Cats Tail

Uses : The inflorescence is sometimes used in flower arrangements. Due to the few leaves, it is seldom grazed. It is sometimes a weed in dis...more

Common Finger Grass

Length up to 1.8 m. Tufted perennial with 14 mm leaf blades. An inflorescence with 3 to 15 spikes, in one or two whorls, can be seen at the ...more

Cord Grass

Cord Grass I common in North and South America, parts of Europe and on the coast of West Africa but is thought to be an alien in Southern Af...more

Creeping Bristle Grass

The Creeping Bristle Grass grows up to a height of 0,5 m. A short, perennial creeping grass, or sometimes a tufted grass. Rhizomes are shor...more

Curly Leaf

Length up to 1 m. The Broad Curly Leaf is a perennial grass. Dry leaves are open and curled. Inflorescence is a panicle with the lower bran...more

Fine Thatching Grass

Length up to 2 m tall. Fine Thatching Grass is a perennial grass. Utilization of this grass is by all tall-grass feeders. Pairs of raceme h...more

Foxtail Buffalo Grass

Length up to 1 m. Tufted perennial with 8 mm leaf blades. Inflorescence is a dense cylindrical spike. This type of grass is palatable and i...more

Guinea Grass

Guinea grass is a tufted perennial with 30 mm leaf blades. The inflorescence is an open panicle. The grass Is highly palatable and favoured ...more

LM Grass, Berea Grass

LM Grass is a creeping perennial grass which thrives in shade and is the most popular lawn grass in south African gardens. The inflorescence...more

Narrow Leaved Turpentine Grass

Tufted perennial with 2 - 5 mm leaf blades. The inflorescence is a false panicle of up to eight paired spikes. The Narrow Turpentine Grass ...more

Nine Awned Grass

Length up to 1 m. The leaves and culms are covered with dense, velvety hairs. The inflorescence is a dense, hairy panicle leading to a sharp...more

Red Grass, Rooi Gras

Length up to 1,5 m.A tufted perennial with 8 mm leaf blades. The inflorescence is a false panicle of drooping, V-shaped spikes. The grass is...more

Spear Grass

Length up to 1 m. Spear Grass is a perennial and quite a fast-growing grass. Utilization is by most grazers. Inflorescence a single green r...more

Stinking Grass

A perennial tufted grass with a spreading, shrub-like growth form (not erect). The leaves and inflorescences are aromatic when crushed. The ...more

Vlei Bristle Grass

Vlei Bristle Grass is densely perennial tufted grass with short, thick rhizomes. Inflorescence is a dense, spike-like panicle, often with a ...more

Yellow Thatching Grass

Tall, tufted perennial with 12 mm leaf blades. Length up to 3 m. Inflorescence are purplish-red with yellow awns. Leaf sheath has prominent ...more
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