Elephant Causes Excitement

© Shem Compion

Great excitement was caused on October 26, 2005 at around 14h00 when an elephant bull wandered through the KNP's Corporate and Scientific Services office complex at Skukuza.

After blocking the access road for a while, and causing a considerable traffic jam as people returned to work after their lunch break, the elephant ambled in the direction of one of the covered parking areas.

There, it fed off a few trees, before heading in the direction of one of Scientific Service's temporary office buildings. After causing great excitement among the researchers working in this building, it strode towards the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services building, where it barely missed the PR Department secretary's VW Polo, before spying an impala lily plant in the garden and uprooting it completely.

It then proceeded into the garden area in front of the Corporate Office block and, again, fed on a number of trees before heading back into the bush. Considering the closeness of the elephant to a number of cars and buildings, there were a fair number of very relieved faces that returned to their offices. "I suppose this is what makes living and working in a place as special as the Kruger National Park even more special," one worker was heard to say afterwards.

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