Host Countries Set Up Troika

The Governments of Denmark, Mexico and South Africa - hosting COP15, COP16 and COP17, respectively- have estabished a Troika that facilitates close cooperation by the three Governments on the ongoing climate change negotiations under the UNFCCC.

This cooperation aims at providing continuity and strengthening the ongoing climate negotiations by providing leadership and guidance in the negotiation process.

In light of the serious climate challenges facing the world, the Troika is calling upon all parties to contribute to the achievement of substantive progress during the upcoming COP16 in Cancun, Mexico.

The Troika believes that through joint effort and renewed commitment in the negotiations, a broad and balanced package of decisions could be agreed upon at COP16. This will lead to immediate action, and beyond the meeting.

The Troika urged parties from developed countries to deliver on their pledges made in Copenhagen on fast-start financing and put forward concrete actions.

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