Emergency Call Centre Now Available in KNP

An emergency call center has been opened in the Kruger National Park's Protection Services building in Skukuza. The centre can be reached on 013 735 4325, and will deal with any kind of emergency such as accidents, vehicular problems, flat tyres or simply getting lost in a camp.

Prego Reddy of the KNP Protection Services said, "Like most call centres, the key to its effectiveness is the training of the person manning it and we will carefully select highly trained people, like Joseph Shai who is also a SAPS reservist, to man this centre."

The centre was opened on December 22, 2004, and between Christmas and New Year received about 30 calls. The call centre will be manned throughout the year, and the operator will take down all the necessary details from the caller in order to rapidly send the best and most appropriate support to the person in distress.

The emergency call centre will also be able to take calls from people who see someone breaking the Park's rules and regulations, so that law enforcement officials can respond to the complaint as soon as possible. Suspicious vehicles can also be reported to the call centre, making it a pro-active crime fighting tool.

Executive Director of the Park, Dr Bandile Mkhize, opened the centre, saying "This is just another way in which we as the KNP are trying to give out clients a world-class experience and we trust that our guests will use this service responsibly and proactively."

The call centre's number is 013 735 4325

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