Lions in the Village

During the early hours of Wednesday February 16, between five and seven lions decided to take a stroll down the main road through Skukuza village. At about 04h00, Jannie Geldenhuys and Frikkie Rossouw were covering the cricket pitch to protect it for a match later in the day, and at about 04h30 the lions decided to walk onto the field. Four of the lions were darted when people who had spotted them alerted the rangers and vets.

They loaded the lions onto two vehicles and brought them around to the school at about 06h45 just before the start of school. According to Sharon Gillespie, a teacher at the school, "It was amazing. The children were enthralled and extremely curious until the male lifted his head and one just saw kiddie winkles scattering. It was a great day and we are truly thankful to the rangers and vets who brought the lion around for our children to experience - it was really education in action."

Kruger Park Wildlife Facts About Lions

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