Kanniedood Dam (S50)
Kruger National Park

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Shingwedzi Rest Camp.
The Kanniedood Dam (S50) drive is one of the best in northern Kruger National Park as it follows the Shingwedzi River.

Kanniedood Dam is situated southeast from Shingwedzi Rest Camp on the S50. This drive is one of the best in northern Kruger as it follows the Shingwedzi River.

Prolific bird and animal life can be found on the 10 loops off this road, so drive slow and observe. You may get a chance to see the uncommon saddle-billed stork and other water birds, Nyala, Bushbuck, Kudu as well as Elephant.

Shingwedzi, one of the 'Magnificent Seven' was found dead in this area, perched on his knees with his tusks stuck deep into the river sand. You may also see Baboon, Lion and Leopard in the area.
There is a bird hide further down the S50 at Nyawutsi, so get out your binoculars. Travel further and you will arrive at the Tropic of Capricorn Loop. Leopards can be found in this region.

Please Note Kanniedood Dam has been demolished as part of a long term rehabilitation programme. To enhance tourist experience, alternative game viewing opportunities will be provided at areas of naturally occurring surface water.

Kanniedood Dam Map

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Shingwedzi Rest Camp

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