Kruger Park Reference Guide

This Reference Guide of Kruger Park flora and fauna details descriptions, distribution and habitats of all the various species occurring in Kruger Park. This information offers a concise overview of basic facts about animal ranges, area occurrences of vegetation and seasonal migratory habits of bird life. Also read about the history, culture and traditions associated with Kruger National Park.

African Bird Guide

Learn more about African birds. An information guide on birds in Kruger National Park. This African Bird Guide offers bird watching enthusiasts a diversity of information on birdlife.

African Mammal Guide

A guide on African mammals in Kruger National Park. This African Mammal Guide includes information on all the species of mammal that people most want to see including the Big Five.

Africa Tree Guide

African trees guide to tree species in the Kruger National Park and Southern Africa. This handy Africa Tree Guide includes descriptive information, images and the latin names of trees, as well as where they can be found.

Africa Grass Guide

An information guide on the grass species found in Kruger National Park. This Africa Grass Guide includes facts, images and the Latin names of the grasses as well as where they can be found.

Africa Flowers Guide

African flowers guide to wild flowers found in Kruger National Park and South Africa. This Africa Flowers Guide includes descriptions, images and the latin names of the flowers in Kruger Park.

Africa Reptiles Guide

African reptiles guide to the reptile species found in Kruger National Park. This Africa Reptiles Guide includes information and photographs on snakes, lizards, tortoises and crocodiles.

Kruger Park History

Learn more about the fascinating History of Kruger National Park including Kruger Park historical landmarks, historical figures, game reserve formation, archeology and vintage ranger journals.

African Culture Guide

Southern Africa is a land of legends, vibrant history and mystery. Kruger National Park visitors can learn about local people and tribes who made their home in South Africa in this African Culture Guide

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