Butterfly Wishlist

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Butterfly season is upon us! Some butterflies are regarded as quite rare and sometimes a first for a certain area, therefore the general public is asked to assist in spotting and recording their findings regarding butterflies.

SABCA - the Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment has therefore taken it upon itself to atlas the distribution of butterflies in southern Africa, including the Kruger National Park.

The last survey for the butterflies found in the KNP culminated in a book Butterflies of the KNP (1978). As part of SABCA, the findings will assist the scientific fraternity and the general public with fresh data that will be made available for interpretation.

All people - young and old - are asked to participate. It is the rarer species that receive particular interest. Digital photos can be mailed to herbertotto@hotmail.com to form part of SABCA.

PLEASE NOTE: No person is allowed to step out of his vehicle in the KNP. People are encouraged to photograph with lenses from their vehicle or in the various rest camps.

All images should be accompanied by a date and location. Photos accompanying this article are butterflies of exceptional interest. Happy hunting!

By Herbert Otto

Butterflies in Kruger Park

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