Kruger Rhinos Sell For Over 1 Million Rand

© Roger de la Harpe

Last month the Kruger National Park sold 12 white rhino by public auction. The sale generated a gross income of R1.63 million, which South African National Parks will place in a special fund that is used to buy land for national parks and for dedicated conservation projects.

The highest price was obtained for an adult female with a heifer calf, going for R200,000. A mother with a male calf was sold for R160,000. The average price of sub-adult females was just over R107,000, while the single adult female sold for R122,000.

The average price of the three adult males sold was just under R150,000 per animal. The record price of a rhino sold by the park stands at about R330,000, but rhino prices have been steadily decreasing as the numbers of rhino in private hands has increased.


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