Kruger Park Travel Guide

A travel guide to the best times to visit Kruger Park, compare accommodation types, what to pack for your safari and other useful tips for travelling to Kruger National Park.

Accommodation Types

The Kruger National Parks offers a variety of accommodation types to choose from; catering for every kind of traveler. What Types of Accommodation are in Kruger Park? Learn more in our Kruger Park Accommodation Guide

Best Time to Visit Kruger Park

Game-viewing in Kruger National Park is best in winter but some visitors prefer the lush vegetation of the summer months. Find out when is the best time to visit Kruger National Park?

Children on Safari

Advice on taking young children to Kruger Park on a safari family holiday in Kruger National Park. Best self-drive routes, activities, family-friendly safari package holidays and accommodation for children on safari

Conservation Fees

Every visitor to the Kruger National Park will pay a conservation fee for every day spent inside the Park. See the latest daily Kruger Park conservation fees for adults and children.

Compare Accommodation

Compare safari lodges inside Kruger National Park, private lodges in Greater Kruger Park and other accommodation surrounding the park. Compare Kruger Park Accommodation

Compare Game Viewing

This great safari destination caters for every kind of traveller wanting to experience the thrill of seeing African wildlife. Compare game viewing experiences in the Kruger National Park.

Code of Conduct

Read about The National Parks Board Act No. 47 - Code of Conduct in Kruger Park. Learn all the common offences to avoid and rules to keep while on your safari holiday.

Day Visitors Information

Day visitors are welcome in the Kruger National Park. Learn more about Kruger Park Day Visitors Information including gate opening and closing times and the best picnic sites.

Entrance Gates

This help guide to the Entrance Gates of Kruger National Park includes info on the Southern, Central and Northern entrance gates, as well as gate opening and closing times.

Getting To Kruger

Whether you wish to fly or drive to Kruger Park, Siyabona Africa will get you there. Fly in on a commercial line or by private charter, or, make your trip by car or 4x4 SUV. Getting To Kruger

Disabled Traveller

Information for the Disabled Traveller in Kruger Park. Read a summary of Kruger National Park accommodation with accessible facilities, activities, transport and tours.

Enabled Safari

Wheelchair-friendly accommodation and enabled safaris for the disabled traveller in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Information for the disabled traveller visiting Kruger Park.

Golfing in Kruger Park

If you are a golf enthusiast, then treat yourself to a few rounds at the spectacular Skukuza Golf Course in Kruger National Park. Learn more about golfing in Kruger Park

Guided Game Drives

Informative and interesting guided game drives are conducted by experienced safari guides and are offered at private lodges or can be booked for day visitors to the Kruger Park.

4x4 Adventure Trails

Enjoy a great one-day adventure exploring African wildlife and bush landscape on one of these Kruger Park 4x4 Trails. Self-drive safaris for the 4x4 off-road enthusiast made easy.

Exit Permits

As of October 2006, a Kruger Park Exit Permit has been introduced. All guests of the South African National Parks must be in possession of a valid exit permit when exiting any National Park.

Birding in Kruger Park

A guide to Kruger National Park birds and the best birding in Kruger National Park. Generally, camps and waterholes are the best places for bird-watching.

Photographic Safari

This Kruger Park photography guide suggests the best locations and routes for photography in this national park. Enjoy a photographic safari and take amazing wildlife and birding pictures.

Stargazing in Kruger Park

One of the joys of Kruger is to be able to study the night sky without the interference of city lights. Learn more about astronomy and Stargazing in Kruger Park

Open Game Vehicle Safari

Walking and self-drive safaris are great for wildlife viewing, but for the real up close and personal experience, the open safari vehicle takes a lot of beating.

Private Luxury Safari Lodges

This selection of Kruger Park private game lodges is for the discerning traveler. It showcases the best that Kruger Park offers. Style, elegance, service, and above all, privacy are the priority.

Popular Safaris

Discover some of our most popular luxury, honeymoon and family safaris in Kruger National Park. All our safaris can be tailor-made for you. See Popular South Africa Safaris

Restaurant Guide

Restaurant and dining facilities at the standard self-catering rest camps. Enjoy dinner at a restaurant or experience a bush braai. Learn more in our Kruger Park Restaurant Guide

Self-Drive Guide

A self-drive safari gives you the freedom to plan for your own interests and move at your own pace. Read more about routes and driving tips in our Kruger Park self-drive safari guide

What to Pack

Is it your first time going on safari in South Africa? Are you unsure what to pack? This is our guide to what you need to pack on safari in the Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park - South African Safari