Fighting for a Clean Kruger

"Taking ownership of the park's wellbeing" trickled through as the fundamental theme of the 2011 Keep Kruger Clean Campaign which took place at the KNP's Kruger Gate.

The campaign brought together (Kruger National Park) KNP staff members, business associates, learners from Skukuza Primary School and the media who joined hands for a common purpose, to fight for a litter free Kruger.

"The impact of animals when they have swallowed plastic or any other kind of litter is like putting a snare around them.

Some of these animals die when litter gets stuck inside their stomach and if a wound of an animal that has stepped on broken glass becomes septic, it will eventually die", explained Lucy Nhlapo, the head of department tourism and marketing.

Total SA, has been a main sponsor since the inception of the campaign. Marketing manager, Reina Cullinan said "as a petroleum company we have always been steadfast in our approach to dispel the notion that we are destroyers of the environment by ploughing back into the very environment that we take from.

Not only are we the petroleum provider through our service stations in all the national parks, but we have always actively endorsed their environmental conservation initiatives", she continued as she explained why litter is bad.

The campaign has champions within the KNP who are involved with various initiatives in an attempt to ensure that the Park is litter free. In 2008, young people from the communities around the park called the "Steenboks" were also identified to carry the message of Keep Kruger Clean to everyone that enters the park and to their communities.

The Steenboks, who work voluntarily, work hand in hand with the KNP champions and their term of office is two years after which they graduate to become Junior Honorary Rangers.

Littering in the park is also an offence and anyone found littering in the park can receive a spot fine of up to R1 500 if caught by an official or law enforcement officer.

"People should change their perception about litter; the notion that "litter can create jobs" should not find space in the modern life that we live in today. It therefore gives me pleasure to see the various sectors of society putting their weight together in support of this campaign; we would like to urge every member of our society to make a commitment to "Keep the Kruger Clean"; concluded Nhlapo.

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