2011 at the 2011 Welcome Awards held at Durban's...more

Experiencing Kruger the Bundu Way

On 10 – 12 December 2004 I had the privilege to of experiencing the Bundu Trail. The group was out on an afternoon / night drive and I arr...more

Experiment Still Lights Scientists’ Fires After 54 Years

Keeping this valuable long-term experiment running accurately is the responsibility of Scientific Services fire ecologist, Navashni Govender...more

Explore natures wonders at the Phalaborwa Orchid Show

The Phalaborwa Orchid Show is being held on September 2-3, 2005. The event is open to the public from 09h00 on Friday until late afternoon...more

Explore The Limpopo National Park From Its First Luxury Camp

The Machampane Wilderness Camp is nestled on the banks of the Machampane River with the luxurious en-suite tented camp overlooking the river...more

Exploring Kruger Park in 2 Days

How do you package the essence of the Kruger experience into two days? Could it be spending five hours at the Nsemani dam near Satara...more

Facts About Elephants Eyes

The eyeball of an elephant is similar in size to those of humans and is small for such a large animal. Elephants and wild pigs are the only ...more

Famous tiger falls prey to poachers

The star of several documentaries and the first Siberian tiger to be fitted with a radio collar, Olga, is presumed dead. She is thought to h...more

Farmers and bank battle over water provision

Citrus and mango farmers are currently battling it out with Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) over the delivery of water for irrigation and household...more

Fascinating flower emerges

A rare Southeast Asian flower has bloomed in Hoedspruit. This peculiar flower has defied description and has been called the 'devil's flower...more

Fascination With Lions

Butch Smuts worked in the Kruger National Park for many years, performing intensive studies on the lion populations in Kruger National Park....more

Fast growing underwater volcano found

Growing at a rate of 20cm per day, a new volcano has been found under the ocean in the Samoan Island chain. Researchers say that the volcano...more

Felines eat more types of prey than canines

Faced with earlier studies stating that the big predators such as tigers, lions, and lynxes fulfil their dietary needs by eating one or two ...more

Fellowship through song

Two cultures met in song (and dance) during a joint performance by the Purdue Varsity Glee Club (PVGC) and the Kruger National Park (KNP) ch...more

Fence Between the Park and Limpopo Nature Reserve

When the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park was officially declared in 2002, Valli Moosa ceremonially cut down 20 metres of the fence separati...more

Feral Cats as an Invasive Species

Although more commonly known for his expertise with alien plants, Llewellyn Foxcroft's latest collaboration to keep national parks as havens...more

Fertilising The Timbavati Bush Gives Sanparks Scientists Food For Thought

It is a dilemma that probably bothers the odd tourist to the Kruger National Park, has almost certainly bothered more than one elephant, and...more

Few Ground Hornbill Chicks Found in Kruger This Year

Out of 39 currently known southern ground hornbill nests in the Kruger National Park, only seven live chicks were found when the nests were ...more

Field guides elect new committee

The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) held its annual general meeting at Southern Cross Schools in Hoedspruit on March 26,...more

Field Rangers Complete Training

After two weeks of gruelling training, 39 very proud field rangers received their certificates from Dr Bandile Mkhize, chief executive offic...more

Fig Trees and Wasps

The sycamore fig (Ficus sycomorus) is a tall, distinctive tree with a yellowish bark and fluted stem that is seen growing along the rivers i...more

Fight against TB a worry in Africa

The United Nations target of halving the number of people infected with tuberculosis (TB) by 2015 can still be met, despite the fact that th...more

Fighting for a clean Kruger

“Taking ownership of the park's wellbeing” trickled through as the fundamental theme of the 2011 Keep Kruger Clean Campaign which took p...more

Fighting Veld Fires

The 1998 veld and forest fire act places the burden on landowners to control fires on their land, but landowners have access to a variety of...more

Figs and Wasps

Figs and fig wasps have evolved to help each other out: Fig wasps lay eggs inside the fruit where the wasp larvae can safely develop, and in...more

Finding A Way To Effectively Monitor Kruger Biodiversity

The Kruger National Park has the declared mission of maintaining biodiversity in all its natural facets and fluxes, and it has a truly impre...more

Fire and Ants

Over 50,000 ants have stumbled into traps in the ground and thus into the hands of Kate Parr, who has been looking at how fire affects biodi...more

Fire at Golden Gate National Park

In the early hours of Tuesday, September 15, 2009 a fire raged at the rest camp of the Basotho Cultural Village...more

Fire destroys house at prime estate

A thatch house in the wildlife estate of Raptor's View was gutted by fire on December 15, 2004. The house was struck by lightning shortly be...more

Fire experiments in Kruger continue

The first phase of the SavFIRE experiment saw survey teams collect grass data over 80 kilometres at 8 600 points on eight blocks of increasi...more

Fire Storms and Their use in Conservation Management

Fire is an important and crucial driver within savanna ecosystems and is necessary in maintaining ecosystem functioning...more

Fires in Kruger

It's the time of year when smoke plumes set off alarm bells to many visitors in the Kruger National Park (KNP)...more

Fires regenerate African grassland

Are fires more important than rain for the savannah ecosystem. Natural grass fires are evidently more important for the ecology of savannahs...more

Fireside stories

Listening to various people talking about wild animal behavior, it is clear that certain jokes and amusing incidents portrayed in some books...more

First Dedicated Black Rhino Count Finds 55 Animals

The endangered black rhino is in the spotlight again. This time it's to find out how many of these elusive and secretive creatures there are...more

First soccer tournament held on new pitch

Mahlangene Ranger Station under Section Ranger, Reckson Seani, hosted a very successful soccer tournament on Sunday, March 6, 2005. The comm...more

First successful artificial insemination of rhino

The first successful artificial insemination of a rhinoceros has been accomplished by scientists from the Berlin Leibniz-Institute for Zoo a...more

First walking trails in the Kruger National Park

Wilderness walks or trails are today nothing new. But almost thirty years ago, in 1978, this was a novelty that appealed to every wildlife e...more

Fish For Tomorrow

Recognising the need to preserve South Africa's wetlands saw the launch of the 'working for wetlands' programme, which is a joint initiative...more

Fish nets join mosquito nets against malaria

New drugs to fight malaria may well lie at the bottom of the ocean, according to researchers studying over 2,500 samples from marine organis...more

Fish, women and mercury

Scientists are warning that the danger of mercury poisoning may be greater than previously thought, especially for children and babies devel...more

Five Poaching Suspects Arrested in Kruger

The South African National Parks (SANParks) Environmental Crime Investigation (ECI) team and rangers arrested four suspected poachers in the...more

Five year study to detect link between worms and TB in buffalo

The Kruger National Park's Veterinary Wildlife Service Department started with the final stage of a Bovine Tuberculosis (BTB) research proje...more

Five year survey aims to detect link between worms and TB in buffalo

If you come across a collared buffalo in the vicinity of Crocodile Bridge or Lower Sabie, chances are it is one of 200 animals...more

Fixed wing census results 2005

 The annual fixed wing game census in the Park was completed toward the end of July this year. In 1998, Kruger adopted a distance sampling ...more

Flies friend or foe

My original intention was to talk about a small insect flying around our house since the warmer weather started. On the look out for mosquit...more

Floods still affect Sabie’s Matumi trees

Poking their tender tips into the hostile world, matumi seedlings choose the unlikeliest spots to germinate, unfurling their leaves happily ...more

Flourishing Angolan Ivory Trade Worries Elephant Conservationists

The volume of elephant ivory available for sale in Angola has doubled over the last year or so, with over 1.5 tonnes of worked ivory product...more

Flower power makes tropics wetter

The world is a cooler, wetter place because of flowering plants, according to new climate simulation results published in the June 2010 jour...more

Flowering Trees

Larger trees in full colour are hard to miss. Many trees have already flowered and are bearing new seed pods among the foliage. Most notable...more

Fly spit helps heal

A husband and wife team of researchers, Ed and Mary Cupp, at the Auburn University Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station have found a...more

Fly to Kruger Park from Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban

Here you can see daily flight departure and arrival time from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to Kruger Mpumalanga International...more

Focus on green economy during environment month celebrations

What must concern us all is that the environment is not an infinite provider of resources. So said Edna Molewa, minister of environmental af...more

Focus Shifts To Grassland

Last year SANParks decided to scale down on its land expansion programme, which resulted in only 9 000 hectares being added...more

Follow The Dream Involving Mudholes And Missionaries

On a mission to bring clean drinking water to the rural poor, two enthusiastic Americans recently demonstrated the effectiveness of an award...more

Food in Kruger

Ferdi Heyns is the sector executive chef for Kagiso Khulani Supervision Foods, a subsidiary of Compass South Africa. Garry Hamer is currentl...more

Food In Kruger - Bushveld Recipes

What better way to enjoy your bushveld safari in the Kruger National Park than to share the day's experience with your loved ones...more

Food In Kruger on Safari

Recipes by Garry Hamer Compass Food Services Manager Lower Sabie. Recipes developed and tested in the Kruger National Park...more

Foot And Mouth Roadblocks And Restrictions Lifted In Gravelotte Area

“The provincial department of agriculture wishes to inform all concerned that the Gravelotte area is free of foot and mouth disease as fro...more

Foot and Mouth Zones Looked At

A meeting to discuss the location of foot and mouth control zones will be held in Pretoria on April 7, 2005. All provincial and na- tional d...more

For The First Time Monkeys Observed To Being Self Aware

For 40 years, scientists have concluded from this type of behavior that a few species are self-aware — they recognise the boundaries betwe...more

Forensics Help Fight Ivory Fraudsters

The forensic technique of carbon dating can now be used to help catch law-breaking ivory dealers...more

Forest Hardwood Sale Nets SANParks R615000

During the last week in April, SANParks auctioned off about 400m³ of native and foreign hardwoods, contributing about R615000 to its coffer...more

Forum Wants Compensation For Livestock Losses

Animals such as lions and elephants often cross the boundaries of the Kruger National Park (KNP) into the bordering communities and cause da...more

Forums Link Kruger And Communities

With topics ranging from the problems caused by hungry lions to the chance of finding a job in the park, monthly discussions are forging a l...more

Four Kruger National Park staff arrested for rhino poaching

Four Kruger National Park (KNP) staff have been arrested in connection with rhino poaching. The suspects are all based in the Pretoriuskop s...more

Four New Horseshoe Bats Species Discovered

Four new species of horseshoe bats have been discovered in East and Southern Africa, after scientists pieced together clues such as DNA data...more

Four Sable Released Into Mapungubwe

Four sable have been reintroduced into the Mapungubwe National Park and will be closely monitored using GPS collars in a test exercise to se...more

Free Access To Koedoe On Web

Koedoe, initially known as the research journal for South African National Parks, published its fiftieth issue in 2008. Published annually s...more

Free access to park to cultivate community interest

The 2009 SA National Parks Week was officially opened at Mopanie Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park on Monday, September 14...more

Free State hosts official tourism month celebrations

In keeping with Tourism South Africa's intention to showcase South Africa's wonders to its residents, the Free State will be the highlight o...more

Frog Extinctions Clearly Linked To Global Warming

Global warming is wreaking havoc on amphibians, and soon will cause staggering losses of biodiversity...more

From The Bottom Of A Borehole To Satellite Heights

Izak Smit has been a regular visitor to the Kruger National Park since he can remember and it was therefore a dream come true for him when h...more

Full circle for Letaba bats

When visitors at Letaba Camp in the Kruger National Park found one of the familiar bat houses in the camp had collapsed, little did they rea...more

Funding for malaria prevention saves childrens lives

In the 10 years since 2001, more money for the prevention of malaria has saved the lives of an estimated 850 000 children in Africa. This is...more

Funds Raised For Fight Against Rhino Poaching

The annual Honorary Ranger (Ranger Support Services) Sunset Serenades were held in the Kruger National Park's (KNP) Letaba Rest camp in 2010...more

Fungi fight MALARIA mosquitoes

Scientists are thinking laterally in an attempt to combat one of Africa's worst killers – malaria. Using nature to fight nature, a new stu...more

Fungi-filled forests are critical for endangered orchids

Orchids account for about 10 percent of all plant species on earth, making them the biggest plant family. But many orchids are threatened an...more

Furore Continues Over Much Debated Hunting Legislation

Following the release of hunting regulations that will come into force next year, the animal welfare group Animal Rights Africa has criticis...more

Future of Africas Lions Under Debate

The main threats to lion populations were identified as loss of suitable habitat, a reduction in the lion’s wild prey base and humanlion c...more

Gabons President burns 1200 ivory tusks

Gabon's president, Ali Bongo burned 1,200 ivory tusks plus assorted ivory carvings showing his commitment to tackle elephant poaching and il...more

Game Census 2004 in Kruger National Park

How the game census in the Kruger National Park, other than the buffalo and elephant census, is done, has changed significantly over the las...more

Game Farmers Not Happy with Government Threats About Underutilised Land

Under-utilised game farms could be targeted for land restitution purposes...more

Game Rangers Association

Paul Dutton is a remarkable man by anyone's standards. In his seventies, he is still an active pilot, flying his beloved partner of forty ye...more

Game Rangers Pay Tribute To Ian Player

During an awards ceremony in Letaba Camp in Kruger on February 19th, the Game Rangers' Association of Africa (GRAA) honoured Dr Ian Player w...more

Game Rangers Speak Out On Elephant Management

The Game Rangers' Association of Africa (GRAA) has taken an official standpoint on the issue of elephant management, saying that...more

Game Sales Statistics for South Africa

South Africa is arguably the most important market for the sale of live game in Africa and in the world says Gerhard Damm in his newsletter,...more

Genetically modified foods in SA

Currently South Africa grows three commercial crops that have been genetically modified, mainly for herbicide and insect tolerance. The thre...more

Genetically Modified Foods The Hot Debate

Genetically-modified (GM) foods and genetic engineering have become a hot topic of debate in recent years. Advances in biotechnology have ma...more

Get ready for the Tour de Kruger

The Tour de Kruger and the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park will offer 200 cyclists the chance to ride their mountain bikes through the dirt...more

Get ready to explore the Limpopo National Park

Three tourism products are now on the go in the Limpopo National Park bordering the Kruger National Park...more

Getting to Banhine

Getting to Banhine is not easy, but it is exhilarating, no matter which route you take. Once you have turned off the Chokwe – Chiqualaqual...more

Giant 507 carat diamond found in South Africa

A rare 507 carat white diamond was discovered at the Cullinan Mine near Pretoria...more

Giant Ball In The Bush Gets Go-ahead

There will soon be a new landmark in the vicinity of Skukuza, in the form of a huge ball – six and a half metres in diameter - balanced on...more

Giraffe electrocutions curtailed in Marloth Park

Consultation and communication may require effort and time, but seem to pay-off in the long run. Especially so for the giraffe population of...more

Giraffe relocated to Giriyondo

April saw the Kruger National Park Veterinary Wildlife Services Unit swing into action once more to capture and translocate animals for the ...more

Giraffe Survives Despite Deformity

Rob Thompson, section ranger at Stolznek, observed a giraffe with a noticeably deformed jaw wandering with a group of four animals near an a...more

Giraffes Prefer Feeding At The Top

The giraffe's elongated neck has long been used in textbooks as an illustration of evolution by natural selection, but this common example h...more

Giriyondo Border Post

Lowveld Section Construction of the Mozambican side of the Giriyondo border post started recently. This photo was taken on February...more

Giriyondo border post opening

Reliable sources inform the Kruger Park Times that the Giriyondo Border Post linking the Kruger National Park with the Limpopo National Park...more

Giriyondo Border Post opening soon

Although a specific date has yet to be set for the official opening of the Giriyondo Border Post between the Kruger National Park and the Li...more

Girl Children Work In Kruger

Kruger National Park played host to 60 grade 11 and 12 girls from surrounding schools as part of the annual Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work...more

Global Conservation Fundis Meet in Skukuza

South African National Parks (SANParks) hosted the World Protected Areas Leadership Forum (WPALF) from 16-19 August 2010, at Skukuza in the ...more

Global listeners tune in to share Mac’s quest for a mate

Mac, an elephant tracked and monitored by Steve and Michelle Henley since 2002, is sharing his dating secrets with more than a million liste...more

Global tourism company extends interest in Africa

The state-owned company, Dubai World (DW) announced on April 17 that it has entered negotiations with the government of Benin...more

Global White Lion Project wants to set the record straight

In an attempt to 'set the record straight' and allay rumours about the re-establishment of the white lions in the Timbavati region, the Glob...more

Globally Threatened Birds Pay For Their Sex

A new study published in the leading ornithological journal Ibis has uncovered that for the vast majority of bird species, there are more ma...more

GM Sorghum Project Blocked

The South African government has denied an application from a multi-million dollar project aimed at developing genetically modified sorghum...more

Going green doesnt have to mean slower economic growth

Author and democracy activist Frances Moore Lappé says our own pre-conceived ideas about how things should work is actually preventing us f...more

Golf course wins provincial award

The Hans Merensky Golf Estate in Phalaborwa recently received the Diamond Arrow Award for being the highest rated golf course in a survey co...more

Golf Game and Leisure in the Heart ot the Lowveld

For the golfing enthusiast there's the challenge of the resort's superb nine-hole golf course designed by Gary Player...more

Golf in aid of GRAA

The Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) hosted its eighth annual golfing day at Hans Meresnky Golf Club on Saturday, August 27...more

Golfing for the school

The first of two annual golf days in support of Skukuza Primary School took place on May 31, and brought in more than R20 000 for the school...more

Government Attempts To Put A Lid On Canned Hunting

Only large predators that come from either a wild population or a managed wild population may be hunted in terms of the new draft regulation...more

Government Praises Hunters

Water and environmental affairs deputy minister, Rejoice Mabudafhasi, reiterated her commitment to the professional hunting industry of Sout...more

Government to scrutinise the hunting industry

A panel of experts convened by Marthinus van Schalkwyk, minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, has until October to present the mini...more

Government to spend R14 billion on dams and pipes

The South African government plans to spend over R14.2 billion over the next three years on dams and water distributions systems according t...more

GRAA Calls On Manuel To Reconsider Budget

The Game Rangers Association of Africa has called on Finance Minister Trevor Manuel to reconsider the budget allocated to the protection of ...more

Grassland research surprises global warming scientists

A study on California's grasslands has shown that this particular ecosystem will not be able to help reduce the effects of global warming in...more


HAENERTSBURG – Located in one of South Africa's dwindling ecosystems, the Louis Changuion hiking trail takes walkers through a 240ha stret...more


Years after the dinosaurs roamed the earth, the first grass species came into existence in the Miocene and Pliocene epochs, and vast grassla...more

Greater Kruger becomes even greater

This year looks to be a good year for the growth of Greater Kruger – fences are being dropped east and west of the Kruger National Park...more

Greater Lebombo Conservancy on cards to curb rhino poaching

At the beginning of February this year, South Africa's minister of water and environmental affairs, Edna Molewa met Mozambique's minister of...more

Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park Update

At a ministerial meeting held in Shingwedzi in August 2004, the final step was taken in the ratification of the Gaza-Kruger-Gonarezhou agree...more

Greater Political Leadership and Public Awareness Needed On Climate Action

Ministers and heads of delegation from 22 countries met at Kapama Lodge outside Hoedspruit for a ministerial Indaba on climate action...more

Green gets gold at Natures Olympics

“The Congress, which has become known in Korea as “Nature's Olympics”, has brought home gold for conservation,” says Julia Marton-Le...more

Green kids go for gold

It was a day for the old and the young, the traditional and the modern. The dull winter tones of the bush at Phabeni were brightened by the ...more

Green Lessons For High School Teachers

The Saeon (South African Environmental Observation Network) Ndlovu node annual educators' workshop 2008 was held on February 16, 2008 at...more

Green Scorpions Crack Down On Crime In Gauteng

The department of environmental affairs training programme for Environmental Management Inspectors (EMIs) is already paying dividends, with ...more

Green Scorpions Crackdown On Border Posts

The Gauteng Environmental Management Inspectors, better known as the Green Scorpions successfully tracked down and arrested rhino horn smugg...more

Greetings From Harare

Greetings from Harare - and some impressions after a few days in this (still) beautiful country - where the trees are taller and the skies a...more

Grietjie Vulture restaurant appeals for funding to repair damages

The vulture restaurant in the Grietjie Private Nature Reserve near Phalaborwa had some tree damage over Christmas after 150mm rains fell in ...more

Grim record set with 341 rhino kills this year to date

Fuelled by demand from Viet Nam, rhino poaching in South Africa shows no signs of abating, with a record 341 (350 at the time of posting the...more

Groenewald pilot pays fine for illegal landing in Mapungubwe Park

Helicopter pilot, Johannes Stone paid a fine of R2000 for illegally flying over and landing in Mapungubwe National Park during an air show i...more

Ground hornbill capture methods investigated

Working with the University of Cape Town's Percy Fitzpatrick Institute, Sieglinde Rode has managed to catch two adult male ground hornbills ...more

Ground Hornbill Conservationists Prioritise Future Work

The Endangered Wildlife Trust's Ground Hornbill Working Group formed a plan of action at their recent Population and Habi- tat Viability Ass...more

Growing a green generation

“Tell them and they might forget. Show them and they might remember, but involve them and they will understand.” Confucius...more

Guernsey Road Upgraded

The Bohlabela District Municipality will facilitate the upgrade of 12km of the Guernsey Road on behalf of the Maruleng Municipality...more

Guides Diary

Walking the path of the lion, the king of the earth, is indeed a privilege that awakens one's spirit and leaves one with the most precious m...more

Gumboot dancers entertain visitors

Justicia, a village located in the communal areas between Thulamahashe and the Kruger Gate to the Kruger National Park, is home to an enterp...more

Guts And Glory

The Kruger Park/Sterling Light Lager annual half marathon took place at Skukuza on Saturday, 5 August 2006. Up for yet another challenge, mo...more

Hackers fight Queen of the Night

The Honorary Rangers (HR) have declared war on alien plants. Armed with their knapsack sprayers and metal spikes HRs of the Lowveld region t...more

Hackers vs Aliens

A work party of the Honorary Rangers (HR) hacked away in the Kruger National Park (KNP), clearing 590 adult Lantana plants in three days...more

Hardus and Thato realise a dream

Hardus Brits and Thato Segapo realised one of their dreams recently when they went on a rhino capture in the Kruger National Park (KNP)...more

Have Domestic Dogs Infected Kgalagadis Lions

While four lion deaths are not particularly significant, the vet alert kicks in when these deaths are attributed to a disease more commonly ...more

Have you spotted the Big Six Birds

The big five mammal species are generally a must-see for tourists to Kruger National Park, but fewer people are aware of the big six. These ...more

Have Your Say! Public Participation In Environmental Impact Assessments

There are many laws in South Africa designed to protect the environment, but the Environment Conservation Act of 1989 that governs environme...more

Having a good corporate green reputation

Researchers at a Kansas State University in the United States and other collaborators found that companies with the worst environmental perf...more

Heads Of State Put Giriyondo On The Map

The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Giriyondo Tourism Access Facility opened its gates to the public on December 7, 2005. On August 16, 200...more

Heavy Rains Crack Lesotho Dam, Communities Concerned

This season's good rainfalls have caused concern in Lesotho, where one of the world's highest rockfall dams has sprung a leak. One panel of ...more

Heavy Rains In Kruger

In spite of heavy rains in the Kruger National Park over the  weekend of March 3 to 5, most gates and camps were  accessible. The only exc...more

Helicopter Pilot

Roy Stout was employed as a third pilot in the mid 70s to lighten the additional workload caused by the construction of the fence on the bor...more

Help enforce the law against illegal dog hunting

Illegal hunting with dogs is rife in parts of South Africa and this is having a serious impact on wildlife, including the Endangered Oribi...more

Help Fight The Spread Of Deserts This June

Every year, 12 million hectares of land become useless for cultivation, as the problem of desertification spreads out around the globe. This...more

Help Find Ground Hornbill Nests

If you venture out for a game drive early in the morning, you might be lucky enough to hear the haunting sounds of southern ground hornbill,...more

Help Monitor Life on Earth

Scientists asked people around the world to help compile an internet based observatory of life on earth as a guide to everything from the im...more

Heritage Month Focus

September is Heritage Month and the Ministry of Arts and Culture and Members of the Executive Councils (MECs) have adopted the theme: “Cel...more

Heritage sites in Kruger restored

Honorary rangers (HR), Johan and Colleen Kotze, restored 55 heritage sites in the Kruger National Park to their glimmering best...more

Hide And Seek

Camouflage is commonly used to help animals blend with their background. Most species have a fixed pattern or colour adapted to their usual ...more

High Court Dismiss Captive Lion Hunting Appeal

South Africa's Bloemfontein High Court dismissed the application for appeal against a court judgement that captive bred lions must be free r...more

High Schools Rewarded For Eco Efforts

Mdluli High School and Frank Maghinyama High School have been chosen by the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve as the two schools that have be...more

Hippo Sibling Rivalry

What looked like a rather severe case of hippo sibling rivalry was spotted on a recent trial of the forthcoming Olifants Backpacking Trail...more

Hippos and Algae Implicated in Multiple Animal Deaths

Three years ago, we reported on the how a spot of forensic detective work by Kruger National Park and state veterinarians revealed the cause...more

Hippos Cause Lethal Algae Bloom in Man-Made Dams

A spot of forensic detective work by Kruger National Park (KNP) and state veterinarians has revealed the cause of a number of animal deaths ...more

History Of Kruger To Be Reprinted

The comprehensive history of the Kruger National Park, “Neem Uit Die Verlede”
(“Taken from the past”) is due to be reprinted th...more

History recorded on Rocks

Pictures define people. As much as they tell stories about what they portray, they also reveal a lot about the people that created them...more

HIV Awareness Campaign Undertaken In Kruger

An HIV/Aids Awareness campaign kicked off in the Kruger National Park on February 21, with a weeklong campaign aimed at reaching every staff...more

Hlanganini Spotted

Hlanganini is one of Kruger's emerging uskers. This photo was taken by a visitor in December...more

Hoedspruit Game Ranger Nominated To Represent Africa At World Congress

To try and ensure that today's young game rangers can follow in the footsteps of older and more experienced conservationists, the Internatio...more

Hoedspruit Lion Man Mountain Bike Race 2005

Get your cycling gear ready for the 1st Hoedspruit Lion Man Mountain Bike race to take place on October 1, 2005. The race has two categories...more

Hoedspruit rallies after storm

Almost three weeks after tropical depression Dando caused severe flooding in the greater Hoedspruit area, the town is still without drinking...more

Home-grown Mosquito Repellent Candle Due Out Soon

A new, highly effective mosquito repellent candle developed by the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) may hit the shelves...more

Honorary Ranger Golf Day

A golf day is going to be held at the Kruger Park Lodge on the 16th April 2005. We are planning a two field for the day. The competition for...more

Honorary Rangers Celebrate 10th Sunset Serenade

To mark the annual Honorary Ranger (HR) (Ranger Support Services) Sunset Serenade's 10th anniversary, this year two functions were held in t...more

Honorary rangers contribute R12 million to national parks

From January 1 to December 31 last year, the Honorary Ranger's (HR) corps contributed more than R12 million to the coffers of SANParks...more

Honorary Rangers Counter Poaching Raises More Than R1 million

Since the beginning of 2008, the Honorary Rangers Counter Poaching and Ranger Support Services National Project (CP&RSS) has raised over R1 ...more

Honorary Rangers donate counter poaching equipment valued at R1.75million

The SANParks Honorary Rangers (HR) donated R1.75 million worth of counter poaching equipment to the Kruger National Park (KNP) rangers at a ...more

Honorary Rangers Help Boost SANParks

Four months into 2010 and the Honorary Rangers (HR) have ticked off some milestone events on their 'to do' list for the year...more

Honorary Rangers Meet with Kruger National Park Management

Members of the Honorary Rangers (HR), led by chairman of the national executive council, Janssen Davies, met with the managing executive of ...more

Honorary Rangers raise the roof at Phalaborwa

Representatives of the Honorary Rangers (Bushveld Region) and SANParks staff came together for a small ceremony at the Lapa at the Phalaborw...more

Honorary Rangers train hotel staff

The front-line staff of the prestigious five-star Cape Grace, situated on a private quay at the V & A Waterfront attended a training course ...more

Hooded Vulture Now Considered Endangered

South Africa is home to nine Vulture species. Seven of these are listed in the Red Data Book of Birds of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland...more

Hornbills Lose Ground

There is a very real possibility that South Africa may lose its Ground Hornbills within the near future if something radical is not done.”...more

Hospitality Manager of Skukuza Camp

It would not be unusual be to come across the phrase “I ndlopfu ya hina,” on your next visit to Skukuza Camp. “The elephant is ours”...more

Host Countries Set Up Troika

The Governments of Denmark, Mexico and South Africa – hosting COP15, COP16 and COP17, respectively- have established a Troika...more

Hotel Groups Stop Travel Agent Commission Scheme

Two of South Africa's top hotel groups are following in the wake of South Africa's airlines in their decision to stop paying travel agent's ...more

Hotel in Kruger

The development of an hotel at the confluence of the Timfene Spruit and the Crocodile River in the Kruger National Park (KNP) seems to be go...more

Hotel In Kruger To Open Doors In 2013

The first internationally branded hotel in the Kruger National Park is planned for opening in 2013...more

How Birds See is Key to Avoiding Power Line Collision

Conservationists at the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) have, with the financial support of Eskom, embarked on a research project that will ...more

How do animals move in relation to temperature

What different things do animals do on hot days compared to cooler days? How much do they move around at night, if at all?...more

How do Tree Seedlings Survive all the Hungry Herbivores

Investigating whether browsing antelope are eating the young seedlings as they start to grow and if this is having an effect on the survival...more

How Do Trees and Grass Live Together in the Landscapes of Kruger

A slow silent war rages between trees and grass in the veld and what determines who gets the upper hand has prompted further investigation. ...more

How Fast Do Trees Grow

At what rate do trees really grow? This is a question that has puzzled scientists and botanists over the years. As trees are a primary food ...more

How Many Animals Are There In Krugers Mozambican Counterpart

The GLTP is regarded as part of a bigger conservation area, measuring almost 100 000km2. In 2001, the eyes of the world were...more

How Many Lions Are There In Kruger

The question of exactly how many lions there are in the Kruger National Park has been asked at various times over the years, with numbers of...more

How Many More Species Will Go the Way of the Dinosaurs

According to the IUCN, which is the oldest and largest global environmental network, governments have failed to meet targets to reduce the r...more

How roads changed information flow patterns in village

Roads changed the social structure and economy of a rural village. With the roads came a change in human information flow patterns that...more

How Small Farms Could Feed the World

As an African Union summit on agricultural investments opened in Libya, donors and non-profits called participants' attention to the role sm...more

How the world has changed in 20 years

The report tracks economic, environmental, social,geopolitical and technological trends. The environmental changes that have swept the plane...more

How To Keep Elephants Out Of Your Mealies

Forget hedges, fences, torches and shouting – if you want to keep an elephant out of your mealies you need to light fires, make a huge rac...more

How To Make Wild Dogs Stay

When the Northern Tuli Game Reserve management released 18 wild dogs on the reserve in April 2008, they were about to find out if...more

How was the biodiversity monitoring done

Groups of specialists and stakeholders of about eight to 12 people, depending on the sites, compiled a snapshot inventory of the various org...more

How Well Do Guides Know Their Lions

Lion sightings are high on nearly every tourist's priority list when they visit a big five area, and guides at lodges often go to a lot of t...more

Huge catfish caught in Thailand

A freshwater fish weighing almost 300kg, more than an adult male lion, was caught by fishermen in the Mekong River. This is the largest catf...more

Huge fish deaths in Olifants

Hundreds of fish have died in the Olifants River about 15 km from Olifants Camp in the Kruger National Park (KNP)...more

Huge Haul Of Smuggled Ivory Found In Hong Kong

A search of a shipping container supposedly carrying timber from Cameroon netted Hong Kong customs officials 3.9 tonnes of illegal ivory on ...more

Huge Vulture Deaths in Wildlife Poisoning Event

At least 45 vultures have been poisoned, 27 of them fatally, after feeding on a kudu carcass on the farm Antioch, 20km outside of Hoedspruit...more

Human development should be our concern

As our planet hits the 7 billion-people mark an international team of population and development experts argues that it is not simply the nu...more

Human Impact on Hyaena Behaviour

Is there a hyena hotel in Skukuza? This may seem like a strange question but researchers from the Mammal Research Institute (MRI) at the Uni...more

Hunt On For Wounded Elephant

Environmental affairs officials are still hunting for a wounded elephant that was shot at the junction of the tar road between Phalaborwa an...more

Hunting can help protect wildlife in South Africa

In the Sunday Independent of May 17, 2009, David Mabunda, chief executive officer of SANParks (South African National Parks) commented on hu...more

Hyena becomes Roly-Poly with his elephant snacks

Activity around an elephant bull carcass is yielding interesting observations for hyena researcher in the Kruger National Park (KNP)...more

Hyena pups increase assertiveness to prevent hunger

A new scientific study shows for the first time in spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) twin litters, that success in sibling competition for mat...more

Hyena Research Update

The ongoing hyena research in and around Skukuza in the Kruger National Park has moved to the next level. This has involved collecting faeca...more

Hyenas ability to count helps them decide to fight or flee

Being able to count helps spotted hyenas decide to fight or flee, according to research at Michigan State University. When animals fight, th...more

I CAN For Conservation

It has been calculated that to replace the wood and paper we use in a year, each and every one of us needs to plant at least one new tree ev...more

Identify the New Big Tuskers

During the 70s, former warden of the Park, dr U de V (Tol) Pienaar had a vision to share the beauty and splendour of Kruger's Big Tuskers wi...more

Illegal Ivory trade still strong in Egypt

Tourists buying ivory are potentiating this illegal trade, making a mockery of CITES and fueling the poaching of Africa's elephants. So says...more

Illegal Mines Flourish

In South Africa there is a mining industry that is estimated to be worth about R4 billion annually and is rapidly expanding with little thou...more

Impact Assessment for De Hoop Dam to be released

For five weeks following August 18, 2005 the public can review the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the construction of the 80m h...more

Impala killer case postponed again

Four people, accused of bludgeoning at least six impala to death in Skukuza, appeared in court at White River again. The four men allegedly ...more

Impala killers dismissed

The four men who trapped at least six impala against a fence and bludgeoned them to death in the Skukuza laundry yard have been fired. An in...more

Importance of tracking diseases associated with illegal wildlife

The increase in international travel and trade brings with it an increased risk of unmonitored pathogens via the illegal wildlife trade, sai...more

Important Bird Areas And Protected Areas Under Review By Birdlife

BirdLife Partners in Africa recently convened an inaugural meeting in Botswana in March 2008, to review progress in the ‘Monitoring of Imp...more

In short

A suspect was wounded. Meetings of the Tzaneen Eco Club. Keep Kruger Clean-campaign....more

In Short...

Nearly 80 000 dogs, cats and other domestic animals have been vaccinated against the potentially fatal rabies disease in Mpumalanga. Constru...more

In the kingdom of the ant a mighty curiosity rules

Dr Andersen, of the CSIRO, took out a prestigious prize at the Charles Darwin Symposium for his hard work, his leadership - and his dedicati...more

Indaba snippets

From Saturday May 7 to Tuesday, May 10, 1 646 exhibitors hustled and bustled to make the most of Indaba 2005, said to be the biggest in its ...more

India Bans Drug To Protect Vultures

The Indian government has ordered a halt to the sale of the veterinary drug diclofenac (Voltaren). Veterinary businesses have been given thr...more

Indigenous Knowledge for Fine Dine Cuisine

Manager and executive chef, Hanroe Esramus', whose trademark culinary style is to incorporate indigenous knowledge in fine dine cuisine host...more

Indigenous Plants Take Centre Stage

The second Annual Mpumalanga Indigenous Plant sale blossomed from September 22-20, 2006 at Forever Resorts Aventura Badplaas, drawing respec...more

Innibos Winner

The Kruger National Park sponsored the third prize for the “Footprint of the Lowveld” photo competition that was held during the Innibos...more

Insect biodiversity studied with enthusiasm

Nature documentary fans may be familiar with the photogenic 'leaf cutter' ants that chop down leaves to feed their fungus factories, but few...more

Insect Eruptions Noted In Kruger

Over the past few months people visiting and working in the Kruger National Park have been concerned and interested in two insect eruptions ...more

Insects Getting More Attention In Kruger

The eruption of two insect species in the Mooiplaas ranger section within a short successive period caught the attention of not only personn...more

Integrated Effort to Combat Rhino Killings in South Africa

MECs responsible for environment portfolios in provinces has called for integrated anti poaching efforts to halt the growing number of rhino...more

Intensive Lion Research Initiated

Kruger National Park's lion population faces an uncertain future - or does it? That was the question facing scientists at a Lion Bovine Tube...more

Interesting cloud formation

“It is difficult to gauge the height of these clouds from this photo, but they look about 5000-8000ft above ground level. This would make ...more

International Assistance With Landscape Monitoring

How to monitor the degradation of the landscape and vegetation has been a question intriguing ecologists over the years...more

International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium

The International Elephant Foundation and the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa announced that the International Elephant Conserva...more

International Elephant Foundation supports elephant conservation worldwide

The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) announced on January 9, 2012 that it will provide more than R1,75 million to support 19 elephant...more

International scientists to visit Orpen research facility

Distinguished scientists from Texas A & M University will be visiting the Hans Hoheisen research facility near Orpen Gate this month with a ...more

International wildlife vets to research near Orpen Gate

Distinguished doctors from dozens of destinations are due to descend on Hans Hoheisen Wildlife Research Facility near Orpen Gate in due cour...more

International Year of Biodiversity 2010

The CBD is one of the most signed onto treaties in the world, and deals with the need to sustain the rich diversity of life on Earth...more

Invasive Alien Bird Species Pose A Threat

The department of environmental affairs has declared two bird species as invasive aliens – the Indian mynah and the mallard duck...more

Invasive alien species needs closer attention

Millions of people are dependent on wild species for their livelihood. Freshwater ecosystems are under substantial pressure from expanding h...more

Invest Says Patel

South Africa's economic development Minister Ibrahim Patel said the country has a responsibility to explore new innovative ways to...more

Is August the new September

Become a CLIMATE BUDDY and help us find out ...Everyone in South Africa seems to have noticed that the weather is unusual for this time of y...more

Is Climate Change Affecting Our Birds. Help Us Find Out

Researchers at the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) are calling on our country's birders to join them in monitoring t...more

Is Kamfers Dam On The Brink Of Collapse

A recent water quality study, conducted by Dr Jan Roos from Water Quality Consultants in Bloemfontein, has found that Kamfers Dam's water qu...more

Is the issue really hunting

About 80 members of the ANC Youth League descended on the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve adjoining the Kruger National Park on Saturday, M...more

Is The Shepards Tree Magical

The Shepherd's Tree, Boscia albitrunca, is the larval food plant for 14 different species of butterflies in the KNP and southern Africa...more

Is There A Rhino War Looming?

There is great concern that a “white rhino war” is looming in the Kruger National Park (KNP) and surrounding areas. Since October 2007, ...more

Is There An Elephant overpopulation in Kruger

The Kruger National Park (KNP) does not have an elephant overpopulation and there is no need to cull at present. This was the majority opini...more

Islands add to Addo’s biodiversity

Environmental Affairs and Tourism minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk had a busy day at Addo Elephant National Park when he announced the addit...more

Issuing Of Permits Subject To BEE Compliance

The granting of permits in Sanparks will be subject to compliance with the requirements of the BEE Tourism Scorecard and the Sanparks supply...more

It doesnt take brains to pick a World Cup winner

The Cape vulture – one of Africa's largest birds of prey - is believed to be under threat from the followers of muti magic in South Africa...more

Its All In The Laugh

Acoustic analysis of the 'giggle' sound made by spotted hyenas has revealed that the animals' laughter encodes information about...more

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species DID YOU KNOW

The IUCN Red List has a long established history as the world's most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of p...more

IUCN suggests balanced harvesting of fish

“For centuries, it has been believed that selective fishing that avoids young, rare and charismatic species and focuses on older and large...more

IUCNs Red List of Ecosystems gains momentum

Modelled on the influential IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, the Red List of Ecosystems will identify if an ecosystem is vulnerable, ...more

Ivory dealer loses appeal

A Northern Cape man's appeal against a conviction of being an accomplice in the unlawful dealing of two ivory tusks was dismissed by the Sup...more

Ivy League Students Visit Kruger’s Classrooms

Every October for the past seven years, twenty students from an American university pitch up in Skukuza Camp as part of their studies of var...more

Jam-packed agenda for sixth science network meeting

The Kruger National Park (KNP) will host scientists and researchers from around the world at the sixth annual SANParks Science Network Meeti...more

Joining forces against poaching

A joint effort from conservation agencies and the community against environmental and general crime in the central lowveld is reaping benefi...more

Joke of the Bushveld Competition

Joke 2005 was the 27th year the tournament was played at Skukuza and was again a huge success with capacity fields on all four days...more

Journalist And Elephant Expert Debate The Use Of Game As Protein

A journalist for Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper has been criticised for proposing that Kenya's starving should be provided with protein by c...more

Jury Still Out on Whether New Mosquito Carries Malaria

A new species of mosquito has been discovered by South African researchers, adding to the pantheon of some 140 species of Anopheles mosquito...more

Kalahari, Kruger and Carnivores the passions of Gus Mills

After more than 30 years, Gus Mills is returning to the home of his heart in the sands of the Kalahari, to once again conduct groundbreaking...more

Kalwerbossie At Risk Of Over Harvesting

Kalwerbossie, better known by its scientific name Pelargonium sidoides, is at risk of over-harvesting because it is very slow growing...more

Karoo National Park to Introduce Lions

Karoo National Park, situated near Beaufort West, celebrated its 30th Anniversary with the announcement that lions would be introduced...more

KEEP KRUGER CLEAN campaign celebrates its 6th year

Lucy Nhlapo, head of tourism and marketing in the Kruger National Park (KNP) kick-started the Keep Kruger Clean campaign for the 6th consecu...more

Keeping An Eye On Duke The Tusker

The bush was littered with people, watching his every move. They saw him desperately wanting to outrun the helicopter, saw the dart strike...more

Keeping an eye on global vegetation

Food, fuel, and shelter, ie vegetation, is one of the most important requirements for human populations around the world...more

Kilimanjaro’s Icy Crown Melting Fast

Kilimanjaro's snowy crown is fast disappearing, as predicted by experts several years ago. This means not just the loss of  the tourist att...more

Kingsley Holgate takes to the road to promote transfrontier conservation

Well-known Africa explorer, Kingsley Holgate, will lead an expedition across nine Southern African Development Countries (SADC) from May to ...more

Klaserie Childrens Eco Training Celebrates International year of Biodiversity

To increase the understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on Earth, Maureen Lahoud was invited to assist in...more

Know Your Park

The first motorist entered the Kruger National Park in 1927. Visitors paid £1 entrance fee and that year the Park realised a full £3. Ther...more

Know your park - Nxanatseni

The area is bordered by 90 kilometres western boundary with Limpopo Province and 121 kilometres eastern boundary with Mozambique and on the ...more

Know your Park - Whats in a name

The literal meaning of shirnia-ntanga is “early gardener”, but according to MJ van Waremelo and HP Junod, this was probably the name of ...more

KNP Achieverment Awards 2010 -2011

Sergeant Wilson Siwela from Crocodile Bridge Ranger Section was the worthy recipient of the Kruger Cross, the Kruger National Park's (KNP) h...more

KNP awards its achievers for excellence

Solly Mathonse received the bravery award at the 12th Kruger National Park (KNP) Achievement Awards that took place on Friday, April 20 2012...more

KNP Collects Bounty from Balloons

A Boksburg school, the Mooiplaas Ranger Section and a bunch of balloons were linked together in the strangest of ways earlier this month...more

KNP emerging contractors receive technical skills training

The Kruger National Park (KNP)'s head of technical services, Blake Schraader presented certificates to 150 emerging contractors in Skukuza o...more

KNP Emerging Tuskers Competition 2006 Winners Announced

The 2006 Kruger National Park (KNP) Emerging Tuskers Competition attracted more than 180 individual entries and has identified eight new eme...more

KNP head office is NOT moving to Phalaborwa

There is no truth to a rumour that has resurfaced regarding the relocation of the Kruger National Park's (KNP) head office from Skukuza to P...more

KNP Law Enforcers Receive Rank Insignia

Traffic officers, visible policing and other members of the Kruger National Park's (KNP) protection services department were ceremoniously h...more

KNP Man Honoured With Unesco Award

A core member of the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB), Dr Llewellyn Foxcroft, was one of ten recipients of the 2010 M...more

KNP receives wheelchairs for use by tourists when needed

In a gesture of goodwill, the Germiston's Rotaract Club presented the Kruger National Park (KNP)'s managing executive, Abe Sibiya with 15 wh...more

KNP Recognises Staff Achievements

Hard work, going the extra mile and excellent performance were recognised at the Kruger National Park's glittering 10th achievement awards i...more

KNP Technical Services Personnel Receive NQF Certificates

Nine senior officials from the Kruger National Park technical services department recently completed their National Qualifications Framework...more

Koedoe Update

The latest articles published in Koedoe focus on vegetation and plant communities...more

Krazies in Kruger

We took these photos on the 1st of January as well as the 7th of January 2007. They drove into the field almost on top of the lions and the ...more

Krazies in Kruger

Kruger rangers, protection services personnel and traffic officials of the Kruger National Park will be on high alert this festive season an...more

Krazies in Kruger

We visited the park on Sunday, the 1st of May 2005 and found these people showing themselves outside their cars at a lion sighting on the Lo...more

Krazies in Kruger

We often visit Kruger Park and see people doing crazy things, but this time I decided to send you some photographic evidence...more

Krazies in Kruger

As a frequent visitor to the Park, plus reader of your newspaper I am always astounded by the photographs taken of people who blatantly diso...more

Krazies in Kruger - 22 March 2005

This photo was taken by my daughter Belinda in February 2005 at midday at Rhidondo Pan. In the car was my wife, my mother-in-law from Englan...more

Krazies in Kruger - 27 April 2005

I was recently visiting the Kruger National Park, staying at Satara.Whilst there we came across 11 hungry lions eating the remains of a Gira...more

Kruger Awards Top Achievers

For the ninth year in a row, the Kruger National Park rewarded its staff during the 2007 Achievement Awards Ceremony, which was held on Frid...more

Kruger Bids Farewell To Kobus Wentzel

Kobus Wentzel, regional ranger in the far north of the park, thanked friends and colleagues at a function to bid him farewell at Shingwedzi...more

Kruger buffalo kills suspected fish poacher

A buffalo killed a suspected fish poacher in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on February 21, 2012. The incident was reported to the Chief of ...more

Kruger Call Centre Handles Wide Variety of Calls

The Kruger Emergency Call Centre has now been up and running for just over a year. It receives around five calls a day, ranging from traffic...more

Kruger Celebrates Its Cultural Heritage

Kruger's soccer field was transformed on September 23, 2006 when the park celebrated Heritage Day. A huge map of the Kruger National Park wa...more

Kruger Clean-Up

The Central region of the Kruger National Park held a clean-up day on Friday, October 7, 2005. Teams targeted the roads between Nwanetsi, Ol...more

Kruger donates trees to spread greening message with youth

The Kruger National Park (KNP)'s managing executive, Abe Sibiya handed over 25 indigenous trees to the educators and pupils of Mjejane Prima...more

Kruger e-field Guide Creator Battles Cancer

Douw “Swannie” Swanepoel, former Kruger section ranger renowned for bringing computer-age technology to the ancient art of tracking and ...more

Kruger elephants head for Zululand Rhino Reserve

It was a very early start on Friday August 26, leaving Skukuza at 04:30, to capture two elephant bulls in the Crocodile Bridge section...more

Kruger Fire Raises a Storm

Park visitors came across severely burnt animals, notably rhino, and conveyed their horror to the media...more

Kruger Fishing Competition Gives Rise to More Tall Tales Than Fish

The Honorary Rangers (HR) of the Bushveld region hosted a fish- ing competition at the Reënvoël Dam in the Nxanatseni (South) region of th...more

Kruger gives soccer kit to school kids

The Kruger National Park (KNP)'s head of people and conservation, Helen Mmethi handed a complete soccer kit for school children to the sport...more

Kruger Gives Wings To a Passion For Birds

Geoff Lockwood has birding in his veins, and his fascination with birding began in the Kruger National Park (KNP). He first visited Kruger w...more

Kruger Gorge

The rehabilitation OF Massingir Dam could lead to the destruction of sections of The Olifants River gorge that has no parallels elsewhere in...more

Kruger Guides Spread Their Wings

The Kruger National Park is renowned for its birdwatching attractions and is regarded as one of the birding Edens of the country. With its l...more

Kruger hands over 400 boxes of books

Circuit managers from 12 school circuits bordering Kruger accepted 400 boxes of books donated by the Kruger National Park (KNP) and its part...more

Kruger Home To the Biggest Stick Insects

Should you happen to be wandering around a campsite in Kruger at night, direct your torch light into the trees – if your eyes are sharp en...more

Kruger Honours its Rangers

Rangers with 30 years and more service in the park received trees as a tribute on behalf of all KNP rangers. In a tribute to the Kruger Nati...more

Kruger Hosts Third Annual Corporate Golf Day

More than 100 golfers from both government and the private sector met on the fairways of Skukuza's picturesque golf course on Thursday Octob...more

Kruger Indigenous Games

Mopani district was the overall winner of this year's Limpopo indigenous games with 14 points followed by the Vhembe district with nine poin...more

Kruger Memory Photo Competition

Fatima Patel has won two nights for two at Wilderness Safaris Pafuri Camp in the far north of the Park. This stunning tented camp is located...more

Kruger National Park - Did you know

The Kruger National Park was first proclaimed in 1898 as the Sabie Game Reserve by the then president of the Transvaal Republic, Paul Kruger...more

Kruger National Park Field Rangers Strike called off

Kruger National Park Field Rangers' Strike called-off: at least 93 rhinos poached during the strike. The South African National Parks (SANPa...more

Kruger National Park Newsclips

It's War. Moving Kruger's Border so Hunters Can Kill. Sanparks Corrects Double Booking 2010. Kruger Park Land Claims. Archaeological Researc...more

Kruger National Park Rangers Diary

In nature there are many examples of animals that have adapted to the specific circumstances of their environment, but for an individual ani...more

Kruger National Park Rangers Diary - October 1955

Repairing fowl hook which the baboons had completely damaged. The septic tank at my quarters blocked and I had to open same, clean, and refi...more

Kruger National Park Steps Up Fight Against Poachers

With the appointment of 57 new field rangers, the Kruger National Park (KNP) is stepping up its crime fighting ability against the increasin...more

Kruger Objects to Development on Crocodile River

In November last year, the Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture Land Administration issued an instruction to stop all construction on an ext...more

Kruger Park 2005 to 2006 In Review

A total number of 1 243 4657 tourists visited the Kruger National Park during the 2005/6 financial year. According to the Sanparks 2005/6 an...more

Kruger Park Bees Under Threat From Parasites

In 1997 a deadly parasite entered South Africa, possibly sneaking into the country at Simonstad harbour in the Cape. Known as Varroa destruc...more

Kruger Park Butterflies

There are several butterflies that occur throughout the Kruger National Park and also many that occur throughout the year. Granted, these bu...more

Kruger Park Butterfly Wishlist

Some butterflies are regarded as quite rare and sometimes a first for a certain area, therefore the general public is asked to assist in spo...more

Kruger Park Changes Day Visitor Booking Policy

Day visitors to the Kruger National Park will no longer be able to book their entry as this will be done on a strict first come first served...more

Kruger Park Exit Permits

As at the end of October 2006, all guests leaving the Kruger National Park (KNP) must be in possession of a valid exit permit...more

Kruger Park field rangers strike enters week five

The Kruger National Park Field rangers have been on strike since February 3, 2012. Their labour union, Health and Other Service Personnel Tr...more

Kruger Park May Benefit From New Helicopter Ambulance

Anyone suffering an accident in the Kruger National Park (KNP) may soon find help close at hand, both from Kruger's new emergency call centr...more

Kruger Park Ranger Vists Japan

Vlakteplaas ranger Reckson Seane was invited to Japan to attend a course on Wildlife Conservation and Management for African countries with ...more

Kruger Park Rest Camp Architects

In 1984, van Riet and Louw architects were appointed to design a camp, later known as Berg-en-Dal...more

Kruger Park stands to be devastated by Climate Change

Up to two-thirds of the animal species in the Kruger National Park could become extinct if global temperatures increase at the current rate...more

Kruger Park Timeline

Kruger Park Timeline. A Complete History of Kruger National Park. 4000 BP Some of the baobabs still standing in the Kruger National Park (KN...more

Kruger Parks Rhino Go under The Hammer for Conservation

The Kruger National Park Veterinary Wildlife Services Unit has been busy catching rhino for one of its annual rhino auctions. Due to be held...more

Kruger Ranger Killed by his Namesake

A field ranger, Lance Corporal Wilson Ndlovu, was attacked and killed by an elephant while he was on normal patrol in the Stoltznek Section ...more

Kruger rangers in the spotlight

At just past 08h00 Punda Maria section ranger Thomas Mbokota called together his team of field rangers. A helicopter pilot had sighted a bak...more

Kruger reaches out to neighbours to help with clean-up

The Kruger National Park (KNP) is fighting for a cleaner environment hand in hand with the Thulamahashe Hluvukani Arcornhoek Taxi Associatio...more

Kruger Refines Management Plan

New legislation calls for conservation agencies like South African National Park to submit a comprehensive management plan to the minister o...more

Kruger Regions Compete In Sports Day

On September 2, 2006 the Kruger National Park held a funfilled sports day. Four staff teams competed against each other in touch rugby, voll...more

Kruger Regions Reward Achievers 2005 North and Central

Kruger Regions Reward Achievers 2005: North & Central. Outstanding Service In The Workplace And Outstanding Service To Customers...more

Kruger Scientist Gets on Top of Alien Plant Invasions Down Under

Alien invasive species are causing a headache for conservation managers around the world. Alien species are the cause of numerous problems f...more

Kruger Scientists in Addo National Park

Scientists and managers in the Kruger National Park are striving to use an adaptive management system, which allows for some changes in the ...more

Kruger scoops two PMR awards

The Executive Director of the Kruger National Park, Dr Bandile Mkhize, recently received two prestigious “Mpumalanga Leaders and Achievers...more

Kruger staff receive Kudu recognition

Dr Bandile Mkhize, director of Kruger, handed over SANParks Kudu and merit awards at a small function held in Skukuza on Friday August 5...more

Kruger to Canyons biosphere launch

The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere is due to be officially launched this month, forming part of the Limpopo activities to celebrate World Envir...more

Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Represented at World Congress in Spain

Debby Thomson, project coordinator for the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, attended the 3rd World Congress on Biospheres, hosted by UNESCO in t...more

Kruger Treasure Discovered

United Tobacco Company awarded its annual achievement awards for the northern region at a well organised function at the Letaba staff lapa l...more

Kruger Vets Help Capture Kalahari Wildcats

Since 2003 Marna Herbst, a PhD student from the Mammal Research Institute of the Department of Zoology and Entomology at the University of P...more

Kruger wins award

The Kruger National Park's (KNP) Road Construction team won the Vintage Category of the Armco Multiplate and Superspan Structures Awards thi...more

Kruger’s Creative Kiddie Neighbours Win Art Competition

South African National Parks recently announced the winners of the Morula Kids Art Competition, which attracted entries from around the coun...more

Kruger’s Management Works Towards Celebrating Wilderness

Last year the Kruger National Park (KNP) adopted the WMP, which was developed to provide a framework for the future management of wilderness...more

Kruger’s Rhino sell for over R1million

Last month the Kruger National Park sold 12 white rhino by public auction. The sale generated a gross income of R1.63 million, which South A...more

Kruger2Canyon Biosphere Biodiversity Survey

On November 6, budding conservationists, armed with pencils, clipping boards, data sheets and loads of enthusiasm...more

Kruger2Canyons Birding Route Launched

It is hoped that birders from all over the world will flock to the area thanks to the launch of the Kruger 2 Canyon Birding Route. The route...more

Krugers Baobabs Become Film Stars

A television production team recently visited the Kruger National Park to film the clash of the titans – the relationship between the park...more

Krugers big five LIVE on your laptop

A digital video camera was installed late last year at a waterhole just outside Orpen camp, and from its footage a picture is extracted ever...more

Krugers biggest tusker, Duke, dies of old age

One of the oldest tuskers in the Kruger National Park (KNP), Duke, died on October 1, 2011 seemingly of old age. Duke was identified as a ne...more

Krugers Crocodile Bridge And Gate Get a Facelift

The managing executive of the Kruger National Park (KNP), Abe Sibiya officially opened the new Crocodile Bridge and Gate facilities on Decem...more

Krugers CyberTracker Gets a Boost

Over R400 000 was raised to replace Kruger's ailing CyberTracker hardware with the new Fujitsu Siemens Pocket PC Loox N520 handheld device....more

Krugers Groundwater More Than Meets The Eye

For many people groundwater equates to boreholes making “unavailable and unused” water available for humans, animals and irrigation....more

Krugers Hidden Secrets

Kruger National Park is justly famous for its Big Five. Less well known is that Kruger represents a world-class laboratory for understandin...more

Krugers New Generation Tuskers

These are the magnificent elephant bulls (and a few cows) believed to be following in the footsteps of Kruger's Magnificent Seven...more

Krugers quest for Zero Waste

The Kruger National Park (KNP) is hoping to become a regional leader – in rubbish. A pilot project will be launched in the Phalaborwa regi...more

Krugers regions share 110th birthday celebrations with their neighbours

The Kruger National Park (KNP) began a three-week long celebration of its 110th birthday with a community celebration function at Phalaborwa...more

Krugers Role In Re-establishing South Africas Oxpecker Population

Hundreds of redbilled oxpeckers have been caught in the Kruger National Park for relocation to other parts of South Africa...more

Krugers Scientific Data On Demand

Sanparks Scientific Services has been involved with research on various topics in the Kruger National Park since the 1950s. These valuable r...more

Kudu Awards ceremony honours conservationists

The Kruger National Park (KNP) made an impressive showing at the inaugural award giving ceremony for the South African National Parks (Sanpa...more

Kuduzela Launched for SA Soccer Fans

A wind instrument in the shape of a kudu horn, the Kuduzela, has been launched in South Africa and is expected to become synonymous with foo...more

Kyoto Protocol

Conservation organisations around the world are hailing the signing of the Kyoto Protocol as the first step towards slowing down global warm...more

KZN Cotton Farmers At Centre Of GM Debate

The small-scale cotton farmers of the Makhatini Flats in KwaZulu-Natal are being used as examples by both seed giant Monsanto and green orga...more

KZN students come to Limpopo to hug trees

Towards the end of last year eight students from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban and Pietermaritzburg) stepped into a minibus to go ...more

Lake Natron faces renewed threat from soda ash mining

BirdLife has learnt that a Tanzanian Government Agency is seeking to buy mining equipment for large-scale soda ash extraction from Lake Natr...more

Lake Panic and Doispane Name Origins

Lake Panic, a small earthen dam 1,5km north-west of Skukuza, derives its name from the panic caused when the dam's newly built wall threaten...more

Land Claim Delays Declaration Of Blyde National Park

The declaration of the national park has been put on hold because of the land claim which the department of land affairs and environmental a...more

Land claims in Kruger

By December 31, 1998 almost 40 land claims had been lodged on land within the Kruger National Park. To date, the Makuleke claim in the Pafur...more

Land Repossessions Threaten Hundreds of Black Farmers

Hundreds of South Africa's emerging black commercial farmers could face eviction in the next few months because of their inability to servic...more

Large dams can affect local climates, alter rainfall

Researchers investigating how large dams can affect local climates say dams have the clear potential to drastically alter local rainfall in ...more

Large illegal ivory market in Britain

Britain has been fingered as the biggest ivory trader in Europe, and has the ninth largest ivory trade in the world. The Independent reports...more

Largest Elephant Contraception Exercise Begins

A total of 43 female elephants have received the first of three   immuno-contraceptive injections that will render them temporarily steril...more

Last invasive aliens felled

A joint venture between the Alien Invader Task Group (AITG) of the Honorary Rangers, the Alien Biota Section of Kruger and a People for Wild...more

LCA to conserve 20 million hectares of land in Africa

Leadership for Conservation in Africa (LCA) announced its plan to develop 20 million hectares of conservation land in Africa by 2020. Releas...more

Leadership For Conservation In Africa Launched

For the first time in history, African conservation and business leaders have a platform through which they can discuss matters of common in...more

Learn to Love Vultures or Lose Them

BirdLife Partners in Africa and elsewhere have joined with raptor conservation and research organisations around the world to call for an im...more

Learners Visit Vulture Restaurant

Talented learners from the Ba-Phalaborwa area is to visit the vulture restaurant on Grietjie...more

Learning from insects

Scientists now want to exploit insects' diversity to develop and test new medicines, new methods of pest control, new industrial enzymes and...more

Leaves Changing Colour

After a varied 'rainy season' where some areas have had reasonable rainfall, while others have had almost nothing, the leaves on many tree s...more

Leopard captured and put down

An old male leopard was captured in the Makoko village, about 10 kilometres south of the Numbi Gate of the Kruger National Park (KNP) on Jul...more

Leopard Catches Croc For Dinner

Nedick Bila, senior field guide at Shingwedzi Camp, and eight guests were treated to an exceptional sighting when they saw a leopard killing...more

Leopard caught in Phalaborwa

An injured and hungry leopard turned to catching cats and dogs in the south-eastern parts of Phalaborwa for her survival. This in turn alert...more

Leopard cruelly caught in snare

When Brian Jones and his team from Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre set out to rescue a snared leopard on Sunday, July 6, they were not sure...more

Leopard Forum Established

The leopard is considered to be the world's most persecuted big cat, but given its elusive nature information is hard to come by on what is ...more

Leopard killed by lions

This leopard was found during a bush walk in the Balule Private Nature Reserve. According to Brian Jones of Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre...more

Leopard shot in Letaba Camp

At around 21h00 on Monday evening, June 27, some Kruger staff saw a leopard walking past the Letaba Elephant Hall building in the Letaba Cam...more

Leopard working group formed

Farmers, game wardens, nature conservation officials, scientists, hunters and conservationists all met at the Southern AfricanWildlife Colle...more

Less Rhino Sold More Predators Moved To Smaller Reserves

2010 could hardly be labelled as a run-of-the-mill year for the SANParks Veterinary Wildlife Services (VWS) unit, especially with more than ...more

Let me Count the Ways

Let me count the ways in which two days of exploring previously unknown history, some extraordinary royal fetishes and truly magnificent wil...more

Let sleeping frogs lie

The grey tree frog - more commonly referred to as the foam nest frog - is the largest of our 'tree frogs', with females growing to a length ...more

Letaba Elephant Hall Closed For Renovations

The Elephant Hall at Letaba Main Camp in the Kruger National Park (KNP) is in the process of receiving a face-lift and will be closed for th...more

Letaba Elephant Statue in Protective Custody

Kirsty Redman, environmental interpretive education officer for the Kruger National Park (KNP), was at the Honorary Rangers' Indaba in Berg-...more

Letaba Hospitality Manager Retires

Gerty Carmichael, hospitality services manager at Letaba Camp, recently retired from her position with the Kruger National Park...more

Letaba icon returns

In May 2007 Letaba camp staff in the Kruger National Park (KNP) noticed the iconic statue in front of the elephant hall was in danger of col...more

Letaba Is Best Camp In Kruger Malelane Best Ranger Section

Malelane section was named best ranger station in the Kruger National Park for 2009/10. Section ranger...more

Letaba launches new accommodation units for bats

A new range of accommodation units was unveiled last week, as part of Letaba Rest Camp's ongoing Bat House Research Project...more

Letaba Staff Children Get To Know More About The World They Live In

The people and conservation staff at the Letaba Rest Camp have their work cut out for them during school holidays...more

Lets Give It Horns

To celebrate the anniversary of the first rhinos ever translocated in South Africa half a century ago, and in support of the fight against t...more

Letter from Reunion

We went and interviewed our class from secondary school in Terre Sainte, Saint Pierre, in Reunion Island. In May, we will participate in a t...more


Unfortunately one sees many incidents of people who just can't use common sense and don't understand the dangers associated with wild anima...more

Letters Letters Letters Letters

Breakdown in Kruger. Wonder From Waste. Impressed With Service at Letaba Rest Camp. Pesticide Used by Poachers. Pretoriuskop is Tops....more

Letters to the Editor

In response to the letter from Mrs C Nienaber ('Emergency Number', page 13, Issue 23), I would like to say that I feel the exact opposite wa...more

Letters to the editor

There are more and more visitors to the Kruger Park and adjacent lowveld wildlife areas who realize that the big and hairy are only part of ...more

Letters to the editor

I'm a very keen reader of KRUGER PARK TIMES and I'm very happy to have a subscription so that I won't miss an issue despite not being able t...more

Librarians Meet In Kruger To Launch Library Week

Delegates from libraries all over the country attended the official launch of Library Week 2008, which took place at the Skukuza Staff Villa...more

Lightning strikes another house

Lightning struck again during a heavy thunderstorm in Hoedspruit on January 23, setting fire to the thatched roof of a simplex unit in the r...more

Limpopo Atlas Of Rare Birds Being Compiled

An atlas of where the 'big six' rare birds have been seen and are known to breed in the Limpopo Province is being compiled...more

Limpopo Launches Greater Mapungubwe Heritage Route

“As we celebrate the launch of the Greater Mapungubwe Heritage Route, we urge citizens of Limpopo Province and beyond to explore the cultu...more

Limpopo leaves leopard hunters in the dark

Leopards in the Limpopo Province are in increased danger of being illegally killed as a result of the actions of the government department i...more

Limpopo National Park attract more overnight visitors

According to the Mozambique News Agency, AIM, the Limpopo National Park (LNP) generated US$200,000 revenue in 2011, which is 7.1 percent mor...more

Limpopo Province Proudly Home to SA's Two Biggest Trees

The Limpopo Province is the proud possessor of South Africa’s two largest trees, both of which are baobabs estimated to be well over ...more

Limpopo To Retract Advert For Cites Permits

The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (Ledet) intends to retract its recent advertisement explaining the p...more

Limpopo-Shashe Conservation Area Formally Agreed On

The middle of a dry riverbed is not the usual venue for a meeting of government ministers from three countries about to sign a landmark agre...more

Lion Attack - The Aftermath

10 October, Oom Paul's Birthday. We departed from Metsi Metsi camp on the Friday, not thinking much about dates and birthdays...more

Lion Breeders To Comment Jointly On New Laws

Lion breeders have gotten together in the wake of the publishing of draft regulations for the hunting industry and protected species...more

Lion Cannibalism Awes Trailists and Guides Alike

Lions are known to often kill nomad lions moving into the pride's territory, but feeding on her is a different matter. Cannibalism among lio...more

Lion Contraception Helps Solve Management Issues

To many game-viewing tourists, an African bush experience is not complete without a sighting of the king of beasts, the lion. This means tha...more

Lion Man Race

Jan Lambert of Pretoria won the grueling 80km Lion Man Mountain Bike Race in 3:25:32. The race took place at the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate ...more

Lion presents powerful environmental message

When local Addo resident, Janine Snyman, saw a young male lion with a beer bottle in his mouth, she could not ignore the environmental messa...more

Lion Researcher Dreams Of Primary Schools In Conflict Areas

The sayings “if it pays, it stays” and “wildlife must pay its way” have been used to justify a number of activities in the wildlife ...more

Lion shot after killing man

A man was killed and eaten by two lions in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on Thursday July 28, 2005. Rangers shot the male lion in their eff...more

Lioness and baboons

I had been following a white rhino track from near the water hole in the hopes of catching up and viewing him, but he seemed to be on a miss...more

Lions And Poachers Drive Game Farmer Out Of Province

Limpopo province's game farmer of the year, Piet Potgieter, is planning to move his game farming operation to the Free State, after being pl...more

Lions Benefit Form This Years Bike4Beasts MTB Challenge

The fourth Bike4Beasts MTB Challenge took place in the De Beers Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve on April 25 this year...more

Lions in the Village

During the early hours of Wednesday February 16, between five and seven lions decided to take a stroll down the main road through Skukuza vi...more

Lions Kill Suspect

Lions killed an alleged poacher in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on March 14, 2010...more

Lions maul suspected poachers

Rangers rescued two suspected rhino poachers who were mauled by lions in the Kruger National Park. The two men were hospitalised and charged...more

Lions Released In Karoo National Park After 170 Years Absence

Lions were released in Karoo National Park near Beaufort West on November 10, 2010 freely setting foot on the Karoo soil for the first time ...more

Lions surprise runners during marathon

This year's Skukuza Sterling Light Half Marathon produced a surprise for the runners – three lionesses directly in the path of the leading...more

Lions, Cheetahs and Wild Dogs most vulnerable African Carnivores

The conservation status of Africa's 20 largest carnivores has been reviewed in a document compiled by the Wildlife Conservation Society, wit...more

Living on the Edge

Ecologically speaking, on the edge of a vlei, on the edge of a forest, on the edge of a water body means that you are also on the edge of so...more

Lizard Classification

It is necessary to view our lizards in the context of all the species of reptiles that inhabit the world. The world's 6550 species of repti...more

Local environmental campaign teams up with online greenies

Indalo Yethu, South Africa's environmental awareness, activism and endorsement campaign, has formed a strategic partnership with the online ...more

Local is Lekker safaris in Kruger

Various Kruger National Park campsites have become home to a community-based safari initiative that will see field guides handpicked from th...more

Local operators get international perspective at tourism workshop

SA Tourism has had its share of transformation, and perhaps a touch of schizophrenia, for the last few years in finding the country's touris...more

Lodge Burns Down In Southern Kruger - January 2006

Just five days before Christmas two bangs, the second louder than the first, heralded the start of a fire which burnt the main building of t...more

Lodge group scoops international awards again

The Singita group has triumphed in this year's US Travel and Leisure World's Best Awards 2008, wining three awards...more

Longest record of climate change in Africa extracted

Oceanographers battled high winds and big waves while a ship-mounted drilling platform pulled up 623m of core samples from beneath the rolli...more

Longterm Kruger Park Vegetation Monitoring Project

Holger Eckhardt drives his bakkie down a degenerating dirt road, tyres rattling over rocky patches, guided by a precise set of instructions ...more

Loss Of Habitat Harm Evolutionary Diversity

A mathematically driven evolutionary snapshot of woody plants in four similar climates around the world has given scientists a fresh perspec...more

Love rhino, love life

Kruger National Park rangers and staff reach out to youth with anti-rhino poaching message. “Today we celebrate our heritage, our rhino an...more

Low cost carrier to begin flights from South Africa to Mombasa

One of South Africa's low- cost carrier's, 1-Time, will add Mombasa to their network by March 2012. The twice-a-week service to Mombasa will...more

Lower Sabie tent gutted

A fire broke out in one of the safari tents at Lower Sabie Rest Camp around 06h00 on October 11, 2011; completely burning down the tent...more

Lowveld celebrations and festivals

A sustainable living festival will take place in Hoedspruit from Thursday May 15, until Saturday May 17, 2008...more

Lowveld Legend Dies

The lowveld lost one of its legends on June 9, 2006 when colonel Jan Pretorius passed away at the age of 94. Pretorius was one of the founde...more

Lucas Radebe Appointed as 2010 Ambassador

Lucas Radebe was introduced by Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk, the Minister of Tourism, as South African Tourism's 2010 ambassador to the ...more

Lumukisa learners celebrate Earth Day

Learners from Lumukisa Primary School, Acornhoek, celebrated Earth Day with a play about how man has destroyed nature and what needs to be d...more
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