Arum Lily


[Yellow] Arum Lily

Latin Name

Zantedeschia sp


The Arum is a perennial herb. The rootstock of the plant is a fleshy rhizome with several buds; the leaves appear in October. No part of this plant is used for food or medicine.


Plants of Zantedeschia grow in the grassland, savanna and fynbos biomes in full sun, less often in partial shade, and they occur in areas with seasonal rainfall.

Field Notes

Zantedeschia is a genus of eight species, seven species confined to southern Africa, and one species, Z. albomaculata, extends into south-central Africa northwards to Tanzania. Z. elliotiana is known only from cultivation.

All species occur in the summer-rainfall areas, except for Z. odorata at Nieuwoudtville (winter-rainfall) and Z. aethiopica which is widespread and commonly found in marshy areas.

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