Krazies in Kruger

Do Something About The Krazies

As a frequent visitor to the Park, plus reader of your Kruger Park Times newspaper I am always astounded by the photographs taken of people who blatantly disobey the rules by venturing out of their vehicles.

Please inform us readers as to:

  • Whether or not any of these offenders ever get caught and fined
  • Do owners of vehicles whose pictures appear in the newspaper ever get contacted and warned
  • Can they not be reported by other visitors and stopped at the exit gates ? Obviously the Park is not doing enough to inform and warn people of the rules - for their own safety

Soz Henning

Kruger's Answer

The photographs that appear in the Kruger Park Times play a huge role in educating people to the rules and regulations of the Park. Unfortunately we cannot issue a fine to the perpetrators on the strength of the photograph alone (as there is often no proof that the individual photograph was taken in the Kruger) but we do trust that people who see their photographs published do realise the error in their ways and refrain from such activity.

Visitors are warned of the rules and regulations on a number of occasions. The rules are clearly expressed on the permit that guests receive at the gates and on big brown boards found at every entrance and camp gate. In addition to that, there are both media and marketing campaigns that regularly run during peak tourism periods that are aimed at building awareness.

The avenue open to loyal visitors is to immediately report the incident to the KNP Emergency Call Centre number 013 735 4325 who can alert the closest law enforcement officer to the scene of the incident.
Kind regards
Raymond Travers, KNP spokesperson

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