Limpopo National Park Attract More Overnight Visitors

According to the Mozambique News Agency, AIM, the Limpopo National Park (LNP) generated US$200,000 revenue in 2011, which is 7.1 percent more than in 2010. During the year, 22 000 tourists visited the conservation area, 2 400 visitors stayed over in the park.

In December 2011, about 2 700 foreign tourists, mostly from South Africa, passed through the LNP on their way to the Mozambican coast. The park's tourism director, Lodovico Salinha, says it will continue to improve accommodation and entertainment facilities to get visitors to stay longer. Since its inception, The LNP has received 40 000 national and foreign tourists.

The wildlife population has increased and includes plains game as well as lion, elephants and rhino, despite a rise in illegal poaching in the area.

Tourist Facilities In The Limpopo National Park

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