Barberton Daisy

The Barberton is a small daisy with a rosette of irregularly shaped leaves; often deeply divided. The flowers are actually flower heads...more

Blood Lily

The Blood Lily is quite a magnificent flower. It grows up to 500 mm in height and has a red-brown spotted flowering stem and glossy green, w...more

Blue Squill

The tuft of leaves at the top of the bulb grows up to full size of 400 mm during summer. Many of these are tiny plants only a few inches hig...more

Bulbous Marshweed

The Bulbous Marshweed is common in high-shore saltmarshes at the top of estuaries and seasonally flooded grasslands....more

Candelabra Flower

The Candelabra Flower is a bulbous perennial herb which grows up to 500 mm in height. The bulb, covered with brown membranous tunics...more

Cape Eelgrass

Eelgrass is an estuarine species that binds the sediment, shelters small fish, and yields detrital food....more

Castor Oil Plant

The Castor Oil Plant is a small shrub with waxy stems and large star-shaped leaves and has spiny fruits in an erect spike....more

Day Water Lily

The Day Water Lily is an aquatic plant with round, floating leaves split by a V-notch. These plants have underground stems...more

Devil's Thorn

Devils Thorn is a small annual herb with trailing stems. Leaves are opposite and toothed; flowers are pink-mauve in colour and trumpet-shape...more

Dune Slack Rush

Dune Slack Rush dominates saltmarshes where salinities are low and it often extends into dune slacks bordering saltmarshes....more

Estuarine Pond Weed

The Pondweed is prolific at the heads of estuaries. It is submerged and forms dense mats that are cursed by boatmen because of the damage th...more

Flame Lily

The African Flame Lily is a climbing herb with glossy leaves with twining tips which coil onto nearby bushes, enabling it to use other plant...more


This particular plant grows flat against the surface of the ground and almost looks like a small spot of sunshine in the veld...more

Glasswort Samphire

Forms mats low on estuarine salt marshes and along rocky shores above the high-tide mark. Sarcocornia pillansii (whole coast) forms shrubs...more

Goats Foot

The Goats Foot is one of the most important early colonisers of seashore dunes and is widely distributed due to the dispersion of its seeds ...more

Golden Cleome

The Golden Cleome / Yellow Cleome is a delicate, open-branched herb with thin compound leaves. The yellow flowers have purple bases and dist...more

Ground Morning Glory

Ground Morning Glory leaves vary a great deal in shape. Flowering occurs during December and January and are approximately 2.5 cm...more

Hottentots Fig

The Hottentots Fig is a coastal creeper found on rocky outcrops and dunes that are already partly stabilised. The flowers...more

Impala Lily

The Impala Lily flowers mainly in July, but will also bloom as late as mid-September in places where it is cultivated. Flower size is about ...more

Krantz Aloe

Aloe arborescens is a multi-stemmed aloe with thick, yellow-green leaves. The leaves are usually sharply toothed on the margins and are very...more

Kudu Lily

Kudu Lily is a succulent shrub with a swollen stem and trailing branches armed with spines. The leaves are glossy green in colour with wavy ...more

Lebombo Aloe

Lebombo Aloe is a short-stemmed aloe with narrow, strap-like leaves; the leaves are pale green or brick-red in colour when in full sun....more

Leopard Orchid

The Leopard Orchid is an epiphytic orchid with roots anchored on the branch of a tree, often in full sunlight. Fragrant yellow flowers...more

Lucky Bean Creeper

The Lucky Bean is also known by a number of others names including: bead vine, coral bead plant, coral bean, crabs eye, love bean, prayer be...more

Monkeys Tail

The Black Stick Lily is also known as the Monkey’s Tail, a name derived from its Afrikaans name of Bobbejaan’s Stert, which means Baboon...more

Mountain Aloe

Mountain Aloe is a tall, single-stemmed tree aloe with fleshy, blue-grey leaves, armed with small spines; they also contain a yellowish, sli...more

Oval-leafed Saltweed

Oval-leafed Saltweed is found on the lower parts of waterlogged intertidal sandbanks in estuaries, particularly where the water is brackish...more

Pineapple Flower

The Pineapple Flower is a perennial herb; the rootstock is a bulb, 10 cm in diameter and flat at the base with numerous white roots....more

Pride of de Kaap

Pride of de Kaap have characteristic two-lobed or winged leaves which have a width of 60 mm. The main flowering time is in March and April...more

Pyjama Flower

The Pyjama Flower is a perennial herb; the rootstock is a small corm and up to 1,5 cm in diameter. About three linear green leaves...more

Red Hot Poker

The Red Hot Poker is a South African plant that is now found in many parts of the world, having been imported for its dramatic beauty and fo...more

River Crinum

The River Crinum is a robust lily with dark green, strap-like leaves with wavy margins. Snow white or pale pink, bell-shaped flowers...more

River Vernonia

Bushy shrub with broad oval leaves with wavy margins. Fluffy, pale lilac flowers in dense terminal clusters appear in autumn....more

Rock Aloe

The Rock Aloe is a small stemless aloe with thick, blue-green leaves. The leaves are usually sharply toothed on the margins and are very jui...more

Rock Jasmine

A scrambler with lance-shaped leaves. The plant carries fragrant, star-shaped flowers which is white in colour with pink below....more

Sea Pumpkin

The stem of the Beach Pumpkin is thick and the leaves are either simple and oval-shaped or lobed, and coated with white hairs...more


The Seeplakkie is a small, evergreen, woody shrub with clusters of tough, waxy, oval leaves. The flowers are small, white and fan-shaped....more


The Soutbossie grows high on estuarine shores, in sandy areas that lie close to, or just above, the high-tide level....more

Sprawling Duneweed

Sprawling Duneweed is a sprawling, prostrate plant with a red stem. The leaves are succulent, flat, oval and the flowers are tiny...more

Sweet Prickly Pear

The Sweet Prickly Pear grows across South Africa, having spread over the centuries after been imported from Mexico....more

Travellers Joy

common name Travellers Joy. The colour of the flowers range from cream-coloured to white, they are without any petals, but have four crown-s...more

Vlei Orchid

This beautiful Vlei Orchid grows up to a height of 2 m when in flower, with small wrinkled leaves growing close to the surface of the ground...more

Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew is a prostrate perennial herb; the stems have long internodes, swollen nodes, rooted at the lower nodes; leaves alternate...more

Water Hyacinth

The Water Hyacinth is an aquatic plant with fleshy green leaves and a swollen petiole. The flowers are mauve in colour....more


The Watsonia has a depressed globose corm, growing on several generations of old corms, which have a rather sparse fibrous covering. The fo...more

Wild Dagga

Wild Dagga grows in savannah areas and thickets and in South Africa can be found in Limpopo Province and the Kruger National Park....more

Wild Foxglove

The Wild Foxglove is a tall annual herb with erect stems. Leaves are opposite, are 3-lobed and toothed and flowers are pale pink or white...more

Wild Ginger

The rootstock of the Wild Ginger does not only smell like ginger, but also tastes like it. The Wild Ginger is part of the Ginger family and ...more

Wild Hibiscus

The Wild Hibiscus is one of several yellow-flowered hibiscus typified by 5 large petals and branched style. These plants are slender shrubs ...more

Wild Verbena

The Wild Verbena is a hairy plant that grows up to a height of 400 mm. It may be single- or multi-stemmed, with various leaves...more

Yellow Arum

The Arum is a perennial herb. The rootstock of the plant is a fleshy rhizome with several buds; the leaves appear in October. No part of thi...more
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