Impala Killer Case Postponed Again

© Nigel J Dennis

Four people, accused of bludgeoning at least six impala to death in Skukuza, appeared in court at White River again. The four men allegedly trapped the animals against a fence in the Skukuza laundry yard.

They were dismissed by Sanparks on May 19, following an internal investigation by the Kruger National Park. They appeared in court on June 15 for the first time. One witness failed to appear at the most recent court date on September 21.

The magistrate ordered a warrant for his arrest and provisionally postponed the case until October 5. The state's case is now handled by prosecutor, Kobus van der Walt.


Impala [Aepyceros melampus]. This is the most common antelope of the bushveld regions of South Africa. A very graceful, rufous-fawn antelope...more
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