Explore Kruger Park Central Grasslands

© Central grassland rhino. Photo: Heinrich van den Berg
The central grasslands have the highest lion population in Kruger. That's because of the availability of prey. The nutritious grasses support some of the biggest herds of zebra, buffalo, impala, giraffe and wildebeest found in Kruger. Lions may be spotted on any of the roads around Satara and they are often seen at dawn drinking at Girivana Water Hole 12km from Satara camp.

Game Viewing Routes in Central Grasslands

About the Grasslands
Orpen Gate
Orpen to Olifants
Orpen to Satara
Orpen to Skukuza
Satara and Surrounds
Satara to Olifants
Satara to the Lebombo
The Central Lebombo
The Mluwati Concession

See Kruger Park Grasslands Self-drive Map

Habitat Pointers

  • Mixed woodlands to the west of the Tshokwane - Satara main road
  • Open grasslands with sweet grazing to the east of the Tshokwane - Satara main road
  • Pockets of sweetveld around Orpen
  • Open savanna grasslands around Satara
  • Lebombo koppies around Singita Lebombo
  • Olifants rugged veld between Satara and Olifants

Predators Choice

Studies by mammal expert Gus Mills show that Kruger lions eat more buffalo during drier years, while their taste shifts to zebra during periods of higher rainfall. This may be due to buffalo being prone to rapid loss of condition during droughts. There also appears to be a difference in favoured prey between lions and lionesses. Lions are prone to hunt buffalo, whereas lionesses select slightly smaller prey such as zebra and wildebeest.

Best Drive in the Central Grasslands

Orpen to Olifants via Timbavati Road:
The Timbavati Road tracks the river through thorn thickets, riverine bush and mixed woodland into central Kruger; stop at Leeubron, Timbavati picnic spot, Ratelpan and Roodewal. Game densities are not high but sightings are usually interesting. Allow four hours between Orpen and Olifants, including a stop.

Orpen Gate Explorer Options
  • Main Road to Satara (H7); (48km; 2 hours) tar road; mixed woodlands leading into savanna grasslands; excellent game country; good for buffalo and lion;
  • Talamati Drive (S140); (38km from Rabelais Hut and back again; 1,5 hours); dust road through mixed woodlands to upper catchment area of N'waswitsontso watercourse; very good sunset drive with many lion prides in the area;
  • Timbavati River Road to Bobejaanskrans then on to Olifants (S39); (60km; 2,5 hours); dust road; one of the best drives in Kruger, a road of surprises with diverse species, habitats and geological zones along the Timbavati River; lots of good views over the riverine bush;
  • Muzandzeni Road from Bobbejaanskrans to Tshokwane (S36); (65km; 2,5 hours); mixed bushwillow and acacia savanna with patches of dense woodland and several good water holes; good for raptors;
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