A New Look for Bungalows and Tents at Letaba

The infrastructure upgrades that started in Letaba Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park (KNP) during September 2007 will be completed in mid July 2008. The two main areas for the upgrades are 10 of the two- and three-bed bungalows and the 10 four-bed safari tents in the camp. Bungalows Refurbishing of the bungalows was scheduled to be completed at the end of June this year, but problems with the installation of cupboards caused a delay.

The seven bungalows are already in use and the interior of the other three bungalows has been completed. New additions to the bungalows include split-unit air conditioners, hot plates and enclosed fridges to secure them against baboons and monkeys. Shower curtains in the bungalows were replaced by glass doors. Each of the bungalows now also has its own veranda and utensils. Safari Tents Moving the 10 four-bed safari tents to a new location and the recent upgrdes have given them a new look.

Five of the tents are overlooking the camp fence and according to Lerato Khoza, hospitality manager of Letaba rest camp, they are very popular. "We moved these five tents especially for this reason." The new safari tents have sliding glass doors and the fans have been mounted inside the tent to prevent them from disappearing as in the past. The 10 tents share their own communal ablution, kitchen and braai area. One of the tents has been upgraded to accommodate people with disabilities.

The ablution is also accessible for people with disabilities. According to Lerato the old tented camp did not cater for these visitors. At the end of the winter holidays the 10 four bed safari tents that had been used in the past will be completely removed to make way for 10 more camping sites. The decision to replace the old safari tents came because of complaints from guests and because they were dilapidated.

"Not a lot of camps have safari tents. The tents bring more people to the camp because they are something different." This kind of accommodation is more affordable than most of the other types in Kruger. Lerato, who has been at Letaba since September last year, has a lot of future plans for the camp. "I want the staff to attend adult basic education training (Abet) in the future.

This will give them basic skills like how to greet and approach our guests." The abet programme will also offer basic training in writing and reading skills. The training will be done by external providers after hours. Renovations to four of the 10 two-bed safari tents started on Monday, July 6, 2008. "We are only renovating four at first due to budget constraints."

By JC Aucamp

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