Letters to the Editor
Vervet Monkey Sighting


I'm a very keen reader of KRUGER PARK TIMES and I'm very happy to have a subscription so that I won't miss an issue despite not being [unfortunately] able to visit Kruger every month! Thanks for keeping me update with what's going on in our Park and Enviroment in general........you are doing great!

I thought I'll send you my alltime favourite picture which I was able to shoot in the Park of Vervet Monkeys in Nov. 2003. Lots of Bushveld-Greetings from Bambelela Wildlife Care & Guest Farm in Bela Bela, [Warmbaths]

Silke Baroness von Eynern

Vervet Monkey

Males have a mass of 6kg and measure 1.1 m in length, whereas females are slightly smaller and weigh only 4kg. Vervet Monkeys have a silver-...more
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