Local Environmental Campaign Teams up with Online Greenies

Indalo Yethu, South Africa's environmental awareness, activism and endorsement campaign, has formed a strategic partnership with the online environmental encyclopaedia portal, www.enviropaedia.com to provide free access to leading edge thinking on environmental issues. As a mechanism to fulfill Indalo Yethu's mandate and core objective of raising awareness about environmental issues, the www.enviroapedia.com's online content provides practical and relevant information on some of the most critical global environmental challenges within a local context including climate change, waste management, biodiversity, pollution and energy management.

Whilst the current www.enviropaedia.com platform facilitates a broad public awareness of environmental issues, Indalo Yethu intends to introduce and co-create a new feature on the portal specifically designed to support environmental education in schools with tailored content and lesson plans for educators and learners.

Indalo Yethu acting CEO Lungi Morrison adds, "Youth have played a pivotal role in South Africa's transformation. Young people are the future leaders of South Africa and as such, we are tasked with equipping them with the knowledge and consciousness that the stability and future of the country depends on their good judgment and lifestyle practices which ought to ultimately 'Save Tomorrow, Today!'. The Indalo Yethu/Enviropaedia partnership aims to provide a free, downloadable online education platform that will stimulate an awareness and appreciation by learners for the environment and its relevance in terms of economic growth, job creation and building of a better life for all. These being real life issues the majority of young people in South Africa are conversant with today''.

"This strategic partnership between Indalo Yethu and The Enviropaedia creates a most constructive and highly effective private-public relationship to the benefit of both people and planet. We are therefore thrilled to work with Indalo Yethu in co-producing a unique education tool that will support learners online and simultaneously provide educators with the resources they need to educate students about environmental issues in a way that is free, easily accessible and continuously updated," comments David Parry-Davies, founder and publishing editor of The Enviropaedia.

Indalo Yethu's Morrison concludes, "Enviropaedia, with its eight-year track record of building a highly credible body of environmental information and thought leadership around the issue of sustainability provides an ideal partner to further Indalo Yethu's education and awareness objectives within an environmental education framework. Indalo Yethu is also exploring ways to package and deliver the environmental information to young people in outlying rural communities throughout the country."

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