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10 Tips for Eco-tourists

Are you counting the days towards that last working day so you can leave for a well deserved break? Perhaps you've got a visit to some of th...more

10 Years in Jail

Two suspected rhino poachers, Joao Mdlovu and Berlito Mdlovu who were arrested in Kruger National Park (KNP) in January 2010 for rhino poach...more

100,000 year old ochre toolkit and workshop discovered in South Africa

An ochre-rich mixture, possibly used for decoration, painting and skin protection 100,000 years ago, and stored in two abalone shells, was d...more

109 elephants die as drought hits Tsavo

More than 100 elephants have died due to effects of drought in the sprawling Tsavo National Park...more

10th Annual Savanna Science Network Meeting in Kruger

Scientists from several South African universities, South African National Parks (SANParks) and a number of high profile international inst...more

12 467 Elephants counted in Kruger

This year the elephant census crew counted 12 467 elephants in the Kruger National Park, compared to the 11 454 in 2004...more

160 Elephants donated to Zambia

The South African government has donated 160 elephants to Lusenga Plains National Park in Zambia's Kawambwa Disrict...more

180-bed wellness centre planned for central lowveld

The environmental impact assessment process is underway for the construction of a wellness centre with a boutique hotel and conference facil...more

20 suspected rhino poachers killed since January 2011

South African soldiers killed three poachers in the Houtbosrand area in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on Wednesday, May 18 2011...more

200 bed luxury hotel proposed for Kruger National Park

South African National Parks (SANParks) has called for proposals in respect of Public Private Partnership projects for the proposed Malelane...more

2004/5 A few milestones

In its 2004/2005 annual report, SANparks highlighted a number of milestones achieved during the year. Cheryl Carolus, chairperson of the boa...more

2007 Kudu Award Winner

Siyabona Africa has received the SA National Parks Executive Award for Business Partner of the Year at this years annual Kudu Awards. Siyabo...more

2008 Miss Earth South Africa

A platform to empower and educate young women is the last thing you would expect from an event of this nature. The “Miss Earth South Afric...more

2010 must be used to change Africas image

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has called on 2010 FIFA World Cup organisers to use next year's tournament to change Afri...more

2012 marks the start of The International Year of the Rhino

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia declared 5 June 2012 as the start of the International Year of the Rhino, thereby committing...more

220 Rhinos poached in 142 days January to 21 May 2012

220 rhinos have been brutally and illegally butchered for their horn in South Africa from January to May 21 this year. That is more than a r...more

248 KNP Rangers threaten strike action

The front-line battling waves of ruthless rhino poachers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) will face its strongest test with most of its 'so...more

25th Big Birding Day Hopes to Attract Garden Birding Enthusiasts

Between midnight on Friday 27 November and midnight on Saturday 28 November this year, birders throughout South Africa will pit their spotti...more

281 Rhinos Poached Since January to July 2012

The number of rhinos poached in South Africa since the beginning of this year now stands at 281 with a total of 176 individuals arrested in ...more

34 rhinos butchered in Hoedspruit in a year

Poachers killed an adult rhino bull on the farm Jakkalsbessie in the Greater Hoedspruit Area on Thursday, February 9, 2012. They hacked off ...more

35 Cape parrots counted in Limpopo

The Cape Parrot, Poicephalus robustus robustus, is endemic to South Africa. It only occurs in the afromontane yellowwood forests found in Kw...more

360 Stands Planned Near Strydom Tunnel

The Environmental Impact (EI) process has begun for the development of the Cape Vulture Wildlife Estate, which proposes building 360 stands...more

46 elephant tusks seized in Cape Town

Custom officials seized 46 elephant tusks in Cape Town on July 9, 2012. The tusks, valued at about US$1,5-million, were hidden behind boxes ...more

5 Rhinos killed - poachers arrested

Five poachers, responsible for the killing of three rhinos in the Kruger National Park (KNP) and adjacent Mozambique, have been arrested. Th...more

50 50 Back On Air

After nine months of being off air, 50/50 is back on South African television screens. The programme has built up a huge contingent of loyal...more

50 year anniversary celebrated at Lower Sabie

Mr and Mrs C Griesel decided to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at Lower Sabie Camp. “We felt Lower Sabie's peaceful atmosphere a...more

5842 km and 49 hours of Flying in the Annual KNP Census

Seeing the Kruger National Park from the air really puts the size of the park into perspective. It is amazing to see how big two million hec...more

60 Years Of Free Visits To Kruger A Bargain For £50

Stella Millar has no need to worry about a Wild Card – many years ago, she and her husband made a once-in-a-lifetime payment, which allowe...more

77 000 year old evidence for ancient beds and the use of medicinal plants

Evidence indicates the oldest bedding found in human history was made from sedge stems and leaves, was burnt regularly and served a dual pur...more

7th Annual Kudu award winners celebrate grassroots initiatives

The seventh annual SANParks Kudu awards was testament to the dedication and commitment of conservationists at grassroots, corporate and in-h...more

8th Annual Meeting on Savanna Science

More than 200 scientists and other stakeholders attended the 8th annual Savanna Science Network Meeting held in Skukuza in March...more

A black rhino for Karoo National Park

A five year-old male black rhino has been reintroduced into the Karoo National Park. The rhino came from a privately owned reserve in a land...more

A Buffalo on the 4th hole of Hans Merensky Golf Estate

This buffalo was on the 4th hole at Hans Merensky Golf Estate in Phalaborwa It had to be darted after Greg Austin spent two hours in a tree ...more

A Celebration Of South Africas Biggest And Best Trees

The largest tree in South Africa is found near Zwigodini, Vendaland in the Limpopo Province. The second tree on the list, which is the secon...more

A Chameleon Happy Ending

Dave collected 43 of the chameleon eggs on 28 February 2008 and, on the advice of Donald Strydom, curator of Khamai Reptile Park, half-burie...more

A close encounter with elephants

The Ingwelala Shareblock in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve adjoining the Kruger National Park is home to two Landrover game drive vehicl...more

A Conservation Conversation

In South Africa there is an increasing focus on communities living adjacent to protected areas. 'People' issues are slowly becoming as impor...more

A Day In a Guides Life At Phalaborwa Gate

As the walk continued we saw a variety of flowers, insects, birds and markings of animals that had come and gone. Again I heard a rumble and...more

A Different View of the River

SANParks scientific services staff from Skukuza in the Kruger National Park (KNP) put on brave faces and took up the challenge of some Sabie...more

A dream come true

Dead man's curve, treetop flying and one of the highest rates of aviation accidents in South Africa, can this really be anyone's dream job? ...more

A fond farewell to Johan

Johan Brits, started working in the park as an electrical contractor in 1986. In 1988 he was appointed as foreman in the northern part of th...more

A glimpse of the past uncovered in Hoedspruit

Two archaeologists made interesting discoveries during a procedural archaeological assessment preceding the Zandspruit Development at the fa...more

A lifetime in Kruger

Almost 40 years ago, Louis Olivier, one of the Kruger National Park's much-loved and esteemed game rangers and an enthusiastic Blue Bulls su...more

A Lighthearted Look At What Goes Through The Mind Of Animals

Ever wondered what a giraffe was thinking about when it stood and stared at your vehicle when you stopped on your game drive to admire it...more

A million miles for marulas

Prof Lucas 'Kas' Holtzhausen has travelled over a million kilometres in search of the perfect marula, visiting over 100,000 trees and drivin...more

A new home and new front teeth – what more does a leopard need

A male leopard has had an unusual year, which began when Gerrie Comacho from the National Leopard Forum stepped in to save its life...more

A new look for bungalows and tents at Letaba

The infrastructure upgrades that started in Letaba rest camp in the Kruger National Park (KNP) during September 2007 will be completed in mi...more

A New Simple Way to Purify Drinking Water in Developing Countries

Diarrhea kills at least 4000 children a day in Africa - a disease caused by contaminated water. Nearly 80 percent of disease in developing c...more

A new way of boosting river flows

The flow of water entering the Kruger National Park through the Sabie and Olifants Rivers may potentially increase over time, as a pilot pro...more

A Night Filled With Special Moments

Running around trying to capture beautiful people, extraordinarily decorated tables, wonderfully creative kitchens and carefully prepared di...more

A rough guide to climate change in Africa

Reports and estimates of the impact of climate change appear almost daily, but those by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change remai...more

A second Bantam Aircraft patrolling Kruger

The Kruger National Park (KNP) managing exeutive, Abe Sibiya, handed over a Ultra-Light Bantam Aircraft to Shingwedzi section ranger, Marius...more

A Stiff Fine Will Spoil A Good Time

“Feeding wild animals is as good as signing their death warrant,” said Wanda Mkutshulwa, head of communications at SANParks...more

A stunning setting, exquisite fine dining and the company of friends

Exquisite haute cuisine, the company of friends, and a wondrous autumn day in the lowveld are only some of the ingredients for great times...more

A supply chain map to combat malaria in Africa

Millions have been spent in research to combat malaria on the medical front. Hokey Min of the College of Business Administration, at Bowling...more

A Teabag That Could Save Millions

A cheap and effective filtering device developed by a South African university could provide safe drinking water to millions of people, dras...more

A tragic end to a beautiful sighting

On Sunday April 20, a tragedy unfolded at the gate of Lower Sabie in the Kruger National Park (KNP)...more

A Trip Down Memory Lane Kruger Park Memories

A Trip Down Memory Lane with John Parsons, now residing in Graaf-Reinett: In 1955 I had never before seen the Kruger Park. From others, I ha...more

A Veteran Returns To Kruger - Andre Potgieter

Professor Winston Trollope with Working-on-Fire International and Navashni Govender of Scientific Services in the Kruger National Park are c...more

A Walk in Kruger National Park

Join Nick Green as he regales tales of a memorable Kruger Park walking safari. We are the only people in this 20 square kilometre section of...more

A watchful eye on South Africas secretary bird

The Secretarybird was recently up-listed on the international Red Data List to Vulnerable, as it is threatened by a number of factors throug...more

Abe appointed as new leader for Kruger National Park

Velaphi Abraham Sibiya (known as Abe) has been appointed by the board of South African National Parks (SANParks) as managing executive...more

About 17 000 Species are Threatened With Extinction

A detailed analysis of the well-known IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ shows 869 species are Extinct or Extinct the Wild...more

About Place Names In The Park

Shifo-mhisi – the name of a famous poacher in the1940's. He made his residence next to the banks of the Olifants River and for about five ...more

Accident claims life on Christmas Day

A man died as a result of a single-car accident on the road between Tshokwane and Satara. The accident occurred at about 12h55 on Christmas ...more

Achievement Awards Southern Region 2005

Achievement Awards Southern Region 2005. Outstanding Service in the Workplace and Outstanding Service Tourist/Customer/Client...more

Activities In Kruger

Daily guided early morning and late afternoon walks in Kruger's unspoilt bush where creatures big and small are met 'face to face' are avail...more

Activities Manager To Help Develop New Products In Kruger

This January the new post of park activities manager opened up in the Kruger National Park and Andrew Desmet was delighted to step into the ...more

Activity-Filled Science Week For Phalaborwa Students

50 students each from 50 schools in and around Phalaborwa will benefit from their proximity to the Kruger National Park and the Ndlovu Node ...more

Addo Elephant National Park Celebrates 80 Years

Addo Elephant National Park celebrated 80 years of conservation and tourism excellence this year. First proclaimed in July 1931 to save the ...more

Addo Now Has Its Own Webcam

The Addo Elephant National Park can now boast that it has its very own webcam where you're sure to catch amazing views of...more

Addo overcomes Kruger’s rugby team

The Kruger National Park may have a thriving elephant population, but it seems that the pushing power of Addo's elephants can overpower them...more

Addo Park Training Centre set to benefit communities

Blazing drums, lively dancers and jubilant voices marked the official opening of a new training centre which is set to provide vital empower...more

Addos biggest tusker dies

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, numerous visitors to Addo Elephant National Park (AENP) witnessed a fight between two elephant bulls that resul...more

Adjusting To Krugers Pace

A little over 12 months ago, after several days of travel and having crossed two entire continents, I discovered a new land. A land which is...more

Adult elephants interact with burnt youngsters in Pilanesberg boma

The eight young elephants that are the remaining survivors of dramatic veld fires in the Pilanesberg National Park have settled down well in...more

Advanced Bookings for Visits to Kruger National Park Reintroduced

Day visitors to the Kruger National Park will again be able to book ahead of time to secure their entrance to South Africa's most well known...more

Adventure for Science

Mozambique's Limpopo National Park (LNP) is running a project where 4x4 enthusiasts will conduct a census in the park...more

Adventure Hikers Follow the Olifants

I was fortunate enough to be part of the first dummy run for a new exciting product that is in final stages of development. This will provid...more

AFB hosts first military ball in five years

More than 600 guests enjoyed the glitz and glamour of the first formal military ball in five years hosted by the Air Force Base Hoedspruit...more

Affordable, safe flying for beginner and experienced aviators

New Zealand is a country of extreme variations in topography and weather. Not exactly friendly for light aircraft, so one can say that any f...more

Africa Has Two Elephant Species

Contrary to the belief of many scientists (as well as many members of the public), new research confirms that Africa has two—not one—spe...more

Africa To Lose All Its Acacias

For more than two and a half centuries Africa has been home to acacia trees, but now nine people have decided for the entire world that only...more

African Adventure gets recognition at Prestigious Naledi Theatre Awards

African Adventure a South African National Parks supported initiative was awarded Best Production of a Play or a Musical for Children at the...more

African Birds In Trouble

Of the 10,000 bird species on Earth, 1,226 are listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable...more

African Elephant Action Plan

The African elephant action plan was adopted by African elephant range States in March 2010 . The African Elephant Fund (AEF) and the Africa...more

African Elephant Has Picky Feeding Habits

An African elephant, Loxodonta africana, is quite picky when it comes to eating. A study of the this mega-herbivore's dietary habits reveals...more

African Lion Iventory To Be Updated

It's hard to know how to conserve an animal species when no one is sure how many animals are left and where they occur. Until recently, this...more

African Names of Animals

What's in an animal's name? Not too many of us, however, are familiar with the derivation of many of the African names of animals....more

African penguin on endangered list

African penguins have been sliding towards extinction since industrial fishing started around the Cape. The last four years have seen a popu...more

African Population Now One Billion

Africa's population has reached one billion as the continent's population grows by about 24 million a year, according to a report...more

African Village Dogs Are Genetically Much More Diverse than Modern Breeds

African village dogs are not a mixture of modern breeds but have directly descended from an ancestral pool of indigenous dogs, according to ...more

African Wild Dogs Released In Tembe

A pack of 14 Endangered African wild dogs was reintroduced into the Tembe Elephant Park earlier this month...more

African Wildlife Research

African Wildlife Research - The enquiring mind of humanity is our most important asset in the struggle for physical survival on earth. The ...more

Africas Answer to the Kangaroo

Southern Africa has its own answer to the kangaroo, albeit a fraction of the size of the Australian version. However, the small springhare t...more

Africas renewable energies potential under the spotlight

Wind energy for the northern and southern parts, hydro energy for central Africa and “the unexploited potential of energy crops like sugar...more

Age matters when translocating rhinos

Wellington is a long way from the continent of Africa but research being conducted at Victoria University is helping restore populations of ...more

Aids Deaths Impact on the Natural Environment

HIV/Aids may seem to be more of a social than an environmental problem, but research is finding that the death of economically productive pe...more

AIDS Pandemic

In an interesting development announced in Johannesburg this month, an American-based anti-aids initiative has joined hands with a major non...more

Airborne Ecologists Help Balance Delicate African Ecosystem

The National Academy of Sciences reports the successful test of new remotesensing technology to monitor the impact of management decisions o...more

Algae kills again in Kruger

The death toll caused by blooms of blue-green algae, Microcystis, in some of Kruger's waterpoints has increased...more

Alien Invaders Group Visit Doispane

A group of enthusiastic members of the Alien Invader Task Group, one of the national projects of the Honorary Rangers, put together a fantas...more

Alien Invasives Declared major Threat to Life on Earth

Invasive alien species, ranging from disease and plants to rats and goats, are one of the top three threats to life on this planet...more

Aliens enter Kruger through river systems

The Kruger National Park has expended a good deal of time, effort, energy and money into combating the threat of invasive alien plants. Llew...more

All Eyes On Biodiversity

The 2010 target, adopted by more than 190 countries including South Africa, to “significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss”...more

All Eyes on You

Naming butterflies and all other creatures is an art that comes from the 17th century following Carl Linne (Carolus Linnaeus)...more

All In A Weeks Work

Frankie La Grange is a guide at Tinga Private Game Lodge, a concession near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park. He tells of the highs and l...more

All Kruger gates open after floods

All entrance gates to the Kruger National Park(KNP) are open after the heavy rains and flooding caused by subtropical depression Dando on Ja...more

All Those Little White Butterflies

Visitors to the Kruger National Park travelling through Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo recently, must have noticed that they were in the co...more

Alligator bloods relation to antibiotic-resistant infections

Despite their reputation for deadly attacks on humans and pets, alligators are wiggling their way toward a new role as potential lifesavers ...more

Aloes Brighten Up Bleak Days

At a time when almost every other plant seems to be shedding its leaves and colour has been drained from the bush, aloes are thriving...more

Amboseli elephants reveal interesting insights

The ivory trade is demanding its pound of flesh from the African elephant. In 2011, Kenya lost 278 elephants to poachers, compared to 177 in...more

American CDC endorses new mosquito repellents

The American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has just endorsed two new products as being effective ingredients in mosquito repellents. Form...more

American promises Krugers lions as hunting trophies

An investigation could be imminent into an advert that an American hunting outfitter has circulated on the Internet, offering clients the op...more

Amphibian Experts Target Deadly Frog Fungus

The world's leading amphibian experts have come together and for the first time identified two major conservation initiatives to stop amphib...more

An Early Christmas For The Nxanatseni Rangers

Christmas came early this year for the rangers of the Nxanatseni Region, in the form of the Honorary Rangers from the Rangers Support Servic...more

An Elephant Collaring Safari

Dr Michelle Henley was smiling in delight at being reunited with the first elephant collared in her ambitious project to learn more about el...more

An Estimated 1600 Lions In Kruger

It is estimated that there are currently 1,600 lions in the Kruger National Park, give or take 225 animals, and they are nearly all in tipto...more

An Old-Timer Visits Northern KNP

Upon crossing the Letaba highwater bridge to the north of Letaba Camp I encountered the most charming old veteran motorcar amongst an array ...more

An Unusual Inspector Investigates Road Resealing

This year routine maintenance of Kruger's 'tar' roads experienced a slight hitch, when an unexpected wildlife encounter occurred. An elephan...more

Analysis Land reform same problem different approach

South African President Jacob Zuma's dilemma over what to do about land and agrarian reform is no different than it was for his predecessor...more

ANC Youth League distances itself from antihunting protest march

Chris Mashego, co-ordinator of the ANC Youth League in Bohlabelo District, said the organisation has distanced itself from the anti-hunting ...more

Ancient Dinosaur Nursery

Next time you come across a group of zebra, wildebeest, blesbok and springbok typically found in the grasslands at Golden Gate National Park...more

Ancient DNA Reveals Ingredients of Roman Medicine

Ancient Roman pharmacies must have looked a lot like vegetable gardens. DNA analysis of 2000-year-old medicinal tablets suggests the pills i...more

Ancient footprints reveal origins of elephant ancestors behaviour

Ancient footprints in the Arabian Desert have left intriguing evidence about how elephant ancestors interacted socially. An international te...more

Ancient history of mining protected by modern mine

A mining company might be thought to be an unlikely custodian of archaeological treasures, but people have been mining in the town of Phalab...more

ANCYL anti-hunting protest bought and paid for

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) was paid to protest against hunting in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (TPNR) in May this year. This is de...more

Andover Nature Reserve

Andover Nature Reserve is a Limpopo provincial nature reserve, located seven kilometres from the Orpen Gate to the Kruger National Park. It ...more

Andre and Marnus reach a dream in kruger

The 'Reach for a Dream' Foundation is an organisation that has brought hope and healing to countless young South Africans and it believes st...more

Angels on an Avian Mission

What do you get when you send a bunch of women on a mission to find a Pel's fishing owl, armed with CyberTracker equipment and a mandate to ...more

Animal Health Working Group Gains Momentum

The sixth meeting of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA)working group of Ahead (Animal Health for the Environment and...more

Animal Intolerance

As residents in a 'rural' area, we invariably need to protect our living space against 'invaders' that would otherwise threaten our health a...more

Animal Populations

Recently there have been a number of emotive queries about the low number of animals tourists are seeing in the Kruger National Park. The Pa...more

Animal proof dustbins donated

When it comes to unsightly rubbish scatterings in national park camps, Baboons and monkeys are notorious for raiding rubbish storage facilit...more

Animal Relocation

'What is my life worth?' A poignant account of animal relocation, by Hym Ebedes. 'My name is Simba and I have heard them say that I am the K...more

Animal Rightists Object To Elephant Relocation

Two animal welfare organisations will be “seeking an urgent legal application” to have six young elephants returned to their family grou...more

Animals now picking up bugs from people study shows

Globalisation and industrialisation are causing diseases to spread from humans to animals, a study has shown...more

Annual Census Reveals An Increase In Herbivore Numbers

With the exception of wildebeest and possibly impala, it looks like the numbers of most of the herbivores in the Kruger National Park...more

Annual Cricket Clinic

There is an African proverb that says if you refuse to be made straight when you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry. ...more

Annual Kruger Park Science Networking Meeting

From April 4th-7th 2005, the average IQ of the residents of Skukuza rocketed as the camp was invaded by scientists from South Africa in the ...more

Annual Mass Capture for Wildlife Relocation Completed

Update on the annual mass capture of plains game in Kruger National Park for release in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park...more

Annual Rangers Meeting

The Park's rangers met for their annual meeting at Letaba Rest Camp from February 9 to 10, 2006. It was an opportunity to avail themselves o...more

Another Dam Planned In The Olifants River Catchment

The already pressurised Olifants River system is scheduled for more development, with another dam being intended to supply water for mining ...more

Another Day at the Office for a Kruger Park Ranger

As usual, the alarm woke me at four in the morning. I pried my sleepy eyelids open, drank some coffee and made sure my rifle and equipment w...more

Another Objection Against The De Hoop Dam

A sixth objection lodged last year against the proposed Olifants River Water Resources Development Project (ORWRDP) has come to light...more

Another Step Closer To A New Orpen Gate

Things are looking positive for the relocation of the Orpen Gate, with seemingly only two stumbling blocks left in the path of the creation ...more

Another White Elephant Spotted

George and Iris van Rensburg were enjoying their regular weekly visit to the Kruger National Park when they were absolutely astounded to spo...more

Another Win For South Africa At International Tourism Exchange In Berlin

Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa has won the “TO DO!” prize for socially responsible tourism. The TO DO! Contest for Socially Responsi...more

Ant Lions

Anyone with an interest in their natural surroundings will be well acquainted with the conical holes made by certain species of 'ant lion' l...more

Anthrax Bacteria Conspire with Viruses to Stay Alive

Anthrax Bacteria's survival is directed and shaped by the DNA of bacteria-infecting viruses in what appears to be an evolutionary contract w...more

Anthrax Outbreak In Kruger

An anthrax outbreak in the Kruger National Park (KNP) claimed at least 65 animals in September 2010. The actual deaths could be much higher...more

Anthrax outbreak in the north of KNP

In August, 30 carcasses of roan antelopes were discovered at the Kruger National Park's (KNP) Capricorn Rare antelope enclosure in the north...more

Anti hunting groups have misfired

IFAW and ARA, although different in their architecture and gearing, are joined at the waist in opposing any form of sustainable-use practice...more

Anti-Elephant Device Remains Hidden For Decades

How observant are visitors to the Kruger National Park? It is certain that the vast majority of visitors to the park have their eyes peeled ...more

Anti-poaching equipment donated to Addo rangers

Unitrans sponsored more than R500 000 worth of equipment to the Addo Elephant National Park Rangers to use in their ongoing battle against p...more

Apes Elephants And Logging In The Congo

The Wildlife Conservation Society announced the results of the first-ever evaluation of a large, “landscape-wide” conservation approach ...more

Archaeological research at Gaza Gray outpost of Steinaeckers Horse in Kruger

The first two weeks in August will once again see an archaeological excursion at one of the outposts of the Steinaecker's Horse unit in the ...more

Are You Going Big This Birding Big Day

Are you ready for the 28th BirdLife South Africa Birding Big Day on Saturday 24 November 2012? The annual highlight on the country's birding...more

Arrive Alive on patrol for the holidays

This year Arrive Alive has launched a campaign to make people, especially pedestrians, more aware of road safety. The Niyabonwa – Visibili...more

Artificial nests popular with hornbills

Old houses with creaking wooden floors or trendy new homes with the smell of fresh sawdust? Ground hornbills seem to be connoisseurs of acco...more

Attempted arson at Lower Sabie

About three weeks ago, the shop at Lower Sabie almost went up in flames – yet again. A suspect attempted to set fire to the newly re-built...more

August brings Big Fires to southern Kruger

Almost half of the southern section of the Kruger National Park has been burnt, with the month of August seeing a large fire in the Pretoriu...more

Australian Park Manager Meets KNP Scientists

Rowan Foley from Parks Australia is the park manager for Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and during a recent trip to SA, he met with staff fr...more

Autumn Colours

It is often brief glimpses or incidents that leave the most indelible impressions on human minds. Springbok are so named because of the occa...more

Baby Big Five honoured in commemorative stamps

“With the world currently focussed on saving the Rhino, it is opportune that we are able to issue this set of commemorative stamps featuri...more

Baby Blue, now I know that Im still in love with you

In a world obsessed with size, beauty still lies in the smaller details. The smallest butterflies are known as blues, because of many butter...more

Baby Rhino Finds New Foster Parents

Over the last forty years, Brian Jones has not lost the knack of looking after baby rhino, and his repertoire of soothing burbles and grunts...more

Baby rhino treated at rehab centre

A baby rhino, estimated to be a week old, was taken to the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, situated near Kampersrus...more

Bachelor Buffalo Bulls Face a Big Threat From Lions

New research carried out in the Kruger National Park has revealed that buffalo bulls are ready, willing and able to take their chances with ...more

Back to the wild for orphaned black rhino

Two orphaned black rhino calves were reintroduced to the wild today in the Addo Elephant National Park after a successful hand-raising progr...more

Backsides best sides

After a hard day's game viewing in the Kruger Park we often complain that we saw 'nothing'. Just a few animals disappearing into the thicket...more

Balule Wild Dog Re-introduction Successful Despite Setbacks

The seven wild dogs released into the Balule Private Nature Reserve in May last year have settled in well, producing two litters of pups...more

Banhine In The Grip Of Drought

Banhine is a national park approximately 700,000ha in extent and situated in central southern Mozambique midway between Pafuri in the west a...more

Banhine Inundation

Banhine National Park in Gaza province, Mozambique gets its name from an extensive wetland system (called Banhine by the local population) s...more

Baobabs break for the border

The latest in a series of translocations for the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP) fell out of the usual pattern of herbivore movement...more

Barbel Die-off Provides a Case for the Fish Forensic Detective

On Sunday June 3, 2007, Rendani Nethengwe, ranger at Houtboschrand, reported a fish kill in the Olifants River to Dr Andrew Deacon....more

Barcoding DNA to Identify Menacing Mosquitoes

Researchers from the University of Ghana for the first time are using DNA “barcoding” - examining a small fraction of an organism's DNA ...more

Bat Hawks Nest On Artificial Platform But No Fledglings Emerge

An arrow, some fishing twine, a modified braai grid and a mountaineer have all teamed up to help a pair of rare birds breed in the wild...more

Bat Radio Collars

The bat project, which has caused so much interest in Skukuza, has already shown that these little creatures play a major role in the life h...more


If you are interested in bats, you could find yourself discovering a bat that has never been discovered before and have it named after you! ...more

Bats enter the fashion stakes

Some select groups of fruit bats in the Kruger National Park are now wearing trendy bead necklaces. However, the bats are not personally cho...more

Battered and Bruised Abused Elephants to Be Rescued in Zimbabwe

The rescue of nine abused elephants from a commercial training facility in Zimbabwe will begin on Monday, November 2, 2009 the International...more

Battle at Kruger on YouTube

The Battle at Kruger - On August 1, 2007 an eight minute amateur recording of a face-off between a herd of buffalo, lions and a crocodile or...more

Bearded Vulture Nestlings Fitted with Satellite Transmitters

On the weekend of November 22 and 23, 2008, a team of conservationists fitted two bearded Vulture nestlings with satellite tracking devices...more

BEE Scorecard Published for Comment

Final comments are being invited by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism on the draft Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) scorec...more

Berg en Dal Camp Comes of Age

On Friday, 25 February 2005, Berg en Dal Camp celebrated 21 years of existence. The celebrations were festive and there was a vibrant energy...more

Best friend helps save buffalo

On a wintery Saturday last month, Neels van Wyk, section ranger, at Crocodile Bridge, was called by his field rangers to Halfkroon Spruit wh...more

Best Of The Corporate Offices 2006

Outstanding Service In The Workplace awards went to Isaac Khoza, Stefanie Freitag – Ronaldson, Johan Baloyi, Renate Ackermann...more

Best Of The Marula Region

Award for Rest camp of the year goes to Berg-en-Dal. Prize for Entrance Gate of the year was won by Kruger Gate. Ranger section of the year ...more

Best Of The Nkayeni Region

Award for Rest camp of the year goes to Satara. Prize for Entrance Gate of the year was won by Orpen Gate. Ranger section of the year award ...more

Best Of The Nxanatseni Region

Prize for Restcamp of the Year went to Mopani. Entrance Gate of the Year prize went to Giriyondo Gate. Bushcamp of the Year prize went to Si...more

Beware South Africans

I attended the Great Elephant Indaba that was held at Kruger National Park's Berg-en-Dal camp last year. The debate was whether or not to cu...more

Beware the R40 speed traps and rude cops

A motorist travelling on the R40 between Nelspruit and Phalaborwa was shocked and disgusted when a traffic officer repeatedly swore at him, ...more

Big Bucks From Biltong Hunting

About 17 million hectares of privately owned South African land are currently used for wildlife ranching and conservation, and about 200,000...more

Big Bust Leaves a Hole in SAs Illegal Rhino Horn Trade

The SANParks Environmental Crime Investigation (ECI) Unit, a team of dedicated and skilled individuals, is determined to put an end to poach...more

Big Elephant Cows Are The Bosses

When it comes to social interactions in female elephants, bigger is better is the finding of a new study published in the journal Animal Beh...more

Big Fuss Over Small Fish

The gloves have come off in the fight to produce evidence of the world's smallest animal with a backbone, with two sets of scientists sparri...more

Big Prizes For Big Tuskers

The Kruger National Park is planning on giving out prizes to anyone who takes photos or videos of any of the 'big tuskers' in the park...more

Bills smaller to cope better with cold

By examining bill sizes of a diverse range of bird species around the world, researchers have found that birds with larger bills tend to be...more

Bin those butts

The Kruger National Park (KNP) received a donation of 195 cigarette disposal bins (Maxibin) from British American Tobacco (BAT) South Africa...more
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