Planning your Safari. Best Times to Visit, What to Pack and Malaria Precautions

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Frequently asked questions from our guests are about the best time to visit Kruger Park, getting to and around the park, packing for a safari, conservation fees and malaria precautions.

Answers to all of these are contained in the following

Help on General Questions

These are some of our guests most frequently asked questions about travelling in Kruger National Park, including health and safety, conservation fees...more

Help on Private Lodge Safaris

In this guide you will find helpful information with regard to staying in a Private Game Lodge in the Kruger Park on a Guided Safari...more

Help on Self-Drive Safari

In this section there is help and guidance for self-drive visitors on safari in Kruger Park. You will find information on how to go about it and what...more

Planning Your Kruger Park Holiday

This guide to Help on Planning your safari to Kruger Park offers information on the best time to visit, getting there, most suitable safari options and...more
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