Krazies in Kruger 22 March 2005

Dear Editor

This photo was taken by my daughter Belinda in February 2005 at midday at Rhidondo Pan. In the car was my wife, my mother-in-law from England and my daughter from Australia.

Not only were these gentlemen speeding they were drinking and then got out of the car, ((registration number B924AGN (on the top left hand the letters BW can clearly be seen, could be from Botswana))  with elephants a few metres away they then proceeded to use the road side as a toilet.

What a disgrace and shame on you!  If this letter and photo are printed in the "KRUGER PARK NEWS" my hope is that your Mothers now get the same opportunity to see your total disregard for KNP RULES and how you behave in public.


Kruger National Park - South African Safari