Krazies in Kruger 27 April 2005

Dear Kruger Park Times

I was recently visiting the Kruger National Park, staying at Satara.Whilst there we came across 11 hungry lions eating the remains of a Giraffe. We were only 10m from the pride and, along with our friends, enjoying the atmosphere. We were the only people watching until along came two other vehicles.

To our shock and suprise one of the occupants of one of the other vehicles got out of his car and walked over the the driver of other vehicle and started chatting, telling him he was a ranger. Only 10m from some angry hungry lions and this foolish man got out of his vehicle!

As we were leaving I approached the man, who then got out of his vehicle again to come and talk to me, I asked him if he was a ranger and if he was he was setting a very bad example by leaving his vehicle in front of visitors and close by a pride of lions.

He confirmed he was a ranger and accepted he was doing wrong and returned to his vehicle and I informed him that I would be reporting him back at Satara which I did.

We took this photograph and a record of his number plate which I attach. I hasten to add that this man was not a KNP ranger but, I believe, from a park in KZN. We could not believe how foolish this man was...

Regards M.Calder

The New Open Vehicles in the Kruger National Park?

Near Lower Sabie on 10 April 2005 at 14H50. See the beer in hand and are these people Kruger staff or are these the new open vehicles in the Park? This vehicle has a KNP insignia on the door. Chris

Kruger National Park - South African Safari