Letters to Kruger National Park

Breakdown in Kruger Great Assistance

I am writing to you about our experience and mishap when we had this breakdown in the Kruger Park.

At least once a year we visit the Park, and enjoy every minute while driving around, but never had such bad luck. As they always say, there is always a first time for everything. Maybe you like to print that in your news paper, to show other people, what can happen.

The problem is getting SPARE PARTS in South Africa. There is an Opel dealer in Nelspruit, but he did not had a oil sump for us. He had to order it from Johannesburg, so to get my husband home, I arranged the spare part in Joburg and travelled myself forward and backward to have the car running again and get my husband home. He would have had to wait at least a week, if not more.

The sad part was that while my husband was stuck in Skukuza, he could not even get out and see any animals. But do not worry, we will be back!

Thanks for reading my letter, my thanks go as I mentioned in the attachment to the wonderful people in Lower Sabie, theManager was very helpful, and also the Shangaan Ranger, unfortunately I have forgotten his name, he drove us late back to the Crocodile Gate.The Park has wonderful people working there. Kind Regards, Heidi Hasenkopf

Response from Laura Mukhwevo, customer relations at Kruger National Park:

We acknowledge receipt of your letter (attached) and email below regarding your recent visit to the KNP. Thank you for taking time to write us such feedback; we deeply regret the mishap you had on the road and for all the inconveniences suffered as a result.

It is also wonderful to receive such positive feedback about our staff members; thank you for such comments following your experience of courteous service offering. We are proud to be associated with staff members who go an extra mile to exceed guests' expectations and are glad they were there to assist; they are assets in the organization.

Your compliment was relayed to all staff concerned so that they can continue to maintain that service standard. It is acknowledgements like these which will spur one to greater excellence and on behalf of KNP Management; please allow me to express my gratitude in a humble way for such recognition. Once again thank you for bringing the matter to our attention; we wish you memorable visits to the KNP.

Wonder From Waste

While on vacation in the Kruger National Park in May this year, we met Makhadzi Picnic Spot attendant, Josef Krokedil. Josef keeps the picnic spot clean and tends to visitors' thirst and braai equipment needs. He crafts the most beautiful flowers from all discarded cold drink cans.

The place is an oasis and we would like to encourage visitors to stop here for a breather and perhaps, a bite, before further exploring God's creation. Abraham and Davina Pretorius, Secunda

Impressed With Service at Letaba Rest Camp

On out recent visit to the Kruger National Park we noticed how helpful and committed the staff at Letaba Rest Camp go about their day to day activities. Their conduct is indeed a proud example to local and international visitors. The Camp is neat with SANPArks staff cleaning and doing maintenance every day. Abraham Pretorius, Secunda

Pesticide Used by Poachers

Please take to heart the severity of the below information and forward this information to as many of your friends and colleagues who work in the farming and pesticide fields. Furadan, a pesticide used in the agricultural industry, is being used by poachers in Africa to poison fish and wildlife. Poachers put the poison in rivers to kill fish and hippo's. This poison is also being taken up by birds and other predators as well as grazers, all dying as a result.

I assume the poison has no or little effect on humans that ingest the meat of the poisoned animals but the poison itself has a profound effect on the animals that eat it. Furadan is manufactured by FMC in the USA but the authorities there have put a ban on its use in the USA and now it's being dumped in Africa. It has been established that 25 wild dogs have already died in Zimbabwe as a result of Furadan poisoning.

Dereck Joubert of the National Georaphic Society has confirmed that Furadan is being used by fish and wildlife poachers in Botswana and Zambia. It has also been confirmed that the product is being sold in Kenya and Tanzania. It has not been established yet whether Furadan is easily available and being sold here in Zimbabwe or whether our poachers are buying this product across our borders.

If anyone has information as to companies here in Zimbabwe that are selling this product please can you provide us with that information so that we can contact those companies to advise them of its misuse. Many Thanks, Dirk Nel, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Pretoriuskop is Tops

In December 2008 we were residents at Pretoriuskop Rest Camp. One morning we noticed an impala calf on the outside of the camp fence and its mother on the inside.

How this happened we do not know. The calf could only have been a few days old They were both frantically running up and down alongside the fence. The mother was stamping and snorting continuously. A most upsetting situation.

We then went out on a game drive. My husband reassured me that the mother would somehow get to the calf. On returning to the camp at about 14h00 the situation had not changed, but worsened. The calf was laying down weakly and exhausted and the mother was still running up and down against the fence. What do you do?

I then said to my husband I am going to reception to report the matter. he was most apprehensive, saying they were camp staff, not game rangers. But I still went. At the reception I was introduced to the camp manager, Margaret JOnes and assistant manager, Philip Mkhabela. On explaining the situation to them, without hesitation they accompanied me to the fence. They then started to herd the impala mother towards the gate. This was easier said than done. They had to herd the mother and make sure the calf move with her.

This took about two hours and eventually calf and mother re-united. We were all so relieved. I have written this note to thank Margaret and Philip for 'going the extra mile'. Thanks again and keep up the good work. And thank you for caring. Best regards, Rina Bell, Boksburg

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