Grietjie Vulture Restaurant Appeals for Funding

The vulture restaurant in the Grietjie Private Nature Reserve near Phalaborwa had some tree damage over Christmas after 150mm rains fell in the area.

A very large Knobthorn tree, Acacia nigrescens, fell halfway along the walkway.

"This used to be a favoured perch for the birds before coming down to enjoy their food. Sadly this old tree fell over and has caused extensive damage to the walkway," said Ian Owtram, one of the owners at Grietjie.

Owtram is appealing for funds to repair the walkway as the restaurant, which relies almost entirely on entrance fees (R30/person) for income generation.

"The vulture restaurant normally opens on a Saturday, and on some days we can expect to see up to 150 birds coming down to enjoy whatever food has been put down. We are forever grateful to the local abattoir who continues to donate carcasses on a regular basis."

If anyone wants to know more about the project or to make enquiries about opening times feel free to contact Ian Owtram on 083 2868281 or email on

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