Last Invasive Aliens Felled

Kruger Park News Archive

A joint venture between the Alien Invader Task Group (AITG) of the Honorary Rangers, the Alien Biota Section of Kruger, and a People for Wildlife team, comprising mostly members of the Roodepoort branch, tackled the last alien invader species in the staff village at Skukuza.

About two months ago, the working group removed two of the four massive tipuana trees. They felled the remaining two tipuanas and a flame tree on Friday and Saturday last week.

As a thank-you gesture, the Kruger management allowed the group to stay over at Doispan, some 30km from Skukuza. "It was an amazing experience as the campsite is not fenced in.

At one stage we had a group of elephants at the reservoir some 20m away from us," says Clive Weber of the AITG. Clive is hoping to coordinate similar operations in the near future. "We could perhaps start with Pretoriuskop next."

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