Letaba Elephant Hall Closed For Renovations

© Roger de la Harpe

The Elephant Hall at Letaba Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park (KNP) is in the process of receiving a face-lift and will be closed for the next few weeks. At present, the Letaba Elephant Hall houses the skulls and ivory of six of the original seven of the KNP's legendary Magnificent Seven elephants, as well as displays on how elephants evolved as a species.

"We would like to make this facility even better," said Mr Ben van Eeden, the regional manager for the Northern Business Unit, "but it has become necessary to close the hall for at least a month while work is in progress."

Apart from a new coat of paint and general maintenance, the Hall will receive the tusks of Mandleve, the largest ivory-carrying elephant yet recorded in the KNP. He died of natural causes in 1993, a full elephant skeleton will be mounted in the museum. Added to this is the introduction of large murals, which were prepared especially for the hall.

"We realise that many of our guests that visit Letaba during February will be disappointed not to see this facility, but would like to assure that the new-look Hall will be much better than the present one," added Mr Van Eeden.

Rotary International sponsored funding to make the Mandleve tusk display and the Bushveld Region Honorary Rangers provided the funding for the full elephant skeleton display. The Hall will be re-opened to the public by the beginning of March.

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