Getting To Kruger National Park, South Africa

Whether you wish to fly or drive to Kruger Park, Siyabona will get you there. Fly in on a commercial line or by private charter, or, make your trip by car or 4x4 SUV.

Fly, and be in Kruger within three hours

There are three airports serving Kruger Park:

Northern Kruger Park: Phalaborwa Airport
Central Kruger Park: Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport
Southern Kruger Park: Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMI)

Use the adjacent map to view flight schedules and book flights to Kruger Park from Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.

To arrange a private charter flight into any Kruger Park Lodge airstrip.

Flights are only booked in conjunction with your lodge reservation, at the time of reservation

Kruger Park Infographic

Infographic of Kruger Park

Daily Private Scheduled Flights to Kruger Park
  • Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport to Phalaborwa, Hoedspruit or KMIA
  • Durban or Cape Town to KMIA only
  • Durban and Cape Town to Johannesburg and then onwards to Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa
Baggage restrictions:
Baggage on a light aircraft flight into Kruger National Park, South Africa, is restricted to 20kg (including hand luggage) in soft sided bags (no wheels on the baggage).

Car Rental

Drive, and take in some of the sights along the way. Collect your car at at either of these 3 airports near Kruger Park:

  • Nelspruit
  • Hoedspruit
  • Phalaborwa

You could also hire a car at Polokwane and then drive to Pafuri and explore the northern section of Kruger National Park or the surrounding private game reserves.

Arrange a rental car here

Kruger Park - Mozambique - Combination

Rent a car for your self-drive journey to Kruger National Park. If you want to combine Kruger National Park and Mozambique, we strongly suggest hiring a 4x4.

A self-drive is an excellent way to discover the wonders of the Kruger National Park at your own pace. With this type of flexibility, you can enjoy a more rewarding experience in the Kruger Park. Roads to the park are tarred, in good condition and well sign-posted. There are numerous gas stations on the way.


  • Johannesburg/Pretoria - about 420 km (to the southern gate)
  • Durban - approx. 752 km
  • Bloemfontein - approx. 834 km
  • Port Elizabeth - approx. 1 436 km
  • Cape Town - approx. 1 842 km


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