Terracotta Gazania

Latin Name

Gazania krebsiana


This particular plant grows flat against the surface of the ground and almost looks like a small spot of sunshine in the veld. It grows up to a height of about 100 mm. Leaves are 50 mm in length and are dark-green on the top and felt-white below.

The magnificent flowerheads are 50 mm wide with bright yellow (sometimes white) ray florets. The flowering time is from July to September.


Grows mainly in open grassveld areas of South Africa including more arid regions of the Northern Cape Province

Field Notes

The Gazania is one of the more dramatic plants in the country, especially when the spring rains fall in the arid areas and the ground is covered in the bright colours of the plant. This springtime spectacular is considered one of the wonders of the natural world. The plant is considered an excellent soil retainer.

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