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White Lion Tourism Underway Despite Lack of Legal Compliance

The Global White Lion Protection Trust (GWLPT) still has no holding permit for the white lions it imported to an area adjacent the Greater K...more

White Lions Reappear In The Wild

Two white lion cubs have been spotted frolicking in a dry riverbed in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve with their tawny mother...more

White Lions Return To Lowveld

Two weeks ago the Global White Lion Protection Trust (GWLPT) translocated four white lions from Sanbona in the Western Cape to their new hom...more

White rhinos and termites too offer hope for future biodiversity

Day three, Wednesday 23 April 2008, of the 2008 Annual Science Network Meeting offered interesting perspectives on why white rhinos and term...more

Who will fix Kruger’s fences in future

The fate of the hundreds of kilometres of the Kruger National Park's western boundary fence is under review. High-level executives, includin...more

Why Animals Behave The Way They Do

The way animals use colour in their daily communication provide a basis for very interesting observation...more

Why Do Dew Drops Do What They Do on Leaves

To save energy. The answer is based on the fundamental principle of free energy, that everything in nature seeks the lowest possible energy ...more

Why do hippos open their mouths so wide?

Given their diet, why do hippos have to be able to open their mouths so wide, asks Cedric Dallas from Stellenbosch?...more

Why Do People Visit The Kruger National Park

According to a seven-year study, from 2001 to 2007, about 80 percent of Kruger's visitors is from South Africa and 70 percent is Afrikaans...more

Why Female Water Buffalo Have Horns Impala Do Not

The reason some female hoofed animals have horns while others do not has long puzzled evolutionary biologists, even the great Charles Darwin...more

Why People Visit Parks? Do the Answers Matter to Management?

An article, published by Koedoe, which highlights the extent to which socio-demographic and behavioural and motivational indicators influenc...more

Why The Leopard Got Its Spots

Why The Leopard Got Its Spots. Why do leopards have rosette shaped markings but tigers have stripes? Rudyard Kipling suggested that it was b...more

Why Wetlands Matter

About half of South Africa's wetlands have already been destroyed or converted through draining, the building of dams, incorrect burning and...more

Widespread and Substantial Declines in Wildlife in Kenyas Masai Mara

Monthly surveys over 15 years link surge in human settlements near Mara Reserve with large losses of wildlife that have made Kenya a popular...more

Wild About Soccer In BaPhalaborwa

The Dreamfields “Wild about Soccer' project has been running for some time in the Kruger National Park in Skukuza and Punda Maria...more

Wild Cat facts

65-day gestation period. Female gives birth to two or three kittens. The young suckle for approximately one month and accompany their mother...more

Wild dog and cheetah census prizes awarded

Twelve lucky winners were awarded a variety of fantastic prizes at the Endangered Wildlife Trust's headquarters in Johannesburg on June 30, ...more

Wild dogs den up in Balule

Seven wild dogs that were released into greater Kruger at the beginning of May have now chosen a den site about three kilometres from where ...more

Wild Dogs to be Released into Balule

Seven wild dogs are due to be released into the Balule Private Nature Reserve, ad- joining the Greater Kruger National Park, in the next few...more

Wild Elephants Respond To Vibrations In The Earth

Elephants will respond to signals transmitted through the earth without a sound whispering through the air. This has been shown by a team of...more

Wildebeest get a helping hand in Greater Kruger

The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, part of the Associated Private Nature Reserves adjoining Kruger National Park, has just released 50 wil...more


'Wilderness' has different meanings for different people. To some it is a physical area, while for others it is a psychological 'place' or s...more

Wilderness Trails To Be Expanded By Foundation

The Wilderness Foundation and the Wilderness Leadership School, founded in the 1950s by conservation legend Dr Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombe...more

Wildlife and African folklore

Many African tribes had a tradition regarding wild creatures. Certain birds and animals were given the status of protected creatures because...more

Wildlife and Soccer

What does the Soccer World Cup and biodiversity have in common? This is the challenge SANParks has put to the country's children...more

Wildlife As a Source for Livestock Infections

A bacterium possibly linked to Crohn's disease could be lurking in wild animals...more

Wildlife Books

If you are a wildlife and nature lover who enjoys reading about first hand experiences, two books published by CC Africa may be worth adding...more

Wildlife College Graduation Highlights Best Students

This year, the ladies showed the way at the Southern African Wildlife College graduation with Esther Sibanda from Zimbabwe the proud recipie...more

Wildlife College Students Graduate

This year's Southern African Wildlife College Graduation ceremony celebrated 20 students receiving natural resource certificates and 22 stud...more

Wildlife Enforcement Task Force to Protect Elephants and Rhinos

The Ivory and Rhinoceros Enforcement Task Force of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITE...more

Wildlife Fund present loan vehicle to Traffic

“TRAFFIC extends its sincere thanks to the Mazda Wildlife Fund for your 20 years of support: you have, quite literally, been the driving f...more

Wildlife Presenter Searches For Deadly Lowveld Inhabitants

Director James Brickell and his crew recently filmed parts of a new children's wildlife documentary for the BBC in the lowveld...more

Wildlife trade regulation needed more than ever

From medicine to musical instruments and from fashion and beauty products to delicacies, wildlife items in trade must be properly regulated...more

Will Kruger Lose Its Last River Gorge

The Kruger National Park has one last remaining unspoilt gorge left on a perennial river, and this pristine gorge is increasingly coming und...more

Will policy makers listen to the world’s scientists

The world has been warned time and again about the potential harm man is doing to ecosystems around the world. Now 1,360 scientists from 95 ...more

Will Three Million Swallows Outweigh The 2010 World Cup

Millions of swallows making the journey from Europe to South Africa may have a surprise in store in a few years time – their winter home m...more

Winter Camp Lights Fires In Phalaborwa Learners

Twelve high school learners from the Phalaborwa region have developed an extra dose of enthusiasm for entering a career in the sciences afte...more

Winter Food

We tend to think of the warm, rainy season as a time of food production and the cooler, dry 'winter' as the period when natural food sources...more

With a Little Help from Our Ancient Friends

Ancient humans may not have had the luxury of updating their Facebook status, but social networks were nevertheless an essential component o...more

With Words And Images, A Couple Brings the Wild To The World

Currently living in Hoedspruit, Adrian Bailey and his wife Robyn Keene-Young havedocumented private moments in the life of many African anim...more

Women in water rewarded

National Water Week kicked off with the presentation of the Women in Water Awards at the Presidential Guesthouse on March 18, 2005. At the c...more

Wood carvings used to attract cranes to bird watching site

Bird- Life South Africa now lures cranes to its winter feeding site using life-size wooden decoys. Maize grain is put out regularly for the ...more

Working on how to feed the world in 2050

Could the world go through another food crisis on a scale similar to the one in 2007/08? “Never say never again'”, was the general conse...more

Workshop Broadens Science Teachers’ Horizons

Thirteen teachers from schools in and around Phalaborwa met at Letaba Camp in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on February 18, 2006 to take pa...more

World conservation loses benefactor

A driving force behind the creation of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES...more

World Environment Day celebrated at all national parks

Employees at SANParks joined their conservation colleagues across the globe to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, which was celebrat...more

World fails to meet biodiversity loss targets

The Global Biodiversity Outlook is published every four years and is the product of close collaboration between the...more

World Malaria Report 2013 Fact Sheet

Updated info on Malaria statistics and a travelling precautions guide for visiting Kruger National Park...more

World Rhino Day celebrates five rhino species

“World Rhino Day is an opportunity to highlight the efforts being made to fight the scourge of rhino poaching around the world and to debu...more

World Water Day 22 March 2005

In 1998 South Africa passed a new National Water Act. This act was hailed internationally as an innovative approach to water management, as ...more

Wrestling a Crocodile For a Friend

It has been almost 30 years since the day Louis Olivier and Hans Kolver fought an enormous crocodile for the life of their friend and collea...more

Yako In Durban Environmental Management Inspectors Is On Track

On November 1, 2005, when the new Protected Areas Act came into effect, more
than 600 Sanparks environmental management inspectors (EMI...more

Yellow Tags Successful In Re-Sighting Poisoned Vultures

The wildlife poisoning incident that occurred outside Hoedspruit last October is now providing valuable information on Vulture movements and...more

You Are What You Eat

In the past couple of letters we have dealt with external mouth features and digestion. In this final letter on this subject we look at some...more

You Are What You Eat

The external features of animal 'mouths' are the most easily observed and the best field indicators of eating habits. Focus will be on size ...more

You Are What You Eat - Animal Digestion

What animals eat will indicate their main function among the diversity of species. Mouth structures have evolved to cope with the main diet ...more

Young Artist Wins Kruger to Kasies Competition

The Kruger National Park's (KNP) outreach project “Take Kruger to 'Kasies” was officially launched on January 20, 2006 at Mkhuhlu Shoppi...more

Young conservationists back the bats at Letaba

A group of Junior Honorary Rangers from the Bushveld Region spent four days last week at Letaba rest camp, Kruger National Park, making a ha...more

Young minds explore the Environment

Armed with a sponsored 'goodie' bag filled with T-Shirt, cap, waterbottle and pencil case, about 500 learners from 10 schools, some having n...more

Young neighbours discover Kruger treasures

What better way to celebrate world environment day than through first hand exploration of earth's treasures in the Kruger National Park (KNP...more

Young Neighbours Learn More About Kruger

To be like a child again or one day, to experience the Kruger National Park (KNP) the way a child would, learning about animals and their ha...more

Young Trackers Excell With Cybertracker

Two young people from the Hoedspruit area became the youngest to achieve a tracking qualification during a tracking evaluation held at...more

Youth Day in Kruger

Kids in Kruger celebrated Youth Day by inviting young people from neighbouring communities to a day of song and dance. Several entertaining ...more

Youths Get Tourism Training in Giyani

The Mopani District Municipality, comprising the Giyani, Tzaneen, Letaba and Phalaborwa regions, is preparing itself to enter the tourism ar...more

Zebras vs. cattle - Not so black and white

African ranchers often prefer to keep wild grazers like zebras off the grass that fattens their cattle. But a new study by Kenyan and Univer...more

Zimbabwe Auctions Big Game Hunts

Zimbabwe has held an auction for big game hunters, offering a variety of trophy 'bags', and raising US$1.5 million in the process, ostensibl...more

Zimbabwe de horns rhinos to curb poaching

The Zimbabwe government has launched a massive exercise to dehorn rhinoceroses so that these animals do not have any value for poachers...more

Zuma supports green economy

South African president Jacob Zuma supports calls for green technologies and industries that will ensure the country responds to...more
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