Latin Name

Scaevola plumieri


Grows on coastal dunes where it acts as a stabiliser.


The Seeplakkie is a small, evergreen, woody shrub with clusters of tough, waxy, oval leaves. The flowers are small, white and fan-shaped. Fruits small and berry-like, purple when ripe. Size: Leaves 40 mm, shrub 1 m tall.

Similar Species

Salsola nollothensis (Port Nolloth northwards) is the most important creator of hummock dunes on the arid Namibian coast. Confronted with water shortage, salt spray, heat and shifting sands, it has a tough, woody stem with pink twigs, and tiny, tightly-packed, silvery leaves.

Field Notes

The Seeplakkie stabilises shifting sands with its extensive roots, building small hillocks. The thick waxy layer on its leaves reduces water loss.

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