The Timbavati Road (S39)
Kruger National Park

Timbavati Road (S39) one of the best routes in Kruger Park. Get to see the famous White Lion of Kruger drinking at the Leeubron waterhole or keep an eye out for the elusive Leopard in the lush riverine bushes.This is definitely one of the best routes in the Park. It travels along the Timbavati River, a river that crosses many geographical zones and is home to a diverse plant and animal life. Since removing the fence that divides the western Kruger from the private reserves in the Timbavati, animal numbers in the area have noticeably increased.The famous White Lion of Kruger has been seen drinking at the Leeubron waterhole. Timbavati is a good picnic spot but the feeding of wild animals is often a problem. There is a road to the north of Oliphants that can be good for game viewing. You should also stop at Ratel (Honey Badger) Pan and the Piet Grobler Dam.Be on the lookout for the majestic Leopard in the lush bushes surrounding the river or on the lower branches of sycamore figs and other riverine trees.

Timbavati Road Map

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