Leopard Catches Crocodile for Dinner

Nedick Bila, senior field guide at Shingwedzi Camp, and eight guests were treated to an exceptional sighting when they saw a leopard killing a crocodile at Shingwedzi high level bridge.The group was on a sunset drive on February 18, when they happened upon the crocodile and the leopard in a face-off. "But," says Nedick, "the croc was away from the water and it looked like it was hunting and had just met with the leopard by chance. The croc tried to jump to attack the leopard and the leopard turned around the croc from the back and killed it. The leopard then pulled the croc into the bush to enjoy a nice dinner." The encounter happened at around 19h35.Although this is not a comĀ¬mon occurrence, Andrew Desmet, Kruger's manager for park activities and wilderness, says "I have heard of leopard preying on crocodile before and therefore do not think that this is as rare as people may think but still a great thing to observe."

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