Letter from Reunion Island

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We went and interviewed our class from secondary school in Terre Sainte, Saint Pierre, in Reunion Island. In May, we will participate in a trip to South Africa.

We chose this country because we are interested in the animals and in the history of the country. We want to discover the animals which don't exist on our island.

The Kruger Park will allow us to see these animals. We want to know their habits and their meals. This trip will help us to improve our geography and English language. But there are some fears regarding the animals.

Examples: lions, snakes, etc... The animals we'd like to see are lions, zebras, and baboons. We are also worried about the experience to speak a different language.

We expect to see the animals in their environment and to be shocked by the poverty in the country. But we want to see life different than our life. This is why we want to discover South Africa and Kruger Park!

Laura and Ludivine 

Editor's note
This letter was written by two French-speaking children from Reunion Island. Their class is currently corresponding with South African WESSA/WWF Eco-Schools located in the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Reserve. The letter depicts the children's expectations about an upcoming trip to the Kruger National Park in May 2008.

By Laura and Ludivine

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