The Krazies of Kruger Park

We often visit Kruger Park and see people doing crazy things, but this time I decided to send you some photographic evidence. The date and time are on the photos and the number plates are clearly visible. This was the bridge just above Lower Sabie camp. We can't name the people, but I hope we can shame them.

My husband spoke to the guy in the BMW and told him he shouldn't be out of his car, and he said it was OK on the bridge. [Tell that to the ranger's family who was killed by the injured leopard hiding under a bridge] I know it's allowed on some bridges, but they are clearly marked, and this one isn't.

We also saw a couple get out of their vehicle at Sunset Dam. They stood very close to the edge, not somewhere I should have liked to have been with so many crocs and hippos around. At least a ranger was there and told them of the error of their ways, but it seemed to end there.

I think safety information should be given, verbally, to everyone as they book in at the gate, and those caught either by rangers, or on camera, should be heavily fined, and banned from entering the Park again for a period of at least two years. Rules are only effective if they're enforced, and from what we see there are some major catastrophe just waiting to happen.

I often wonder why so many parents dislike their children so much that they allow them to be in danger, hanging out of windows, sunroofs etc, both when close to predators, and while travelling. There could be poisonous insects, snakes, or other things, in the trees at the sides of the road as they pass. It might be a small risk, but surely one that isn't worth taking.

I would love someone to enlighten me - what is the point of putting your own, or someone else's life at risk? Is life so meaningless? If you don't value what Kruger has to offer, please stay away, and leave the rest of us to enjoy it as it should be enjoyed. To the management of Kruger - please enforce the rules you have in place, so that Kruger can be enjoyed, by not only ourselves, but future generations.

KNP must draw the line - by Robbie Holmwood

I have often considered criticism and photographs showing persons leaning out of windows perhaps being a bit too harsh. However, today I realised that one has to draw the line and enforce the law or you have idiots doing what I witnessed today. It was with amazement that I saw this idiot alight from his motor vehicle and walk at least 150m from the vehicle to see what was feeding on a dead impala lying in the shallow water on the edge of the Transport dam, on April 28. (photo 2) His verbal response to his friend, also standing outside of the vehicle, (photo 1) was "dis a f*&^n slang" explains both the character and the state of mind he was in. It took my aged eyes a quick peek through binoculars to see that it was not a snake, but barble fish feeding on the carcass.

A vehicle adjacent to us responded that they had spied the same party displaying similar disruptive behaviour elsewhere earlier in the day. I saw the vehicle at Skukuza reception late in the afternoon so assume that they have accommodation for the night. With the attached photographs as evidence, surely he should be stopped on exiting the park and handed a hefty fine before leaving. The Kruger remains our favourite getaway destination. I must commend Sanparks on an excellent website and the staff in Kruger for their always pleasant demeanour which makes it a pleasure to holiday here.

From Angies keyboard... - by Angie Thornton

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