10 Years in Jail for Rhino Poachers

Kruger Park News Archive

Two suspected rhino poachers, Joao Mdlovu and Berlito Mdlovu who were arrested on the Nwanetsi section of Kruger National Park (KNP) in January 2010 for rhino poaching activities were both found guilty of the possession of illegal firearms namely a G3 fully automatic firearm and a. 375 hunting rifle.

Both accused offered a plea of guilty in the Nelspruit Regional Court for the possession of the illegal weapons.

Joao Mdlovu is still undergoing court proceedings, together with Phanuel Mnisi, for the illegal hunting of rhino in the KNP in 2009.

This year alone Kruger has lost 13 rhinos for which the park has arrested 11 poachers and dealers. The country has lost a total of 46 rhinos collectively.

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