Gumboot Dancers Entertain Visitors

Justicia, a village located in the communal areas between Thulamahashe and the Kruger Gate to the Kruger National Park, is home to an enterprising group of singers and gumboot dancers. This group entertains tourists who visit the Kruger Park and the neighbouring game reserves, giving performances in the early mornings.

The man behind the group is Mzamani Mathebula. He works with freelance guides Muzi Khoza, Greyton Nkunah and Joubert Ndlovu. The gumboot dancers perform a chorus entitled "Tsakeni - Be Excited" which regularly brings broad smiles to the faces of their audience.

The dancers put a tremendous amount of energy into their performances, making the earth shake in time with their feet.

The community is hoping to uplift the area through its performances, as well as encouraging Kruger Park visitors to visit the neighbouring communities. Mzamani Mathebula has said that tourists should look forward to being treated well.  "We will not cease [in our activities], we are planning  on putting tourism on top of the world, and the Kruger Park can be seen as the best in the world."

By Themba Wa ka Mkhabela
Edited by Melissa Wray

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