Wild Verbena


Wild Verbena or Broad-leaved Pentanisia

Latin Name

Pentanisia prunelloides


The Wild Verbena is a hairy plant that grows up to a height of 400 mm. It may be single- or multi-stemmed, with various leaves that mainly grow near the base of the plant. The beautiful ball-shaped inflorescence, which is about 30 mm in width, consists of a dense bundle of light- to dark-blue flowers. The flowering time is from August to December.


Wild Verbena grows in open, rocky grassveld areas and can be in southern Africa from the Eastern Cape Province through to Tanzania.


With hardy seeds the Wild Verbena is one of the first plants to germinate and sprout after a veld fire.

Field Notes

The plant is pollinated by butterflies and moths when they feed on the pollen. The flowers of the Wild Verbena are tubular and long and it is only the long tongues of the moths and butterflies that can reach the bottom of the flower where the pollen is. The Wild Verbena is used in treatments of a number of ailments including heartburn, swellings and fever.

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