Sprawling Duneweed


Sprawling Duneweed or Kinkelbos

Latin Name

Tetragonia fruticosa

Related Species

The Sea Spinach [Tetragonia decumbens] is similar but has smaller, three-winged fruit.


Sprawling Duneweed is a sprawling, prostrate plant with a red stem. The leaves are succulent, flat, oval and the flowers are tiny, with a crown of yellow stamens. Size: Leaves 20 mm long.


The Kinkelbos is an abundant coloniser of foredunes. Its stem, leaves and fruit are covered with turgid, swollen cells that give the plant a glistening appearance and may help reduce water loss.


Fruit four winged.

Field Notes

The Sprawling Duneweed or Kinkelbos is eaten by livestock and wild game and is an excellent source of moisture in dry coastal areas. The plant is also one of the best dune stabilisers.

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