Candelabra Flower


Candelabra Flower

Latin Name

Brunsvigia natalensis


The Candelabra Flower is a bulbous perennial herb that grows up to 500 mm in height. The bulb, covered with brown membranous tunics, has a width of 200 mm. Two to six broad leaves, about 10 cm long, flat on the ground are produced after the flowers in winter. The long, slender flowering stem carries a beautiful inflorescence, which is 300 mm in width, with crimson-red trumpet-shaped flowers. The Candelabra Flower flowers from November to January.


Is found scattered in open grassveld in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. the plant is considered to be quite rare.


The green globose seed will germinate while still on the parent plant.


As the fruit of the Candelabra Flower ripens the peduncle dries and shrinks, and in so doing loosens its hold on the bulb. The wind then hurtles it out and whirls it away, often carrying it for miles, scattering its seeds en route, before it becomes lodged against a fence or any other obstacle.

Field Notes

This species is often confused with Brunsvigia radulosa and there are some botanists who believe they are subspecies of each other. The seed is wind borne over great distances until stopped by an obstruction.

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