Ecstatic Traditional Dancers Perform for 2010 Inspection

It was a dream come true for Lodrick Manyathele when he and the Ringetani Traditional Dance Group were given the opportunity to provide a warm welcome for Danny Jordaan at the Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit during his inspection of the Limpopo Province for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Lodrick's delight was evident when he said, "I was so very much glad to be part of the 2010." For a small group of enthusiastic dancers from a village adjoining the Kruger National Park, it was a chance to feel part of one of the tourism industry's biggest and most pressing priorities.

The Ringetani Traditional Dance Group has gone from strength to strength since their beginnings in Somerset village in 1999, and they have performed at many upmarket lodges over the years. The quality of their performance caused Kapama Lodge to recommend the group perform at the Limpopo inspection.

Lodrick started the group, whose name means "to keep on trying", to keep the youth of his village on the straight and narrow, taking them away from drugs, alcohol and crime.

Funds raised by the group go to help with school expenses. The group performs traditional dance, choir, cultural tours and is involved in curio production.

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