Kruger Park Game Viewing Routes

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Elephant in traffic jam near Lower Sabie Camp in Kruger National Park.

For the self-drive safari enthusiast visiting Kruger Park, this directory of game-viewing routes provides a detailed description of drive-times, stop-over points and picnic sites between the various Kruger Park camps and gates.

Johannesburg to Kruger

The drive from Johannesburg to the Kruger National Park is 4-5 hours long. The quickest route to Kruger Park from Johannesburg is 392 km via the N12 and N4.

Albasini Road (S3)

Access to Albasini Road is simple. You can get onto the road through the Numbi Gate or Phabeni Gate entrance. One of the main features on the S3 is Shabeni Mountain.

Berg en Dal Loop (S110)

The drive to Berg-en-Dal (S110) takes you into the granite koppie region, where you will be surrounded by some of the oldest rocks in the World. High rainfall means a great diversity of plant life.

Biyamiti, Bume, Randspruit

Learn more about the Biyamiti(S114), Bume(S26) and Randspruit(H5) Roads in Kruger National Park and the attractions, wildlife and scenery along these routes.

Crocodile Bridge Gate

Crocodile Bridge Gate is the most eastern entrance to Kruger National Park. Crocodile Bridge Gate can be entered in from the N4 road. It is one of the hottest areas in Kruger.

Kanniedood Dam (S50)

The Kanniedood Dam (S50) drive is one of the best in northern Kruger National Park as it follows the Shingwedzi River. Kanniedood Dam is situated southeast from Shingwedzi Camp.

Letaba Game Viewing Routes

Letaba game viewing routes offer spectacular views, prolific birdlife and excellent game viewing. Letaba River Road is good for game viewing and the best place to see Leopard in the north.

Lower Sabie Routes

Lower Sabie Rest Camp is the perfect base from which to see game and birds in southern Kruger National Park. See Lower Sabie Game Viewing Routes.

Mahogany Loop (S99)

The Mahogany Loop is about 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) long and is named after the pod Mahogany tree which can be found throughout the area. Rare plants and wildlife can be seen here.

Malelane Gate Routes

The routes that lead from the Malelane Gate will guide you to the rest camps and some good game viewing spots. Learn more about the best Malelane Gate Game Viewing Routes

Masorini to Mopane (H14)

The Mopani Phalaborwa Road (H14) passes through Shikumba Mountain. Wild Dog is common in the western Mopaneveld between the Olifants and Letaba Rivers.

Mopani Camp Routes

Mopani provides occasional sightings of Lion and Cheetah with Elephant and Buffalo being the most common animals spotted. Learn more about Mopani Camp Game Viewing Routes

Mphongolo Loop (S56)

Mphongolo Loop (S56) between Shingwedzi and Punda Maria Restcamps is considered one of the best drives in Kruger Park and is rich in wildlife such as Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo.

Numbi Gate Routes

Numbi Gate is one of the loveliest entrances into the Kruger National Park because its higher altitude boasts beautiful sweeping vistas. See Numbi Gate Game Viewing Routes

Nwatimhiri Road (S21)

Nwatimhiri Road (S21) traverses along Nwatimhiri River past Siyalu Koppie (341m), and onto Nhlotini and the Nwatimhiri pans. Look out for the African hawk eagle.

Nyala Drive (S64)

Nyala Drive (S64) is to the right of the H1-8 (the main road between the Luvuvhu River and Punda Maria). There is a good chance of spotting Nyala, Eland, Kudu, and other antelope,

Olifants Game Viewing Routes

Olifants consists of 3 different eco systems so game viewing is excellent. There is also a high population of Elephant in the Olifants area. See Olifants Game Viewing Routes

Orpen Gate Routes

Lions abound once you have driven through Orpen Gate in Kruger National Park. Orpen is a region of good pasture which attracts wildlife. See Orpen Gate Game Viewing Routes

Pafuri Gate Game Routes

Punda Maria Gate is the usual option for visitors coming from the south to the northern Pafuri area. Pafuri Gate takes you along the H1-9 directly into the area between Limpopo and Luvuvhu Rivers.

Phabeni and Paul Kruger Gates

Phabeni Gate in Kruger National Park is the best way to get into Skukuza when driving from Johannesburg. Phabeni Gate was constructed in 2002 to ease entrance into the Park.

Phalaborwa Gate Routes

Palaborwa Gate is situated in northern Kruger Park. The Phalaborwa Gate leads you directly into meandering woodlands of Mopane trees, bushwillows and acacias.

Pretoriuskop and Surrounds

Pretoriuskop is the oldest rest camp in Kruger National Park and is child-friendly with a pleasant climate. Learn more about the game viewing routes around Pretoriuskop and Surrounds

Punda Maria and Pafuri Gates

Punda Maria is the most accessible entrance to the Pafuri area of the Park. Learn more about the routes to Punda Maria and Pafuri Gates in Kruger National Park.

Red Rocks Loop (S52)

The Red Rocks Loop (S52) traces the Shingwedzi River into the Mopane woodlands. The Red Rocks Loop get out point is a beautiful place well worth visiting.

Satara Routes

Satara Game Viewing Routes offers good Lion viewing due to the abundance of game and water. Sightings of Lion are likely on any of the roads that lead to Satara Rest Camp.

Shingwedzi Routes

Shingwedzi Restcamp is situated close to 3 major rivers. Grazers like Nyala, Kudu, Giraffe and predators like Lion and Leopard can be seen. See the best Shingwedzi Game Viewing Routes

Skukuza and Surrounds

Skukuza is the biggest camp of Kruger National Park and is perfect for the first time visitor to Kruger Park. Learn more about all the best Skukuza Routes and Roads

Timbavati Road (S39)

Timbavati Road (S39) one of the best routes in Kruger Park. Get to see the famous White Lion of Kruger drinking at the Leeubron waterhole or keep an eye out for the elusive Leopard

Voortrekker Road (H2 - 2)

The Voortrekker Road in Kruger National Park is a road filled with history and wildlife sightings. Learn more about the history of Voortrekker Road (H2-2)

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