Girl Children Work In Kruger

This is their work (only spelling corrected)

Kruger National Park played host to 60 grade 11 and 12 girls from surrounding schools as part of the annual Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work initiative on Thursday May 25, 2006. Each region of the park hosted 20 girls, with Chayaza High School girls visiting Marula Region, Mugena High School girls visiting Nkayeni Region and Maphokwane High School girls visiting Nxanatseni Region.

KNP Public Relations hosted two potential journalists from Chayaza High School, Phindile Madonsela and Nomthandazo Makhubela, who were tasked to interview two other girl children from their school together with Kruger National Park staff members.

By Nomthandazo Makhubela

The take a girl child to a work place took place in Kruger National Park. There was a school of Chayaza High. They all had different careers. Lerato who is an events coordinator of Kruger National Park said that she is interested to help girls in order to improve the country in future. Lerato was helping Samaria Lushaba, who wanted to be a public relations officer. Lerato explained to Samaria that she needs to have wisdom and responsibility.

Lerato said that when wanting to be a public relations officer you do not work because of money but because of expressing yourself to people. This day meant a lot to the students of Chayaza. Everybody was busy doing her job and learning everything.

Samaria said that it was a day she has never had before, Because she was not really aware of what is needed when wanting to be a public relations officer. The Cell C take a girl child to a work place helped her to work as a public relations officer in Lerato's office for 20 minutes, faxing to people and receiving calls. Samaria said it was a fantastic day.

Phindile Madonsela

Meeting Brenda Mashela was very nice and she told me about her job She's an admin officer. She has about five years in the job. But she said she'll like to change this job when times goes on. She wants to be a manager and to be responsible in her job, she likes it. She doesn't like to come late.

She even teaches herself that when she doesn't finish her work that day immediately when she arrived tomorrow she''d like to start with it. She also mentioned Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is a Company. At the gate they ask for a accommodation book if you are a visitor.

When you come from over seas. You must be responsible for paying much less. Even the rules and regulalations you have to follow as they've introduced. According to their receptionist they also do the same but it differ cause they'll show you price list and map. Adult started12 upward they pay R100 and R60 young from 2 to 11 when you are invited with the company they don't have any responsibility to take u to a doctor if you are hurting. This company helps people to know about their Future's career.

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