Emerging Tuskers in Kruger


This tusker has not been seen recently and therefore may have died. When last seen he had broken one of his tusks. Like Mashagadzi he lived in the area around Shingwedzi rest camp, and was often seen by tourists. He was named after the permanent waterhole in the Shingwedzi River at the mouth of the Gadzingswe Spruit.

"Tshilonde" is a Venda word meaning "a wound or sore". The elephant was named after the place, and there is no connection between the meaning of the word and the elephant.

By Kirsty Redman
In Letaba Rest Camp

Identify the New Big Tuskers

During the 70s, former warden of the Park, dr U de V (Tol) Pienaar had a vision to share the beauty and splendour of Kruger's Big Tuskers wi...more
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