Olifants Game Viewing Routes
Kruger National Park

Olifants consists of 3 eco systems so game viewing is excellent. There is also a high population of Elephant in this area and is home to Kruger's original Elephant herd.

Olifants Rest Camp offers the most breathtaking river views similar to that of Letaba. A delightful restaurant, cafe and verandah sit on top of a cliff and offers views over the grasslands towards the Lebombo and with Olifants below.

Olifants consists of 3 ecosystems so game sightings are excellent. At the N'wamanzi waterhole you will notice the transition between the grasslands to the south, the Mopaneveld to the north and the riverine forest of the Olifants River. This is a good picnic spot, but keeps an eye out for scavenging baboons.

The drive south of Olifants Rest Camp following the Olifants River past Balule camping and caravan site offers great views and the possibility of seeing a towering Elephant cooling down in the river beds. Giraffe, Zebra, Impala and Buffalo are seen roaming around at the waterhole at Bangu on the Old Main Road to Satara (S90).

Facts About Olifants

  • Mountainous thornveld with black rocks and mixed woodland forming a barrier between the northern mopaneveld and the southern mixed bushwillow woodlands
  • High Elephant population in the area as this is the home to Kruger's original Elephant herd
  • Most sightings along rivers, can get very dry in winter
Experience lush wilderness and complete tranquility on the S90 as it offers winding Knob Thorn savannah grasslands and beautiful views into the distance. Large herds of game can be found on this road as it is often traffic free.

Olifants Route Map

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Olifants Rest Camp

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