Leopard Orchid

Vital Statistics

Leopard Orchid
Latin Name
Ansellia africana
The Leopard Orchid is an epiphytic orchid with roots anchored on the branch of a tree, often in full sunlight. Fragrant yellow flowers, sometimes spotted brown, appear in August to September.
The Leopard Orchid is found in hot, dry river valleys of South Africa in the Limpopo Province, the Mpumalanga Lowveld and KwaZulu Natal. Into africa it is found in the tropical regions of Northern Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland.
Field Notes
Hawk moths feed on the sweetly scented flowers at night and the roots are especially adapted to ensure its survival as an epiphyte. The Leopard Orchid is used as a love charm and as an antidote for bad dreams and at homesteads to ward off lightning. It is also much in demand as a specimen plant in gardens.
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