Klaserie's Childrens Eco Training Celebrates International Year of Biodiversity

To increase the understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on Earth, Maureen Lahoud was invited to assist in teaching the concept through dances and body movements at a Children's Eco Training workshop from 29 - 31 March.

Maureen, a professional actress, and dancer of international fame established an African dance group in the Hoedspruit area and is very much in demand at lodges and functions.

Her aim is to eventually go to the rural areas and offer after-school educational programs for children with limited occupational options. 

At the training session of CET in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, the focus was on mimicking animals, trees, insects, grass and re-enacting daily tasks in the villages, for example chopping wood, digging, etc. Four dances were taught to four different groups of children and represented: a typical village scene; "pollution police" fighting with the village people; protected areas (animals and birds) and city life. The difficult concept of biodiversity was taught in a fun way, and in the process, an additional skill was mastered.

Visitors who attended the training were Megan, Claire and Sarah of Buffelshoek Trust, and 11 children from the Thulamahashe orphanage who had the time of their lives. The donation of Easter eggs from Donovan and Lee-Anne Detert and Spar Hoedspruit, added the final touch to a special training session. Everyone is looking forward to the next training session in June.

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