Kruger Celebrates Its Cultural Heritage

Kruger's soccer field was transformed on September 23, 2006 when the park celebrated Heritage Day. A huge map of the Kruger National Park was created out of rope on the soccer pitch and various displays were laid out, including Kruger's history, cultural games and food.

One of the main events on the day was the traditional dancing display. The event was opened by William Mabasa, Kruger's head of communications, who acted as master of ceremonies throughout the day.

KNP's executive director, Dr Bandile Mkhize, said in his welcoming address that the various cultural heritage sites scattered throughout the park are one of the sometimes forgotten reasons why people hold Kruger close to their hearts.

He reminded those present that Kruger is responsible for conserving more than 500 cultural and heritage sites for future generations, saying that it is not only important to know about one's own culture but also to understand the culture of other groups.

He concluded by saying that he hoped that each and everyone attending would learn something about the KNP, either through one of the events in Sanparks Week and cultural Heritage Day, or just by travelling through the park on their way home. Those attending the Heritage Day celebrations learnt more about the history of the land that now forms the Kruger National Park from the keynote address given by provincial heritage manager, Neo January. After this, a number of traditional games got underway.

Cultural Heritage Sites in Kruger National Park

There are approximately 254 known cultural heritage sites in the Kruger National Park, including approximately 130 recorded rock art sites. ...more
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